Story 1 © Copyright Zhisheng, Adult Story Corner, 2001
X-rated Series by Zhisheng for Adult Story Corner exclusive

It was early morning. I could tell by the light beginning to seep in through the curtains, while I was still bound to the table - my legs spread open. I was sleepy from the night’s session.

My Master came in to the room and smiled down at me, “You’re such a whore, Zhisheng, but my whore. Do you need more?” 

I loved my Master. He was a Master of many years in my country and had trained many women that he’d give to the other men that would treat them fairly and take care of them. Not all of the men my sisters went with were trained in the ways of bondage but they wanted a woman that would be their submissive and I’d not heard of any women not satisfied with Master’s choice. I was trained to excel in the art of massage and conversation, but then Master decided that I was his favorite - I’ve been with him for many years. 

I watched in the ceiling mirror as he moved between my open thighs and picked up a large vibrator. I’m of slender build and it was a new vibrator and larger than any of the others that he’d ever pushed into me. He first put some lubricant on it and then moved back between my legs running it over my pussy. I could feel it like a large cock rubbing on me, “Zhisheng, are you my good bitch? My favorite little fuck bitch?”

I closed my eyes feeling his voice run over my body and whispered as need took over me, “Yes, Master, for as long as you wish it I’m yours to pleasure you in all ways.” 

I felt the vibrator opening my pussy. I felt it’s thick end pushing into my cunt, stretching me open wider and wider. I knew I whimpered as I felt it shoved all the way inside of me and Master locked it in place by using a series of soft straps. It was quite secure and all I could say was, “Master.”

Whispering Master was all I could say as the fullness of the vibrator shoved in me filled me with sensations.  Leaning over me he whispered, “Close your eyes and you will lick my balls…suck on them and pleasure them for me.”

I knew he was climbing on the table, positioning his body over my face and I peeked as his large balls came toward my lips. I opened my mouth as he lowered his body and his balls slapped at my lips, “Suck them whore. Suck them and lick them so they’re nice and wet.”

I opened my mouth and licked Master’s balls. He enjoyed moving them back and forth over my mouth, letting them rub on my face. Then he lowered himself and I sucked his sacs into my mouth. I knew whimpered in pleasure from the taste of my Master in my mouth. I wanted more of his balls and began to lick them and suck on them, trying to lick my way to his asshole and push my tongue into him. I heard Master chuckle and say, “My bitch is such a fuck toy to own. I have more for you to do later to my asshole, but for now I want to have you drip your pussy juice.”

Master continued to let me suck on his balls as he turned on the vibrator and began to push it in and out of me. I was enjoying sucking harder when he moved off the table and I felt lonely without sucking on his balls.  But, then I felt where he’d moved and felt the cheeks of my tight ass being spread open. I stared down my body to watch, but from his position I wasn’t able to see. I felt his finger beginning to push into my ass. The
vibrator was fucking my cunt and his finger was now pushing in and out of my tight hole. I whispered, “Master I need to be fucked like this. I need to be your whore.”

I knew Master would answer as he always did, “You’ll be whoever’s whore I tell you to be whether your mine or I give you for the night to someone else. Isn’t that right? You’re my treasure?

I needed to cum and would have fucked anyone he told me to and whispered, “Yes, Master.”

I felt him shove his finger into my ass and I knew my muscles clenched on it because he said, “Yes, a nice tight asshole you have. Later today I have someone that will fuck your ass. You’ll do this for Master, right Zhisheng? You want to cum now?”

I needed to cum, “Yes, Master, I need to cum now, please, Master.”

As Master approved my need he shoved both the vibrator and his finger in and out of my pussy and ass - I began to cum on the vibrator. It felt good to have my cunt being pumped with a thick vibrator and I was exhausted from the vibrations as I kept fucking it. Finally, Master pulled it out and licked my dripping juices off of it. He unbound my restraints and told me to go shower and rest. I knew why and asked, “Master, do I
know this friend of yours that you wish me to please – is he American or Chinese?”

Master smiled and ran a finger down my cheek, “No, Zhisheng, he’s Chinese but lives in America and is visiting, and you’ll be with him for the night. You’ll do whatever he wants and you’ll do it for me.”

I left to shower and rest wondering who this man was that Master would allow me to pleasure.