The Ache for his Touch
©Copyright By Master Alan’s princess 
August 2007 
All Rights Reserved

The minutes turn to days as the ache inside me builds

like a rain cloud preparing for a storm, my body craves release

Master.. my Master

The only key who can unlock my soul

And take me to a place like no other

My eyes plead with desire to feel his gentle kisses

While my flower glistens with the moisture only he provides

The smell of his leather haunting my nostrils 

As I visualize his ropes wrapping my wrists and ankles

Pain.. yes please.. his pain

My heart pumps at the thoughts of his single tail snapping at my skin

Clamps biting at the nipples he so loves

The tears blinding my eyes as I try to type

The aching so intense now.

My mind begs for fullness

Fullness of his cock in my throat

The softness and warmth of my mouth pleasuring him

Fullness of his cock separating the petals

To the soul flower of Master’s garden

I miss you Master

Hurry home

Let me crawl to you

And be where we know that I should be

Use me as I should be used

And love me like no other

For I am eternally

Your Slave