THE KISS, (c) Copyright, Telephoneman, 2002  
All Rights Reserved

Your lips are to be where I'll end
But before, tingles through you I'll send
In your hair I'll use my fingertips
As I head towards your sweet lips

Your hair my fingers do comb
And on your neck they freely roam
Across your soft skin they float
From ear lobe to delicate throat

I feel my love for you as it flows
And watch your sparkling eyes close
I wonder at the beauty of your face
As on each lid a gentle kiss I place

My fingers softly stroke each cheek
You just can't resist a little peek
Catch me licking your small nose
On the path I'd already chose

On your face my gaze yearns to stay
Throughout our private little play
You and I the only cast
Timing needed, not too fast

Knowing it's you I want to please
Still I can't help but tease
So I ignore your instant need
And your urgent desire for speed

But I've waited now far too long
Now I'm ready to use my tongue
So my licking gathers pace
As around your lips I trace

I sense, not see, your lips part
Sending arrows through my heart
No longer able to delay our treat
Our mouths are to finally meet

Your taste is divine and so unique
Your tongue mine needs to seek
As they begin their intimate duel
My passion they swiftly fuel

I know my love will long endure
As for what I have there is no cure
In your lips I find pure bliss
In this, just our latest kiss

(c) Copyright