Embraces (c) Copyright , JR Nitewings
Author:  JRNitewings@aol.com
All rights reserved - no duplication permitted

Fastened by love held with lust
braces of leather caress to the touch
links of white steel cool and smooth
embrace and entwine my lover's form

Darkly lit is this chamber of sweet suspense
where fantasy rules with fire unquenched
cries of rapture encompass hard touch
caressed and teased by thorned lips and tongue

Satin bonds hold you close within reach
eyes offer love as your body shudders
hands of cold love that burn to the touch
send rivulets of pleasure through nerves enthralled

On silken platfom I worship you so
with each bite and scratch I share
your moans of desire echo deeply within me
as I hold you tight with black gear

Dark corsets of love caress and hug
crossing your sweet body so tender
under my special touches of satin and thorn
a rose with its bramble upon you

Sweet perfume of lust your wetness flows
your nectar of desire fills me
and with each touch of leather and bamboo
the pleasure soars high and explodes

One more ascent my lovely to the mountains
one more time I will take you to clouds
but with all my control and caresses
I am but your slave to our love

JR Nitewings

About the author:  You have just ventured into an aspect of the light and dark realm of JRNitewings where my writings at times take you to the dark vampiric side of my nature or as you perhaps may have just read the light side.  Let me assure you that not all of my writings are vampyre in nature.  I may be vampyre but that doesn't automatically mean that everything I create is vampiric.  Unless, perhaps, you want to consider that since it was created by a Vampyre, therefore it always holds some kind of vampiric influence, no matter how subtle or light.  To Enter My World Visit Vampyrecircle