All Poetry is copyright 

by Scarlet
(c) 2000

I wonder
As I watch you from the bed
how it feels
for you to stroke and pull
and tease your hard cock
with just your hand

I wonder
how it would feel for you
If I stroked you
with my delicate fingers
caressing and teasing
with just my hands

I wonder
If you would mind
If I used my hot most lips
and nibbled at your balls
licking and sucking
and blowing thousand's of tiny
kisses around your delicate sac

I wonder
if you would mind if I
used my hot tongue and licked
the length of your wondrous shaft
taking you deeper in my mouth

I wonder 
if you would watch me
as I worked my sweet lips
around your bulbous head
teased and sucked it gently
and made love to you
with the tip of my tongue

I wonder
if you would lose control
as I took you deeper
into my soul.......
as I worked my magic with such finesse
urging you on to your final release

hearing you roar with such delight
and watching you from below
as you see me with your eyes
I feel you tremble
or was it I

And I wonder what you
might say
or what you might feel
as you spilled you seed
across my lips......

I wonder 
if you think of me
when you lie in your bed at night
and your holding your wondrous cock
do you think of me and cry out my name
as your rapture comes to an end......

My Knight 
by Scarlet (c) 1998 

Your cock is a handsome sight 
standing up slowly in the night 
like the steel of a sword 
so hard and warm 
I behold its wonder with delight 

Oh, how I would cherish this night 
to taste your sweet honey 
upon my lips 
I long for the taste 
which remains long after the Kiss 

I cherish this night 
of you holding me tight 
of you loving me until dawn's light 
I love the sight of you now 
as you search in wonder 
of the nectar between my thighs 

These things I would cherish 
on this starry night 
and remember the beautiful sight 
of you lying naked within me..... 

Copyright 2000 by Scarlet( All rights
reserved. Not to be reproduced without written permission from the