SEEKING.....(c) Copyright  by slave sherry 2004 

Seeking a very submissive female slave to use and abuse at my will. You will obey my every command immediately and without question. You will serve my every desire, limits are respected at MY discretion - do not expect to have any say in any situation. Serious replies call to beg for consideration....

Holding the receiver and fingering her wet pussy the woman on the bed again  hung up the phone without dialing. Instead she reached for her favorite dildo and very slowly fucked  her tight pussy until she felt she would come, she rolled over onto her knees and fucked her ass the same way,  deeply and slowly. Still fingering her wet pussy she dreamed of what it would be like to be so  totally controlled, dying to be forced to do whatever she was told, solely to please someone else.  Someone else that she hoped she could trust and yet the fear of being tied up and in the control of a  total stranger was what was causing her pussy to get wetter than she could ever remember. Fucking her ass  deeper and harder now she began to tease her clit with her dripping fingers, licking them to taste herself,  squeezing the cock up her ass and coming so hard she let out an unexpected scream of pleasure, surprising  the gardener outside the window that had just started to come all over her prized orchids.

Watching her fuck her tight ass was his highlight of every week and he just  wished he knew if she left the blind open on purpose. Also, did she do this  every day, or only when he was trimming the backyard? He knew he’d never  have the guts to ask, but he intended to continue watching her until he was caught and fired – or propositioned, if he was lucky!

Sweating and satisfied, she slowly removed the dildo from her now even  tighter ass and loved the shock waves it sent from deep inside and down to  her toes. Licking her fingers, she smiled as she saw the gardener slinking  off, wishing he had the balls to walk in and fuck her.

She knew she was going to call for sure now, she needed a man that knew how  to take her over the edge. Not knowing what to expect, she decided she  should be ready for anything. She took a long leisurely shower, did her hair  and make up, put on black garters, a thong, stockings, push up bra and chose  the revealing black dress she had never worn. Never worn because where did  you wear a dress that was cut so low in the front and short enough in the  back to reveal just a hint of her rounded ass. Putting on some perfume she  decided she was ready for anything and at last picked up the phone again.

He answered on the second ring with a deep and commanding “Do you have any  idea what you are getting into?” She was speechless, caught completely  off-guard and intensely excited. “Answer me bitch” he snapped through the  receiver, shaking ever so slightly in her hand. “Yes” she whispered. He  barked out an address and told her to arrive immediately and  naked...completely naked. Then he hung up. This was obviously a test, it  could be a set up of some kind, she could be kidnapped or killed. Somehow  she didn’t think so, before she could change her mind she grabbed her keys  and the slip of paper with his address, closing the door with a smile.

As she drove she could feel the anticipation building inside her, could feel  herself getting wetter and wetter. Her thong was soaked with her pussy juice and that’s all she could smell in  the car. She considered speeding, getting pulled over and fucked by a cop  was an appealing idea but she didn’t want anyone but her new master touching  her pussy now, not even herself – though she was more and more tempted as  she approached the long drive way, shadowed by tall trees on either side.  The house was medium sized but with an impressive circular drive way  surrounded all the way around with the tall trees . She pulled up right in  front of the door and hesitated, he had said to show up completely naked but  surely that was just for effect. She couldn’t possibly stand outside his  front door naked, could she. Deciding no, she got out of her car and  knocked on the door – hoping for an excitement she doubted existed.

He flung open the door and stated “Go away, I’m not interested in a stupid  bitch that can’t follow simple directions” and slammed the door in her face.  She was so surprised she just stood there for a moment trying to decide  what to do. He was rough and attractive and she wanted him the moment the  door opened, so she unzipped her dress and left it in a heap beside the  door, she took off her shoes and stockings and added it all to the pile with  her dress until she was completely naked, then she knocked on the door  again. This time the door opened a little more slowly and she felt herself  tense up, wondering for the hundredth time if anyone could see her from the  road or a neighboring house. Once the door was completely open he stood  there and just looked at her for what seemed like an eternity. She wanted  to say something but didn’t know what and somehow she sensed he wanted her  to wait to be told what to do. She was right, “Get on your knees and hold  up your hair” he ordered. She did this and he tilted her head up to look at  him, “You see this collar? It says slave, that is what you are, MY slave.  You will do whatever I tell you to do, as soon as I tell you to do it. You  will be punished for no reason - often, so that you will learn to always do  as you are told. Believe me, it will be much worse if you don’t”. She  nodded, already transfixed by his control as he fastened the collar around  her neck.

