Anthology of Poetry By SummersubAs I have just recently entered the world of "non-vanilla" I solicit any and all feedback with great enthusiasm.  Have been so inspired to write after a  twenty-five year break by a remarkable Dom who has continued to kindly guide and lead me through the transformation. Will gladly respond to any comments, ideas or feedback.

 In my mind

In total darkness,
I lie in the center of my pine, four poster queen sized bed,
with a dozen
assorted pillows to support my
naked body,
The only sound is of the circulating fan which blows
cool air on my warm tan flesh.
I open my legs to savor the sensation and without
touching myself, I use my mind.
I close my eyes and I smell His scent. Distinctly and
uniquely His alone.
I feel Him all around me, wrapping me in a safe
secure blanket of pleasures, tastes and sounds.
His hands tracing my form with fingers that make my
skin tingle and become ultra sensitive to His presence.
I feel the warm wetness between my legs that only He
produces, even with the thought of Him.
My erect nipples enlarge with anticipation of his sweet
tongue and mouth upon them.
My mouth longs to honor his manhood with all the passion
spilling out of me, and my mind.
But His Voice. In quiet even tones that scream in my ear
and heart is what sends me over the edge. The edge of
completed acts and stream tears of deep uprooted feelings
that he created and gifted me with.
In this sheltered cocoon, I sleep in peace that if I die before
I wake, I had purpose and meaning that justified my brief

Complete I'll Be, (c) Copyright 2002

Deeper than flesh,
Thru skin and bone,
The trust I give to you alone.

Empowering you,
Releasing me,
To live your wish and fantasy.

Each moment full,
Each feeling clear,
Unable to describe,
Except that I stop breathing,
And never more alive.

Your Voice commands in quiet tones,
Inspection shear intense,
And for the time I feel outside,
With only you to sense.

Just part I'll stay until the day,
You call for me to come.
Complete I'll be,
When next with thee,
In collar for my Dom.


Changing Flavors (c) Copyright 2002

My struggle in the process,
From "plain" to any flavor,
Surprises and amuses,
Of all life has to savor.

I see the world quite different,
From where I was before,
As if by one chance meeting,
Has opened endless doors.

Removing all my fences,
And crossing all the lines,
To take away defenses
Observe the changing signs.

In keeping in the moment, 
And not ahead or back,
Has added new dimensions,
From which my life did lack.

In doing life in different space,
Keep open mind and heart,
To take myself out of the race,
And play with every part.

 My Tranquility (c) Summersub02, 2002 

You see to me,
Tranquility is kneeling just before you.
To wait command through word or hand,
To worship and adore you.

My need to please,
Upon my knees,
Envelopes and consumes me.
In happy/sad,
In good or bad,
To pleasure and to use me.

My silence speaks in volumes,
Of structure I behold
I Fantasize, within your eyes,
Your pleasure yet untold.

To show my grace,
Within our space.
Reveal my pure devotion,

And so delight in candlelight,
The Healing in the feeling,

Chain (c) Copyright, 2002
Summersub02 - 

His Name,
Starts the chain,
That brings me to order.

His Scent,
My decent,
Into animal mode.

His Touch,
Gets my trust,
Surrender completely.

His Voice,
Is my choice,
To relinquish control.

His Word,
His command,
Gives purpose in being.

It's all about balance,
Infused with my freeing

 The Ties that Bind (c) Copyright, 2002
Summersub02 - 

The Ties that bind,
Of Shape and Kind,
Unite and set us free.

Be rope or cord,
To bed or board,
Allow us just to be.

In words or thought,
Your freedom sought,
New vision forms to see.

There's motion in restriction,
And truth in my conviction,
The versatile in me

So bond I'll stay,
In every way,
To tie myself to thee.