Collection I of Poetry (C) Copyright XLWoo,

Song Of Love

 1) Burn, the flame of love, 
 Oh, burn in my heart! 
 The holiest fire, 
 If once kindled, 
 Will never die 
 Through time and tide. 
 2) The love's soul be made noble,
The love's heart be made brave,
And love's self unselfish,
 By that sacred light!
 And all the dirts and filths
 Be consumed in that blaze!
 3) Two of such hearts 
 Nothing can hinder 
 From eternal union 
 That brings Heaven's blessing, 
 For what is the best 
 Can endure Time's test. 
 4) Free is my heart
 That hovers like a lark
 In the vast blue sky;
 But where to seek a nest
 For a comfortable rest
 From long weary flight?
 5) A nest of purest gold 
 Set with sparkling gems---- 
 That's another heart, 
 Chastest and tenderest, 
 In a maiden's bosom, 
 Shining with every virtue. 
 6) Be there such another heart
 Within the bounds of the world,
 Let mine lie in thine,
 If each worth the other;
 And in the holiest flame,
 Both will melt into one.
 7) Like thunder in a valley, 
 Love has its echo too; 
 That's from another heart. 
 So long has my heart cried, 
 Resounding twixt heaven & earth, 
 But where is the response? 
 8) The sweetest songs of love
 Are the voiceless melodies,
 Played upon the heart-strings
 With the perfect harmonies
 That pervade the night sky
 Burning with sable fire.
 9) The sweetest dreams of love 
 Are the heavenly visions, 
 Only dreamt in golden youth, 
 With a romantic hue, 
 Filled with scenes of fairyland 
 And the mirth of paradise. 
 10) The greatest sorrows of love
 Are egoism and faithlessness,
 That sadden the loving heart
 And blight the devoted soul
 More deeply and grievously
 Than anything on good earth.
 11) What's the color of love? 
 Love has many colors: 
 It has blue feelings, 
 It has a green eye, 
 It has pink spectacles, 
 It may cause a red fight; 
 Sometimes it is black, 
 Sometimes it is purple, 
 Sometimes it is yellow, 
 Sometimes it is white. 
 12) Fie, Venus, great impostor, 
 Thou hast long deceived me 
 Into the pursuit of pure love,
 And advised me unwearily
 To prostrate and place at thy feet
 My innocent and honest heart.
 13) But luckily enough now
 I've discovered thy lies:
 There is no such a thing
 In this wide world
 That can be called pure love
 But what's the poet's illusion.
 Adieu, My Loveless Lover ----a sonnet
 Adieu, my loveless lover, oh, adieu!
 I come to yield myself at your first call,
 And always have prepared to offer all:
 My truest heart, my dearest life, to you.
 Adieu, my loveless lover, oh, adieu!
 Your heart is like a flying ravenous dove.
 Neither you know the worth of purest love,
 And nor can you admire a heart so true.
 Adieu, my loveless lover, oh, adieu!
 From you as well from mirth I'll e'er depart.
 My weary legs will carry home my broken heart,
 In which your image lives till death-time due.
 Adieu, my loveless lover, oh, adieu!
 May you be happy, fain would I in rue!


 To Nightingale
 Oh my little nightingale, sing no more, please!
 Your song, sweet as it is, disturbs my peace.
 You are no comforter in my sorrow,
 With my eyes sunken and my cheeks hollow.
 Sing, my dear nightingale, oh, sing again,
 For I feel more lonely without your strain;
 And still no peace of mind in night's quietude,
 And no rest and sleep in single solitude.
 Why I feel so chilly in summer's night?
 There's no fire to warm my heart and no light.
 Oh, garrulous warbler, can you tell me,
 Where the darling flame of my heart to be?
 Fly, oh, fly high and low, my songster dear!
 Fly to seek for me my love far and near,
 And bring me my sweet damsel of noble mind,
 With strong love and firm character combined!
 My Wife
 I have a doll of a wife,
 Who is much younger.
I love her and dote on her
 Since she is my lifemate.
 I remember I said to her:
 If she is sick in bed,
 I'll wait on her hand and foot;
 But I never have such a chance,
 As she is always healthy,
 Though we are never wealthy.
 Sometimes she is angry with me
 Or scolds me for something trifling.
 I never resent for it,
 For love can show in many ways.
 I can still remember
The first day of our dating:
 I waited and waited,
 But she never showed up. 
I decided then and there
 I would wait for one exact hour;
 If she didn't make her appearance,
 She is not destined to be my wife
 And I would leave
 And never call her again.
 As minute hand moved to the last moment,
 There she was, under the shopwindow lights,
 That led to wedding,
 That gave us a daughter,
 That . . . . . .
 Oh, H2O

Oh, H2O! My dear H2O!
My most favorite element.
You fill in my swimming pool,
So clear and translucent.
You hold me in your embrace,
 When I jump down to dive.
 I feel your arms around me,
 Caressing my skin gently, ever so gently.
Then I sense myself soaring to the surface,
 As you give me a light push of buoyancy.
 Then I find myself lying on top of you,
 As I'm floating in slow supine strokes.
 Then I twist prone on my belly
 And swim hastily to the "shore".
 Oh, sorry, my dear element,
 For my kicks at your bosom.
 I must get out of you
 As fast as possible,
 Since there's a call for me
 From my dearest fiancee.

My major was English literature and poetry. Before I came to U.S., I  was a  professor and an editor of English in China. I am an american  citizen now.   Besides something I had published in China, which were in chinese, I  have   written three books here In English. A mystery novel "Kungfu  Masters" was   published in Canada. Another book "USEFUL STRATEGIES IN EVERYDAY  LIFE" was   published by Publish America, Inc. in Maryland, which I mentioned to  you in   my previous email. the third book is a Chinese historical novel "Empress   Dowager Cixi", who was a legendary character in Chinese history. I  have   already signed a contract with Algora Publishing in New York.