Listen....(c) Copyright  (c) Jerry Robkoff
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Is it dreaming...
can you feel it....
do the colors dance and sing around your eyes?
Does it matter...
if they're swinging...
through the air that holds them close against the clouds?
But if they fall will you reach out?
Will you hold out
your open hand?
And if they topple will you call out?
as they tumble
like sifted warm sand
Are they singing...
do you hear them...
or are they only mouthing words without a sound?
Can you see them...
while they're singing...
or is the light to bright around their azure crowns?
Just for a moment take a listen
reach up and hasten
and embrace their crystal song
Only a moment is all that's needed
just one moment
to feel their translucent sound
Is it touching...
do you hold it...
through the darkness that is looming in the wings?
Still it dances
through glistened waters
kissing softly as your soul returns to dreams.

(c) Jerry Robkoff