Adult Story Corner 
    Featuring the LdyJessika  Series of Stories started in 1998.     This series included two published books.  

Please note the LdyJessika   is a registered Trademark and can't be used without express permission - write to if you want to use any stories, etc. and mark the subject line SITE

 LdyJessika is trademark and stands for happy endings, and a standard of writing where the characters are responsible adults - no adultery, drunks, but lustful, hot, loving sex.  Now as to the writer LdyJessika I am 59 until October 2009 when I will have one hell of a party - The Mad Hatters 60th Tea Party!    

My husband  doesn't read erotica - it has too much detail for him - he is your pure graphic picture man or prefers DVD not even with the sound on!   

My other passion is our horses, most of whom are rescues needing re-hab. 

Don:  Don is 69 and a former Marine.  Guess that says it all.  He served two tours in Viet Nam 63-65 in Laos and Cambodia.  He is retired and works the ranch and takes care of the horses (former Safeway butcher) . 

Adult Story Corner:  YES!  my favorite hobby.  Created for all the authors that want to share their stories.  I wanted a place that was beautiful to visit, with strict legal rules according to what I want and I feel all of us visiting ASC want.  Adult Story Corner could not exist without the many authors sending in stories to share.

One thing I always like to share about writing erotica is you always need to be sure you don't mind if it comes out that it is you writing the stories.  Make sure you wouldn't have problems if your friends, or co-workers found out your pen name is actually you.   I keep my two lives separate.  One as a writer - the other as owner of horses and the Global Business Administrator for a Software Company.  But, my boss and some co-workers know and if anyone finds out I am so proud of being LdyJessika it doesn't matter.