Here in the Dark
Copy write John Eucare 2003

Here in the dark...

I feel her heated heavy breathing
Hear her pulsing throbbing heart
Smell her crackling passion thirsting
Taste her lunging hunger aching

Raking tongue on tender tissues
Sampling sensual sweet delights
Her thunder trembles
Resounding throughout me

Dripping down my pounding chest

Massaging into swelling manhood
Rising rhythm stiffens sighs
Reaching out to feed desire

Girth now pressing forward harder
Free from bondage
Standing proud

Tenderly purring
Lazily luring
Blossoming Orchid

Here in the dark.

Slowly spreading her satiny softness
I penetrate her slippery sleekness
Stretching into her fiery freakiness
Filling her invaded emptiness

Jutting into her jostled jadednes
With thrusting undulating thickness


Over and Over
Tossing and throwing

Furthering into our wanton wanting
Slipping into each others skins
Scraping sinew from the others bones

Greedily eating each others sins

Here in the dark.

Legs bent wrapping
Pulling tighter
She drapes from me now
Arms flung wide
Tousled hair flowing
Head lolling backward
Completely and utterly
Winsome and wild
Arching her back
Writhing and wrangling
Squeezing me tight
With strong supple thighs

Rushing molten mixture churns
Submitting to her strangled cries


And as I am exploding
Inside her deliciousness
In a wave of white heat
She suddenly withdraws
Contracting all around me, encircling
Like a tight twisted vise
Two in one

Here in the dark.

Stars now battering our wide open souls
Flashing super nova bright
Drawing us into the light
Erasing every shadow of night

And as we lay together floating
Inseparably joined
We swim in our tide
Relaxing one another fears
Easing unsettled
Here in the dark.

C John Eucare
Copy write John Eucare 2003
All Rights Reserved - Copy/Duplication Prohibited

Shuffling shoe sole on sandy sidewalk
Wrappers crinkling in a wind tossed corner
Swirling and twirling like the thoughts in his mind
Will she be there today like she was yesterday?

Just a gleaming glance shared softly between them
Short enough to slow sharp steps
Long enough to spark considerable curiosity
Brambling façade of busy hands and eyes
Quickly clipped rose pricked satin smoothness
Ruby red bead met silky blush sheen in a warm tender kiss
Fading aroma of sea spray misting windy beach
And engine exhaust from the rumble of the busy street
Into a pillow muffled sea shell echo
Her pursed suckling squeak reverberated
His anchored ear anxiously gathered her sound
As her vexing vision burned aching eyes
And pleased pleadingly his dangerous desires

Her tousled auburn hair and glowing golden tan
Such fragile wispy rail thin wrists
Short summer linen white hemmed dress
With tightly bow tied ribbon
Blue oceanic glittering gaze
Rising full breathed breast in heaving rhythm
Sandaled feet in sun bleached leather
Snakelike silver ankle bracelet
With tiny bells attached they sung
Oh come to me and taste my sweetness
Begging willing slippery tongue
Haunting song

He steps into her flower shop searching
Unaware of her hidden stare
Has he come back to feed my needing?
Or does he search for another’s pleading?
His half unbuttoned short sleeved oxford
Relaxing into his knee length khakis
Sock less Dockers in a lazy shuffle
Tattooed ripples in tight skinned muscle
Fantasizing of his fierce embrace
Trembling as he turns his face

“What does she Like?” in a velvet tone
“I don’t know yet..” he shrugs his shoulder
His body twists to hers now showing
His etched bronze chest within slight opening
“Maybe I can help” she offers coyly
“I’m sure you can…” he answers slowly
“Perhaps a hint of your intentions?”
His eyebrows rise at amorous mention
“Is it for wife, or friend, or lover?”
“ I’m hoping all of the above might come”
A flirty giggle wriggles lightly
He meets her with a wandering smile
“Then I would start with lilies, first”
“And make her wonder about your wiles”

He gestures with an agreeing nod
And steals a peek as she turns to gather
Bending on deep display to reach
White dress slips just above slim knees
Sleek tan thighs so buttery and firm
Cause inner heating to stoke
To burn
Yearning to fill his greedy grip
Yet holding back, he bites his lip

“Will a dozen do?” she turns to say
and notices his quick look away
But as he meets her curious gaze
Both feel drawn to a primal need
Insidiously planted infectious seed
Calling them together like a sirens song

