From:  Former USAF Airman - stationed 94 at Travis AFB

I was born in 74. I was in the post Vietnam Generation. My father was in the Air Force but was never sent over THERE.. I grew up and in my own time joined the Air Force, not because of my father but because I had nowhere else to go. Vietnam was just another war to me. 

                One day I was told by my supervisor that Id been Volunteered to be in a POW/MIA ceremony for returning US servicemen remains. I was not happy about this at all. It was scheduled for a Saturday morning and I would have rather slept. That Saturday I went unhappy and ticked off to the ceremony and something changed in me.

                Here was a steel box, with what was left of a young man, a young man who was in many ways just like me. He had hopes, and dreams. He had a life. This young man gave his all in a far off land. Not for money, for fame, he did it for his country.

                I will not even pretend that I understand what those men and women went through. Movies cannot express it, and I have never found anyone who could tell of it in what must be its full pain and horror. But I found a way to say thank you. In my own small way on that cold Saturday morning with the California rain falling upon my face, I had found a way to let these men know someone cared.

                I spent a year stationed there and in that time I was present at every POW/MIA ceremony. Many of them I came home from tired, wet, and hungry. But it was nothing compared to what these men had gone through.

                To those men and women and to all who served in Vietnam, THANK YOU, we will never be able to pay the debt we owe you and all who fought and died for this nation.