(c) Copyright, NightHawks@uswest.net)

He walks across this world
Yet not really here for all
A part of him is elsewhere
Answering another call

The call of fallen comrades
A plea from friends long past
Do not forget that we are gone
Remember us, they ask

So the vet continues on his way
Trying to go on with his life
His memories always entering
To bring this mental strife

Battling old wars in his mind
Seeing those men who fell
It stays with him for always
It is his living hell

So in his soul he honors them
The ones that went before
Unlike many in this land
He will not forget his war

He'll not forget the ones that died
The ones who did not return
He keeps their memory within
A torch he'll always burn

For comrades lost in days gone by
Carrying their memory in his heart
A sorrow and pain he'll never lose
Makes him a man who stands apart