Ode to pickles
a lost love
(c) Copyright, Quiverdance, 2001

my favorite pickle is the dill
it certainly gives me quite a thrill
itís long and firm with a nice tart flavour
the juicy squirt I love to savour
but nothing pickled can quite match
the joy Iíve tasted from your pickle patch
the long hard shaft no jar could contain
and the ferocious spurt my throat would detain
I can suck dill pickles Ďtil Iím blue in the face
but none come close to your animal grace
their balls donít tighten nor their head peek through
even adding pickled onions just wonít do
my favorite pickle is the dill
but it doesnít give me enough of a thrill
your manhood before me is what I pretend
until I bend over and bite off the end.

 By Quiverdance

January 2001