Afternoon Delight, (c) Copyright, Diana July 2000
All rights Reserved by Author
Copy Duplication Prohibited

a surprise
her husband
waltzing quietly
into the house
middle of afternoon
placing his lunch bucket
down on the old table

she frown in concern
not noticing his eyes
twinkling with love
as he near her chair
where she sat quietly
wearing old clothes
from cleaning
their home

he took her hand
pulled her to him
warmly touching her lips
till she sighed sweetly
nudging her gently
down to the shower
stripping her body
stripping his own
embracing a spray
of warm water

he took her hand
gently pulling her
to their bed
lying her down
touching her lips
under his own
he heard her sigh
saw her close her eyes
watching her warm
to his manly needs

he moved down her body
so comfortable so fondly
loved, nibbled, kissed
her warm nipples perking
under his mouth, he nipped
he heard her moaning
he moved down further
closer to her musky smell
touching her core
hearing her moan louder

he held her thrashing hips
listening for the cues
of her sweetly peaks
he fondly enjoy giving her
knowing he was wanting
as badly as she was needing
to release her body heat
into his hungry mouth
he heard her high pitch moan
and felt his heart expand

he moved up slowly
dragging himself over her
feeling her power entrance him
knowing she was waiting to be
separated and penetrated by
his own warm hot penis
he opened her legs
heard her husky moans
before he pushed inside her

he pulled up his body
moving with her own thrusts
he heard her heavy breathing
gasps for precious air
he moved into her warmth
wetness deep inside her
he found himself losing
her, spinning around faster
losing himself into her
he held back till he heard
her sighs of Oh God!
Oh my! Oh shit yes, yes!

he flooded her
deep inside her womb
he felt inner tension ease
slowly draining from his
body, felt his breathing
calm till he heard her
say, "oh my, oh my" softly
he felt her tense once more
a quick after spasm of climax
he layed his head down
between her breasts
felt her comfort

he came home
left work
needing her
wanting her
seeking her
his wife
his soulmate
his pleasure
his afternoon delight