The Wall (c) Copyright, Joseph Johnson, Jr. 2002
All rights reserved - copy duplicationn prohibited 

The Wall is a somber reminder of war 
and the ultimate sacrifice America asks 
of her men and women in uniform.

The Wall is the only monument with a heart!
It is an honor-roll of those who perished in
the Vietnam War.

People visit the Wall from all over.
A sister from New York... a brother from
Colorado... a widow from Georgia, and
a son and daughter from Texas.

Many come to face the memories,
the dreams, and the facts that have
eluded them or haunted them.

The memories of what was... and
the dreams of what if...

Then there are the veterans!

They come with scars that can't
be seen or touched.
These are the scars of sacrifice!

They seek solace while remembering friends
and comrades alike, hoping against hope,
that a name will not be there.

Medals and dog tags tarnished with age,
and racked with memories
are left along its base, tears also!

Patches faded with time, 
letters yellow with age and stained
with tears are left there too!

Caressed with words spoken in sorrow,
the Wall is wet with tears, not of shame,
but of grief, memories, and most of all, love.

Each day veterans and other visitors
pay tribute to those who have fallen in battle.

Some missing in action,
all assumed dead.

None of 'em are forgotten!
None of 'em are forgotten!
None of 'em!

Joseph Johnson- Jr.