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"I Dream of You"

I dream of you,
Kneeling at my feet.
Your light kiss upon my hand.
Your devotion fills your eyes.
Then lowered in demure respect.

I dream of you.
Kneeling at my feet.
Collar bound.
Leashed, within my hand.
My large strength,
Filling your mouth,
And then your throat.
Listening to your moans,
As you drink,
What you have wrought.

I dream of you,
Beneath my exploring hands.
Imploring hands.
Your body quivering,
From my touch.
Aching from my touch.
Burning from my touch.
Missing my touch.
When they stray,
From your feverish skin.

I dream of you,
Beneath my body..........,
My love,
So deep inside,
You can taste me,
In your mouth.
Filled to overflowing.
Till you die,
That intense death.
The one, that brings you life.

I dream of you
Kneeling at my feet.
Body trembling,
With your love.
Your need of me.
Your desire wanting.
Even more.
To once again.
Be filled with me.
Infused by me.
Dying to be used by me.
Till you die again.
From the release.
I give you.

I dream of you.
Held within my arms.
Your hand upon my cock.
Holding him as though afraid,
He might be gone,
When you awake.
But I am yours.
As you are mine.
So never fear.
Because my love, my slave, my heart.
I dream of you.

Poem by: Robert Bo Golden
All rights reserved 4/30/02

"Wish You Where Here"

Wish you were here
In my empty arms
Touching your heart with mine
Feeling our senses rise
Knowing that we combine
Into something,
That makes us feel as one.
No longer two.

How I want to touch you
In all your warm places
Making them warmer,
With each of my breaths
To hot to contain,
To hot to remain.
Within your aching flesh.

Touching you
With my knowing hands.
That learned to love you best.
Learned each hidden place.
That takes your breath away.
And leaves you wanting more.

How much I want to bind you
Tie you with my soul
Lock you to my body
And never let you go.
Never let you know...........another
No other would love you so

How I want to enslave you
Have you kneel at my feet
Take me in your hungry mouth
And drink your fill of me
And beg for more
Till I fulfill your need.
And then again.
And then again.

How I want to engorge you
With mouth, hot tongue, and teeth.
Take you to your limit.........then stop
And bring you back to ease.
Then take you back again.
This time a little higher.
But give you no release.

How much I need to feel you
Wrapped around my strength.
Pulsing and enfolding me,
Holding me............... much to deep
So deep, I pound against your heart.
Till the pain fulfills our need.

Then slowly ever growing
We erupt as one.
Flowing like dreams together
In its molten glow.
and Never letting go

Never letting go
Of the eternal moment
When love became flesh
And turned it into soul. I wish you where here.

Poem by: Robert Bo Golden (c)4/24/02

Love & Honor
(a masters self credo)

I love and honor her
for all that she gives me.
Her gifts, to fruitful to count.
To precious to ignore,
To rare to take for granted.

I love and honor her,
For her tender selfless heart.
Her deep and quiet soul.
The adoration in her eyes,
That she sees reflected in mine.

I love and honor her
For her strength of character.
Her complete sense of self.
Her keen and agile mind.
That strengthens me.
And keeps me on my toes.(smile)

I love and honor her
For the gift of her submission.
So complete, and without restraint.
given with such total love, and trust.
Because she knows,
She is submitting to her masters heart.
And Not his hand.

I love and honor her
Because there is nothing
she would not give, or do for me
Because I will never have to demand.
She will give unbidden.
Without rancor or remorse.
Without fear or trepidation.

I love and honor her
And I will give her my protection
My strong arms, my life's wisdom.
I will give her the fullness of my heart.
The breath from my soul.
The touch of my empathetic hands.
The passion that is body.
And the song, that is our voice.

I love and honor her,
Because She is a women, a little girl.
One Who could stand on her own.
But, who has chosen to belong to me.
To something greater then us alone.
Knowing we fill,
Each others empty spaces.
That without love
There is no honor
Without honor,
How could there be love?
It's what makes us whole.

Poem? credo? by: Robert Bo Golden

My God, what eyes!
Like two pools, but catlike.
Clear blue green, green blue?
They seem ever changing,
Yet the same.
And........I fall into to them.
Drown in them.
Feel them in my soul.
Try to see into them,
From within.

Brush her lips with mine.
Taste her searching tongue.
Hold her.
Feel her melting into me.
Four hands touching,
Wanting to know everything.
Those eyes, searching mine.
Those eyes, holding mine,
Could never break away.
Would never want to.

To be within her.
Trapped in her.
Tightly wrapped in her,
Seeing into those eyes.
Falling ever deeper...........................
Wanting to touch her in every way.
With lips, teeth, tongue and breath.
Drink of her.
Feel her tremble, neath my touch.
Hear her whisper my name.
Moan my name.
Shout my name.
Seeing lust in those eyes.
Love in those eyes.
Tears in those eyes...when she cums.

These are only wishes.
Only dreams.
She is not mine to have.
But I would be hers.
Those eyes..................have enslaved me.
Caged me.
And I am unsure.
How do I stop,
Thinking of her?
Dreaming of her.
Fantasizing, how I want to love her.
Those eyes.
Falling into those eyes.
Am I their,
In heart and mind?
Don't know,
Wish I didn't care, but I do.
Just to kiss her,
Touch her,
Look into those eyes once more.
Just once more..................and then again.......and then.....

By: Robert Bo Golden
(c) 8/20/99


I look from my widow,
On to a clear dawn.
That burns the far hills,
In red orange fire.
I turn to look at her sleeping form.
And see a face, beautiful,
And serene.
And I smile in memory,
Of the night before.
How she let me love her,
So completely.
Submitted to my every whim.
Succumbed to my every desire.
And how we lay their after.
Glistening, satiated, breathing as one.
Cuddled, in one another's arms.
And as I watch the dawn,
Flowing slowly across, that lovely face.
I can see her eyes moving beneath,
Her long lashed lids.
A smile upon her face.
And I wonder.
Is she dreaming the same thing?
Is she dreaming of me?

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