Caress, (c) Copyright John Eucare, 2003
All Rights Reserved - Copy/Duplication Prohibited

The lingering languish of her deliciousness
Still swimming across my wanting tongue
Sultry scents of her on my skin
Clinging to me
Caressing my every breath
Always with me
Bringing her just close enough to keep me wishing
For the moment when...
Embracing fingers finally find her
And slowly seek out solace
Within her secret silken places
Gently gliding accross and into
The lanscape of her subtle sloping hills and valleys
Skillfully skimming nails arousing
Slippery suckling lips carousing
Teasingly tantalizing toungue exploring
Her sweet, hot, supple smoothness pouring
Over me and into me and throughout me

Her lucious lips beg me to stop
Her yearning eyes begging for more


Glowing like an ember
Fresh from the flames
Of passions burning desires
She comes to me now
Demanding my firm embrace
Over her and into her and throughout her
Until the night passes into day
And once again she goes her way
Leaving me with only
The lingering languish of her deliciousness...