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    Stories must have sex scenes to completion.

  Mark the e-mail you are sending with the subject SITE.  

We welcome first time writers - I started this site over nine years ago because I was afraid of story rejection.  Give it a try we are first time friendly as long as you meet the Site Prohibits.  

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 "I am the original author of the story retaining copyright.  I would like to submit the story to Adult Story Corner for posting"

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  • maximum length is 7 pages

  • Font, times new roman, size 12, skip line between paragraphs do not indent them.

Site Prohibits:

  • Stories with characters under the age of 21. 

  • Rape, incest, bestiality, adultery, prostitution.

  • Drug/alcohol induced sex

  • Characters portraying religious or political figures

  • Stories must end happy. 

  • pony girl genre - I own five horses and my personal preference is not to post pony girl/boy stories

  • NO D/s or FEMDOM characters getting thrown up on, pissed on, enema. Just don't send that stuff here it doesn't fit in with the D/s and FEMDOM lifestyle we have on ASC.

You are permitted at the end of your stories or poem to post a short paragraph about yourself or you websites and include your website URL - This is done since we do not offer payment for stories.    Use this site as a  marketing way to promote your works and traffic to your personal site.  

  • Adult Story Corner reserves the right to reject a story or poem  without explanation.  I always do explain but my explanation is final without arguing back and forth that I am inhibiting your creative ability.