The Ties That Bind (c) Copyright Sldave, 2001
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The ties that bind can be soft and entwined,
The ties can also be harsh and unkind.

Stripped, strapped and tightly tethered,
I grovel to kiss your boots of leather.

Collared, cuffed and made to crawl,
I beg, then abase myself down on the floor.

The ball gag is fastened, my mouth is sealed,
The crop taps your calf and I scurry to heel.

I drape myself on the punishment horse,
My limbs are secured with brutal force.

Legs spread apart, my rear is exposed,
The crop, cane and dildo are used unopposed.

I buck and thrash wildly as the dildo it rapes,
The ties are tied tight so there is no escape.

But the strongest ties, the ties that you bind,
They are tied so tight, in my own mind.