The Seduction of Chocolate
by Plum 

Light, dark, white, and bittersweet
This is something I love to eat.
Bar, kiss, or on a sundae
A masterpiece of cocoa!
A symphony of tastes!
Chocolate with nuts, chocolate with raspberries, and
mint chocolate.
A delicious desire and pleasure for every tastebud.
Sticky, gooey, and chewy
oysters may be used to arouse the sexual passions,
however, chocolate is cheaper and alerts the sexual
passions to be ready for a night not to be forgotten.
Chocolate makes couples into artists allowing creation
of forbidden fantasies beyond their wildest dreams.
I can't wait for the seduction of chocolate!
Lying on my back, creating a body treat
Chocolate, whipped cream, nuts, strawberry sauce, and
cherry placed correctly.
Brings a smile to my face
Wanting you more than anything
I believe in the seduction of chocolate!
I pray for the seduction of chocolate!