Homosexual Love, (c) Copyright, Rachel Heller, 2001

I was shocked and scared by the sudden feelings that
came over me as I sat on your patio.
Breathing in soft, sweet fall air
Pumpkins and thanks is what I think of.
I must thank you.
You let me know that it was okay to let the truth of
my sexuality out to myself.
You are my 'pumpkin'
You are my muse.
Even though we can't be lovers, I love you in the
spiritual sense.
I love you you for all the colors you made me see.
Life is a rainbow of possible colors.
It is Never Black or White!
Sexual fantasies come to my mind when I think of you.
Losing my virginity in cool water.
A rebirth of sorts
I would still be 'vanilla ice cream' and 'pure' with
You will always be my homosexual love.

Homosexual Love 2001 by Rachel Heller. All Rights Reserved.
Used here by permission of the author. Do not reproduce or
distribute without expressed written consent of the author.