Masseuse Lover (c) Copyright Zealot, 2002
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Thumbs in, she presses on my spine,

her hands tracing its slow turns,

down the sore, potholed road

up the bony steps, around the rusted gate,

to the soft backyard grass.

She is so young--I hide

undressed, face down

in the massage mattress, she is gentle; a lover

there is a musk candle slowly burning next to a bottle

of primrose oil.

She's in the other room

as I dress, my body opened

like a new moon.

Wine tasting with Tanja overlooking Szchenyi Hid, Budapest

 That was intimate

      the way you

     took my glass, or was it my penis

and drank

     with lips

      (you've made it clear)

that had every interest

in tasting me.

 Electric Eel

the way you

   engulf me, swallowing my cock

     leaves me twitching, like

  your mouth is an electric eel

    and you have discovered my power supply

   each blessed sensation

reverberates through every sinew.