"The Disease, the Cure",(c) Copyright, summersub "2002"

To save myself from myself, 
I take the other road,
Not signed or marked or even named.
One not mapped,
Or discussed to travel.

On either side,
It offers both,
To sample and to test.

It gives me the disease,
and yet the cure.

I can find rest,
Or sleepless nights.

Intense pleasures and satisfactions,
Along with cruel pain and emptiness.

Complete nourishment of mind,
With deep, wanting hunger.

It will warm and shelter me,
Or coldly, abandon and destroy me.

Show me life's intense happiness,
And Hell's uncaring torture.

A view from the top of the world,
To the edge of destructive, unsteady cliffs.

My needs satisfied,
No care of wants.

The sunrise on water,
The dark, moon less, dead of night.

The music of my soul,
The howls of predators unseen.

The inner peace and serenity,
after the self-doubt and insecurity.

Along the empty highway I walk,
on both sides at once.

I do not dare turn back,
For fear of losing sight of you,
In the distance beyond.