Passively Copyright Emerson Dawson
All Rights Reserved to Author
Copy Duplication Prohibited

Do not offer yourself quietly
leaving it all up to me
as though this were
not a liberated age

But come to me seductively
if your intent is tempting me
make me aware what
needs I might assuage

Do not just lay their passively
as if you are expecting me
to accept feigned resistance
masking your desire

But pursue me aggressively
be the you that interests me
allowing me to sense 
passions we inspire

By Emerson Dawson
Copyright 2000

Just Once, (c) Copyright E. Dawson, 2000
All Rights Reserved to Author
Copy Duplication Prohibited

I need to feel you now dipped deep inside to the point where
every bit of me is  immersed within  the reaches of your soul
moving ohhh sooooo slowly with sensual strokes you dole
out in ways you know will make me lose myself in you

I need to hear your voice first in soothing teasing words
that tell me that I move you far beyond that place where
you can properly behave to that one spot where you  moan
and groan and sigh and simply cannot remember  words at all

I need to sense electricity moving from my skin to yours and
raising flutters of  desire that spasm from your toes and
make your eyes roll back inside your head as you bite
hard against your lip and scream improper  things aloud

I need to hear you gasp tonight awakening my wild beast
to feel like I've taken you so forcefully it leaves a favorite
gown in shreds lying as a silken rag upon  a sweaty
rumpled sheet where you could notice it and never care

I need to make love angrily stripping away the part
of you that pleases me  as you coax me  from the world
to leave if only for a little while so I will not  know
at all the frustrating  and harsh distraction's life entails

I need to use you willingly and take all that you have to
give just once and if I'm rough you'll understand that
at this time its what I really have to have and what you
want with all your heart because it fills my needs

I need to do you plain and simple without tenderness
or caring as we've made love oh so many times before
but just this once to ravage you roughly and hard and
viciously to sate my anxious predatory mood

I need to gaze upon your face conquered taken and
consumed to the point where you can hardly lift
your head and as I gaze into your eyes and sense
the dull and swollen ache within your twisted form

I need to know you understand that it was you
who conjured up the beast this time and let him
loose to satisfy your want to see me just one time
without the cool control that rules my soul