From This Generation  of Veterans   (Richard)

I just wanted to write and say Thank You.

 I myself am a Veteran of Panama, Iraq and Somalia, and today we are still a proud and outstanding Military..and you, the veterans of Vietnam, Korea, WWI, and WWII were our Heroes and our role models. 

I never, as a Marine Corps brat, wanted to be anything but a Soldier.. its truly a calling and your right, no one understands a veteran in a way as another veteran.. You are the reason we are the Military we are today.. Thank You. Your sacrifices were never in vain - you saved lives today with your sacrifices, we learned.. as a country.. as a Military.  And to those that threaten our way of life and our homeland, will pay the price from a forgiving yet formidable foe. there is a difference in a democratic society... we learn from the many voices that speak out...

A Veteran