Title: Taste (c) Copyright 
Author: Jessy19
Year: 2004
Email: deadgirl_superstar81@yahoo.com

Our eyes meet
And lock in this
Lustful moment

Your hands caress my face
And I tremble
Feeling anxious to please you.

I take you in, slowly
Every inch of you
Fills my mouth.

Your hardness drowns
In my saliva while my
Lips move up and down your length.

Gradually, your taste spreads
Making me thirst for you,
Yearn for you.it.

Your breathing becomes heavy
With each stroke
of my mouth.

Your fingers grip
My hair and your eyes
show fulfillment.

You shudder violently and
Your warmth floods
My mouth.

I swallow it,
I taste it,
I love it.

Jessica (jessy19)