Training Session (c) - by Dolores Moth
Copyright 2003

She waited. She had no idea how long she had been there. Could have been a half hour, an hour or even two. She was face down. Straps held her firmly lashed spread-eagled to the bed. The blindfold was completely effective; she couldn’t see a thing. There was a pillow under her hips to raise her ass.

Her solitude had been punctuated by the sounds of someone in the room with her. They’d been very quiet, but she’d been listening very intently. Straining to hear anything that could be a clue as to her fate. She knew she was supposed to be receptive. Do not anticipate, do not expect. But this was still early in her training and she wasn’t very good at it yet. Another rustle of… silk, leather? She wasn’t sure.

Her pussy was wet, that she knew. She could feel the slickness on her thighs, even though they were spread apart. As she lay there images of past encounters with her lover would float to the surface of her mind. She held onto them letting the memory rise through her. That was always enough to get her hot; that and the bondage. Her ass felt so exposed, so vulnerable. She craved touch. If only he would do something. She stretched her arms a bit to ease the muscles.

Suddenly she heard a sound she knew very well; the gentle whirr of a vibrator. She smiled and lifted her hips in invitation, looking forward to the pleasure. Crack, the switch landed on her backside. She cried out in surprise as the shock and pain ripped through her.

"Never anticipate." The voice of her trainer was deep and had a hint of humour in it. He gently caressed the burning welt on her ass. She felt like an idiot. Of course, never anticipate. She knew that. His mouth was very close to her ear. She could feel his breath on her skin.

"I thought we’d been through this. I guess not enough."

The switch landed again. She pulled against the straps, trying to move away from the pain. It was hopeless of course. She knew that she couldn’t move more than an inch or two. Again his gentle caress soothed the injury. She could feel the heat of her passion rising.

The last time she had been whipped it had been a long session. She considered begging but discarded that notion immediately. It would only prolong the torment.

Two more strikes in quick succession. She cried out again. He whispered in her ear, "You’re doing very well. You’re strong and can take more than you know. I’ll help you."

She felt his hands again gently caress her ass. This time he slipped his fingers into her cunt and teased her clit. She groaned in pleasure. He ran his hands down her legs and then... nothing. All was still and quiet. She waited again. Her body was burning with pain and passion. She had no idea what would happen next. Her arms and legs ached at being tied for so long. She was so wrapped up in the sensations of her body that she did not hear him approach until she felt her ass being probed. Hands spread her cheeks and then gently, slowly a butt plug was slipped into her. The sensations rippled up through her as she pulled in vain at the straps that bound her. She had never felt so open to him, completely vulnerable to his whims.

The switch landed again. She felt her ass contract around the butt plug. just in time for the next strike. A cry of pain escaped.

"Ah, gently now. Turn the pain into pleasure." He caressed her ass gently and gave her butt plug a bit of a turn. She groaned.

"That’s right. Feels good, doesn’t it?" His fingers found her clit again and pinched. She gasped but she knew she had to answer.

"Yes Sir, it does." She breathed.

"Very good." He continued to play with her clit. She tried to push her ass even higher into his hands. He laughed and thrust his fingers deep within her. He withdrew his fingers and wiped them on her lips. She sucked them eagerly, enjoying the taste. He pulled his fingers away and the switch fell again. This time three quick strikes that fed her passion even higher.

It was definitely getting easier. She squeezed the butt plug and let the sensations flow through her body. Her whole existence had reduced down to pain and pleasure at his whim. His fingers found her cunt again. Heat rose through her in waves as he gently stroked her burning ass. The vibrator turned on again and he used the tip to gently stroke her pussy then pushed it in to rub against her G-spot. She was riding so high on her orgasm that when the switch fell again it barely registered as painful. She pushed her pelvis into the pillow grinding her clit against the vibrator.

Another strike with the switch. Her whole body tensed. She clenched and screamed as the climax took her. Her world exploded into colour.

He looked down on her tender flesh and gently removed the vibrator and the butt plug. Her breathing was ragged and shallow as she shuddered with the aftershocks of her orgasm. He took a cool cloth and gently wiped the sweat from her back and her legs. He was very gentle as he wiped her ass, spreading a soothing cream on the welts. She was doing just fine. She would be the best yet. He loosened the straps and massaged her arms and legs. She was still quivering as he took her in his arms, smoothing her hair and kissing her tenderly. She quietened and then fell asleep and he lay her back down on her belly. Let her rest. He gently stroked the burning welts on her ass making her shudder in her sleep. The pattern so distinctive, so familiar. His mark, his initials.

Copyright 2003; Dolores Moth, ( All rights reserved. Content may not be copied or used in whole or part without written permission from the author.