Leaving her kneeling naked on the doorstep he opened an inner door and went  downstairs to what she presumed was the basement. He was gone for a long  time and when he returned she looked up at him questioningly. He bent over  and whispered in her ear while attaching a leash to her collar “Do not look  me in the eye again. Open your mouth and suck my cock, NOW!” He stood up, and pulled his already hard cock out of his pants. “Suck it  bitch!” and to her eternal shame she took him in her mouth and sucked his  huge cock right there naked in the doorway. She sucked him slowly until he  came in her mouth and commanded “Swallow it all, then get your ass in here,  stay on your knees”. She crawled through the door and he slammed it behind  her, walking over and pulling her hair, he kneeled beside her and spanked  ass good and hard until she begged him to stop. He did not release her  hair, he pulled her by it to her feet and asked her “are you wet now, my  little bitch?”. Remembering his instructions she did not raise her eyes to 
meet his but looked at her feet and quietly answered “yes”. Reaching down,  he roughly shoved his hand between her thighs and made her spread her legs.  Then he blindfolded her and teased her pussy, making it even wetter, easing  the access for the two fingers he started fucking her with.

“You have a nice tight pussy, I’m sure we will all enjoy fucking it”! We  are going downstairs now, this will be your initiation. “Who’s we?” she  timidly questioned. Without warning he yanked her down to the floor by the  leash, spread her cheeks and repeatedly slapped the tender inside of her ass  cheeks, made her spread her legs and smacked her thighs and pussy with a  leather strap until she thought she might cry. “Do you have any more  questions bitch?” She remained silent and hoped that would be good enough,  she didn’t think she could take anymore, then he shoved his big hard cock up  her dripping wet cunt. She sighed aloud at the pain and pleasure of it all,  her pussy still red and stinging from the strap as he spread her ass and  told her he was looking forward to fucking her asshole.

Left quite breathless by the hard fucking she had just received, she was  eager to please and badly wanted more. He knelt in front of her and told  her “clean up your mess, don’t suck it – very slowly lick your pussy off my  cock”. About 15mins and several spankings later he pulled her up and walked  her down the stairs.

Entering the basement she could hear voices, she didn’t know how many but  she knew she could make out at least 4 men and two women. Were they all  naked too? Her captor wasn’t.....she felt so exposed and nervous of what  was to follow. He pulled her further into the room and made her turn around  and bend over, she heard a few comments about her nice red ass and knew that  everyone was looking at her. He made her spread her legs and spanked her  good and hard and asked “are you going to be a good little whore?” She shyly whispered a barely audible “yes” and he pulled her head back and  yelled “I CAN’T HEAR YOU!” forcing out all the breath she could muster, she  choked out a more forceful “yes!”

“Gentlemen, may I present you with this evenings entertainment!” and he  left her standing there with a whispered warning and yet another painful  smack on the ass “do not move unless you are told to”. So she stood there,  bent over and naked in the middle of the room while the guys sat around  drinking and talking like she wasn’t even there. It occurred to her that  she hadn’t heard either of the other women’s voices since she first entered  the room, that seemed strange to her until eventually one of the men  commanded “both of you, crawl over there and lick the slut’s ass and pussy –  DON’T make her come” and then she understood that these girls were also  someone’s slaves. She smiled at the thought that she might be made to eat  their pussies, she had always wanted to but the opportunity had never  presented itself. All thoughts were then washed away as she felt the incredible feeling of a  tongue fucking her ass, she loved it and wanted to spread her cheeks to feel  it deeper, but she hadn’t been told to and was afraid of another spanking. As the two girls licked her pussy and ass she heard movement and knew that  the “boys” had enough to drink and that things were about to get even  better. She was still scared of being hurt but somehow she didn’t care, it  was worth it if only for this tongue fucking she was loving so much.

Suddenly, both girls were pulled off her and disappointment flooded her  body. “Were you going to come?” she was asked, accompanied by a rough tug  on her leash. “Yes” she whimpered. Another spanking was administered to  her very red ass but this time even though it still hurt she was liking it,  sensing this her master abandoned the leather strap and whipped her ass,  legs and pussy with a riding crop. “You don’t get to come unless i give  you permission bitch! Do you want to lick some pussy now?” she was asked.  Again she said “yes” and was told to beg, “Convince us you really want to  taste this sweet pussy” she was pulled to her knees and felt a hand between  her legs, someone else was pinching her nipples – hard. She tried to cry  out but her mouth was filled immediately with a big cock to suck. So many  sensations at once were driving her insane, she sucked it as best she could  while whoever it was (not her master, she knew it) pulled her head back and  forth by her hair. All of a sudden she felt an intense pain and realized  someone was clamping her nipples. She kept sucking the cock in her mouth  until she was pulled back and made to suck someone else’s. “Now she looks  like the whore she is” one of the guys laughed.

