Semper Fi (c) Copyright, Okidd,

Semper Fidelis
Always Faithful
Loyal to the End
They were called, they went,
Some did not return alive, some not at all.
In the tradition of their Corps they fought
Like their predecessors, they were brave.
Yet some remain unaccounted
No headstone, an empty grave.

Semper Fidelis
Always faithful
Loyal to the end
They are gone, but not forgotten
Though their country they served so valiantly
Has seemed to have written them off.
Many of us who were there beside them
Still strive to bring each of them home
So their souls and their families can rest in peace

Okidd served in Third Marine Division 70 & 71.
Okidd keeps and writes poetry at his  site of poetry
some light - some heavy - memories - we will not forget