Scarlet October 2000

When your deep inside
I feel you with all my being
I love the joy of seeing
riding me deep inside
feeling your hands on
my breast
grabbing them from behind
while you thrust
in and out
in an out
feeling you inside me
rubbing my velvet walls
with your hard cock
there is no better choice
than to have you
deep within
riding high in ecstasy


Loving Myself
Scarlet October 2000

Alone by myself is where I am
in the corner of the room
on my bed is where I lie
in wait for the caresses
only I can give .....
Alone I am loving me
candles glow
white skin in linen
the full moon hangs overhead
Darkness on the edge
shadows of a hand
gently rubs my breast
fingers trace the outline
of my silken bush
A deep sigh is heard in the night
as gentle fingers push the folds a part
a deluge of wetness engulfs the treasure
the body rises, the creases swell
the flower blooms, a nectar flows
the heart races, breast are swollen
breathing in grunts and moans
A rhythm is consummated between
hand and hips, moans of pleasure abound
while the full moon hangs overhead
as I reach a boundless orgasm
Loving myself......

Scarlet January 2001