A moment later her head was pulled towards the floor and she was told “Can  you smell that pussy in front of your face? Beg to lick it! Don’t even  think about doing anything until you are given permission”. She wanted it so badly that the from the moment she opened her mouth her  begging was so sincere and pleading that her master knew she really did want  it. He laughed at her need and desire and told her no. She could feel her ass being spread and smell that pussy inches from her  face and oh god, a long thick finger was slowly sliding it’s way deep  into her ass. “Beg me again!” “Please please let me lick her pussy, please!” He said “that’s  pretty good bitch but tell me you want to suck her dripping wet cunt because  you are a nasty little whore!” She blushed but overcame the humiliation he  wanted her to feel and said “I am a nasty little whore, please let me suck  that dripping wet cunt!” He smiled and shoved her face into heaven.

She immediately got into it and feverishly began licking and sucking, it  tasted so good and horny that she never wanted to stop. Her head was pulled  back and her master said “You look good with your face all covered in pussy  juice. I want you to lick this butt plug, get it nice and wet for your  ass.” She became worried as she was licking it because it was so big, then  she gasped when two fingers started fucking her ass more roughly than the  one before. When he deemed it wet enough, the fingers were pulled from her  ass and he started fucking her with the butt plug. Hands were all over her,  squeezing her tits, pinching the nipple clamps tighter, rubbing her clit,  fingering her pussy and all the while, her master insistently pushing that  huge plug up her ass. When he gave it the final push she didn’t know if she  could take the pain, but then all of a sudden it felt so good buried deep  in her ass. Before she had time to enjoy it further he started pulling it  all the way out and then pushing it all the way back in, over and over so  she experienced that one brief moment of pain over and over. Eventually he  shoved it all the way back in and left it there.

Then he ordered the one thing she couldn’t bring herself to do “Now, there  are 4 of us and only 3 of you slaves, so first you two on your knees and  spread your asses nice and wide. Our new little whore is going to tongue  fuck you both until you are ready for cocks up your asses.” He grabbed her  leash and practically dragged her over to where the two sluts were each  blowing two of the guys and commanded “LICK BITCH” he held her by the hair  and pulled her back and forth making her slowly lick up and down each girls  ass crack until they were both moaning around the cocks they were sucking.

He teased her pussy and every so often fucked her some more with the plug in  her ass. He told her “I have to stretch your tight little asshole nice and  wide for all the cocks that are going to fuck it.” Then he fucked her pussy with the plug still filling her ass while he said  “Change of plans, you look good tongue fucking their asses, you are going to  keep doing that while we all take turns fucking you. He fingered the ass of the girl she wasn’t licking, stretching her ass wider  then made his whore shove her tongue deep inside, she felt she was going to  come any minute and he knew it and stopped fucking her. He finger fucked  both girls asses, pulled the plug out and replaced it with his cock. He made her beg to be fucked, she would’ve begged anyway, in fact she would  have done anything he asked if only he would let her come. It was not be,  one of the guys maneuvered underneath her and stuffed his cock up her wet  pussy while her master fucked her ass. The guys were all talking now,  telling the other two girls what to do with their tongues and mouths while  the three of them were spanked and she was fucked roughly by the two cocks  inside her. Even when they all switched and the other two were fucking her,  her master did not let go of her hair telling her “force your tongue further  up her ass” watching her lick and tongue fuck those two spread assholes.  Now she started begging on her own, “please let me come, please, I’ll  do anything, just please let me come.”

“You come after I do, understand?” “Yes” she said breathlessly. He then fucked the girl she wasn’t licking, all the while watching her tongue sliding in and out of the other girls ass. His cock was now dripping of pussy, he rubbed it on her face and made her lick it all off his hard cock. He fucked one girl up the ass and made her tongue fuck it when he stopped. “Fuck my whore good and hard now” he said to the two guys fucking her. She thought she would die of pleasure as her master came all over her face and the ass she was licking. “Now, come slave, come while you lick it all up!” She willingly buried her tongue deeper, loving it, the guy fucking her ass said “Come you bitch” and fucked her harder until she came in a never-ending explosion. They eventually stopped fucking her and the other 3 shot their cum all over her face and tits. When it was all over her new master tilted her head back, looked down at her smiling face and said “That wasn’t too bad, you’ll make a good little slave. Now come with me, I’m going to tie you up. I’ll be back for you we’re ready to use you again!”

I am the original author of the story retaining copyright. 
-written by slave sherry 2004