Golden Eye's by NightGem

Soft, bare white shoulders did tingle,
as I sensed your brazen, animal glance.
Body captive at your intimate survey,
inhaling deeply my warm outer fragrance.

And then I sensed a slight hesitation,
ever so softly as it began to sink in.
Seeing what was etched in brilliant inks,
in reverence on my soft, bare white skin.

Golden cat eye's staring straight at you,
like a silent predator they just glared,
Placed by the artist on silken pale skin,
once it was untouched, tis no longer bare.

Fingers traced an upward carved path,
ever so gently to the top of my spine.
Stopping often to examine and treasure,
the lines of my well chose cat's design.

As your touch reached those golden eyes,
your fingertips collided soft against mine.
Tracing the inked carved out features,
of that beautiful, ever so proud feline.

"May I", you ask in a soft, male whisper,
head bent your lips descend to that place.
My body trembled against your warm lips,
as they trace my proud felines captured face.

Making love to a woman with ink on her skin,
a glimpse of the person she rarely does hide.
An obvious treat for those with no induction,
pleasures of inked flesh with a lovers pride.



Honey Girl
By NightGem (

Amber Glaze,
sticky craze.
Pouty lips,
hardened tips.
Moist cave,
sweet slave.
Hollow curves,
tongue swerves.
Soft thighs,
begging cries.
Honey dripping,
mouth sipping.
Favorite treat,
flavored sweet.
Shaven mound,
covered ground.
Slowly sucking,
clit bucking.
Fevered pace,
sticky face.
Night time,

My name is Linda but I write erotic poetry under the name of NightGem. I have been writing poetry and prose since I was very young. The past few years have found me drifting towards more erotic forms of writing and poetry. I am 34 years old and from Pennsylvania, quite near Pittsburgh. I have been writing on the website for over a year and have found great enjoyment in sharing my poetry there. I am the owner of my own Design/Consulting business with attention to "Creating Dreams for People".