Champagne Minus the Glass
by morgan Aine
copyright 2001

Champagne Minus the Glass

Pop the bubbly,
drink the champagne from out between my thighs.
Force the bottle
sprays like sweet rain,
mouth to lips of sighs.
Champagne challenge from my Master
to put me in my place.
Rearrange the balance quickly
pleasures cross my face.
Pop the bubbly
champagne bubbles fill me to the brim.
As his lips suck from my body,
lick me round the rim.
Forget the glass,
forget the past transgressions. Payment due.
Fill to brim, for good measure,
A bottle, maybe two.
Pop the bubbly
tiny bubbly, pours into my own.
Fizzing till I pop inside
and fill the room with moans.
Champagne madness,
drunken daring,
wetness matched, you see.
The champagne challenge from my Master
punishment for me.
Pop the bubbly
my grand mission, climax is expected.
For to shatter my inhibitions, champagne is injected.
View my struggles against the binding
ropes burn to my wrists.
When my twisting body settles,
He wakes me with a kiss.