A movie

Last week the movie Private Ryan was on television. At work the "younger generation" came up to me saying, "Did you see Private Ryan? Wasnít that a great movie?"

I watched part of it Ė up to a part where it became too real. Up to a part where I started leaving the safety of the living room with my wife and thinking of things where I didnít want to go.

Hardly a day goes by that doesnít remind me of something - but I just donít go there. I donít live in the past but I do live in the past.

People say they understand but how do you explain to them that they are watching something they never experienced - from the safety of their living room. In the next second the most they have to worry about is a commercial and they can just make noise or shout or laugh.  They don't have to be afraid they are breathing too loud.

I watched Private Ryan. I watched and knew things. I got up and turned off the TV Ė it was a good feeling just turning it off.   I thought of the movie Private Ryan - of the most personal sacrifices those veterans made for their country.

I walked out of the living room and  went and looked at my new, super blackhawk, 44, single action, magnum revolver by Ruger. Itís a good feeling to know I just use it for the range - I thanked God I was lucky enough to make it home.