A second lasts a lifetime long
Flowers drying shed their dew
Inside each others passions crying
“I think you better make it 2…”

And so the moment shatters into
A trillion tiny shards of glass
She turns once more to gather lilies
He nearly faints from loss of breath

Composing himself he wanders weakly
Finding distraction to quell his tightening
Brushing by him, she smiles slyly
Her suppleness searing him

Meet together again, at last
At the register now to wrap things up
She begs him pen his personal message
Handing him a card
So sure to steal a touch

Jotting it down he folds it in two
Repeating the fleeting touch with a grin
She can’t help herself and smiles in return
As he pays for the flowers and whisking turns

Briskly now he walks outside
She daydreams of the day he’ll return
To take her into his arms with passion
And flounce her on the wrapping table
Driving her deeply
To the top of her own personal Mt Everest
Pushing her off the edge into oblivion…
And as her juices freely flow
She notices the scent of Lilies
Sitting on the counters sill
“He left them here and needs them still!”

But long past gone already now
He left so quickly in a heated pace
Slowly she opens the card to see
If he left a clue to where they should be placed

“It’s no mistake these flowers are here…
They were for you all along my dear…”

But he didn’t leave a number or name
For her to follow his intriguing game
So wait she does in silent torment
Trying to distract herself with busy ornament
As hours pass into the night
She flips the sign and fades the lights
And dreaming of his steely eyes
She takes the lilies into her arms
And holds them close inhaling heavily
Their airy light syrupy sweetness sweeps her
Entangling her in a misty scene
His statuesque chest
Licking tongue on her naked neck
His roaming fingers fondling her nipples
Hardened manhood invited invading
Her hot tight wetness stretching eagerly
To accommodate the filling drilling
They dance on fire into late hours
Lost in each others eternal embrace…

Her fantasy fades as the clocks bell chimes
She slowly walks outside and turns aside
To lock the door then and walk away
The heat of their encounter still fresh in her mind
Now at her car she finds the key
And fumbles with the clumsy lock
The door finally clicks and with a clack and creak it opens
She bends to place her things inside

A shadow shifts on a dark bench nearby
“…So, did you like the flowers?”

© John Eucare


Evermore, (c) Copyright John Eucare, 2003
All Rights Reserved - Copy/Duplication Prohibited
Spirit doors moan slowly open
Darkly darting eyes delight
Dangerous desires deeply dwelling
Searing stares in searching sight
Bitten lips anticipating
Inhibitious fear subsides
Hungry heated bothered baiting
Ardent aching souls collide
Collapsing into one another
Swirling together in a fevered dance
Penetrating softly
Eliminating circumstance
Promised prisoners shackled firmly
Bound together in tense embracing
Pressing closer...tighter...harder
Flesh on Flesh
Glistening tongues entangled tightly
Sharing moistened musky breathing
Senses singing
Mingled tingling
Summoned primal instincts seething
Peeling off protected purities
Secret sanctions scintillated
Vexing virgin vulnerabilities
Sinfully suckling supple sweetness
Exploring esoteric weakness
Withering one anothers bleakness
Engulfed in flames of frenzied freakness
Lost in lusts illumination
Two are one... in one they pour
Oblivion is their creation
No need for needing
No want for wanting
No ache for aching


 My Sexy Vixen Valentine, (c) Copyright John Eucare, 2003
All Rights Reserved - Copy/Duplication Prohibited

My Sexy Vixen Valentine...

...Daydreams of you still stealing time
Careening curves and swerving lines
Such lusting thrusting shapely spine
Throbbing in undulating rhyme
Perversive forms of verse

Black Strapping lace that binds high heels
Legs statuesque in bending kneels
Whispered pouting, prodding purrings
Quicken deeply thrilling stirrings
Smoothly stroking fingers burning
Pounding pulses pleading

Arching back so tight and strong
Stretch tantalizing teasing thongs
Through dark mysterious shadow valleys
Embracing secret sordid alleys
Intoxicating perfumes seathing
Eroticize my shallow breathing

Deliver me into her arms
Do not protect me from her charms
Her siren screams delude my brain
Her vampire kisses slowly drain
My essence,
Is hers to spill
And do with carefree as she will

A willing slave bewitched in time


A bartered soul for a one last sigh
One final silken milky thigh
One slippery sip of her

...My sexy vixen valentine