We Become (c) Poet Bo, Copyright 08/14/02
Poem by: Robert Bo Golden AKA MythicPrince/LovngStrength

In my mind,
I see you.
Like a goddess,
Of flaming desire.
Your eyes,
A window, a portal,
I want to slowly, gently,
Slip into.
Move with,
On ecstasies alter.
A bed of passion,
Where I take you,
To realms yet known.
Entering you.
Filling you.
Dancing a dance,
In step.
A tango.
A pasa doble.
Sensual and erotic.
The first time.
As though,
We had been here,
Many times before.
Deep in your womb,
I spend my seed.
In spasms,
In counterpoint to yours.
You absorb me.
I infuse you.
And we become.

  "The Journey" - (Or exchanging gifts)
Poem by: Robert Bo Golden AKA MythicPrince/LovngStrength
All rights reserved 5/29/02

There upon your knees, you engulfed me.
Your mouth like satin silk.
Your lips a constant kiss.
Your throat my journeys end.

Your hair a tangle in my hand.
Pulled taught as you are fed.
Your hands free to stroke me.
Almost to much to contain.
And still some remains.

Perfect in everyway.
From thick rimmed head,
A slow stroll to my furnace.
Where the heat is overwhelming.
And compelling, you to take it all.

Love me,
adore me,
worship upon this alter.
Never get enough of me.
Nor be free of me.
In heart, in mind, and soul.

Bring me to your heart.
Let me fill you with my seed.
My slave, my concubine, my faithful wife.
Drink your fill of me.
Then taste forevermore.
That which is only yours.

Lay upon our satin bed.
Where love has always bound you.
And I will bind you once again.

With steel, and rope, and tender love.
With silk, and chain, and leather.
Your body now, will be my alter.
That I will pray upon.

My lips, hot breath and teeth.
Will map your flesh complete.
Then find the flower that begs of me.
To dazel you with riches.

And I, with love and passion heat.
Will paint upon your flower.
No petal left untouched.
And only slightly, gently roughed.
And made to grow with power.

My hands like world explorers.
My mouth your islands shore.
My breath, the wind that drives you on.
Until that blissful end.

Then two as one.
Our souls become.
Some might call that love.

This kind of love is more than that.
Its bread, and thirst, and life.
It's all the things, that fill our dreams.
And stops the flow of time.

Poem by: Robert Bo Golden AKA MythicPrince/LovngStrength
All rights reserved 5/29/02

"Feel Me" (C) Copyright PoEtBo, 2002

Feel me, steal your breath.
As I walk upon your skin.
With teeth, lips and braided whip.
With hands that flay your heart.
And leaves you feeling bare.
Vulnerable to the changing air.
To sensitive to my touch.
But to wet to care.

Feel me, pull on your love,
Every time I sing to your soul.
My prose, a balm to your fear.
My hands, the strength that you know.
That tie the course knots.
That holds the crop.
That lifts you up,
To the pedestal you own.

Feel me, as I enter you.
Filling you with my love.
So full you feel its pain.
So deep it breaks the chains,
That bound you,
To an un-fullfilling love.
That helped you find the road.
That brought you to my realm.

Feel me, as I kiss you.
With tender open mouth.
That gives you back your breath.
And holds you close to me.
Helps to set you free.
To soar, unfettered by the past.
To finally find at last.
What you have found in me.

Poem by: Robert Bo Golden AKA MythicPrince/LovngStrength

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