My Snow Adventure (c) Copyright, Suzie Samuels, 2000
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 Dearest Master.

I followed your instructions this evening as you emailed me.

To prepare, I went upstairs to our room, there I removed my sweatshirt and bra, I undid my jeans, then sat on the side of the bed and slipped them off removing my panties with them as one unit. Putting on zippered warm up jacket, I inserted my largest vibrator in to my cunt and pulled on a pair of black tights, sans panties. I yanked the tights up high to hold the vibrator as deeply in me as possible. Now I was ready for my adventure.

Downstairs in the kitchen, I put on winter boots and my long green down-filled coat. Before buttoning the coat I unzipped my warm-up jacket and pulled it back to the side of my breasts. Gloveless as you requested, I left the house supposedly to walk over to get the mail.

Outside it was really cold and snowing hard. The weatherman called it the storm of the year on the evening news. I knew you would be proud of me following your instructions on this cold blustery night.

I stood just outside the backdoor and wondered if I should to have my adventure before I walked to the mailbox or after. Ummmm. I felt my vibrator working its magic under my tights in my now wet cunt. My juices had already leaked out causing a growing wet spot on my thin tights. It felt cold.

Oh, I had to do it now; the mail could wait a few minutes. I wandered into our backyard where surrounded by our six foot fence I undid my long coat just out of sight of any of our windows. I stood there with my breasts exposed to the falling snow. Our neighbors could see me if they looked out at the right moment from the right window and looked at the right spot. The thought of discovery made me wetter.

I could not help but blush and smile shyly at the thought of me standing in the corner of my own backyard with my coat wide open and my bare breasts exposed to the falling snow. This part of my body had never felt the sensation of snowflakes landing on bare skin. I had an animalistic urge to hug my coat tight around me in a display of survival but I remembered you had asked me to expose myself for a full five minutes; to live those moments as if you were standing there, in front of me, rubbing snow on my breasts with my nipples hardening and your hard cock impaling me against my fence. The cold air and the falling snow became the ghosts of your hands making my nipples erect.

As you instructed, I leaned down and scoped up handfuls of snow as if to make a snowball. I rolled it around and around in my hands, making a snowball until my bare hands were freezing. I took my breasts in my cold hands and ran each hand around my nipples; instantly they stood up even more at attention. I couldn’t remember when they had been so hard. Again I was amazed at the direct correlation of my hardening nipples and the growing ache in my clit that was showing itself even now as I stood in my backyard under the falling snow.

The vibrator and the ache in my clit made me cum standing there alone, thinking of you. I fell against the fence as I was rocked with my soaring orgasm. Lost to the functioning of my body, I felt no cold, only the tingling warmth that my orgasm generated. My right hand went between my legs; I rammed the vibrator in deeper and tugged it out of my spasming hole only so I could drive it in more deeply. My loud moans of ecstasy were instantly torn away from me by the strong easterly wind swirling around me. In, twist, out, pry, drive in, wiggle, pull out again, repeat the process again and again as I fucked myself as the storm raged around me.

When my orgasm passed, I was left with a wonderful warm glow. Momentarily as I came back to reality I wondered if my hostas minded me standing on their snow covered bed. I quickly stepped out of the flowerbed off my precious hostas, as if they really were crying out in agony. Without my internal fire, the cold of the night and the severity of the storm took over me. I shivered uncontrollably. I zipped up my jacket and did my coat up, but still wished for a warm sweater. I jammed my freezing hands deep into my pockets as I started my walk to the mailbox lost in my thoughts of the control you exert over me remotely. I laughed out loud in an embarrassed sort of way at the thought of my submissiveness. Chuckling I stepped out around the house and nearly ran into my neighbor on her way to visit. Together we walked to the mailbox first before going to share tea and the local gossip. My vibrator’s insistent pulsing meant that I kept loosing my train of thought as she and I chatted amicably.

Upon returning to my house, I bent and undid my boots. I could not help but feel my vibrator unyielding in my wet cunt as I bent. Quickly I ran into the bedroom and attached bath with my coat still on supposedly due to an urgent need to use the bathroom. There I stripped, stood momentarily enjoying my vibrator as I watched myself in the full-length mirror. I reluctantly pulled the play cock out and slipped into my jeans and my warmest, bulkiest sweater. I tossed my vibrator into my drawer without cleaning it with a self-promise to take care of it as soon as I had a moment’s privacy.

I flushed the toilet just as my neighbor knocked on the bathroom door to see if I was okay. Looking at myself in the mirror as I washed my hands, I could not help but see my flushed face, flushed from your remote loving of me in our backyard. I picked up my coat and threw it over my arm. I took a final look in the mirror at myself as I reached for the light switch. I looked radiant and sated. I silently said my thanks to you for my snow adventure. The room went dark.

As I moved passed her, she worriedly put the back of her hand to my flushed cheek, "You feeling okay you are very flushed."

"Come on now. I have the kettle on to make us a cup of tea. I must tell you about those new neighbors that just moved in two houses down and across the street from me. Did you know….?"

Wondering if she could smell my ebbing arousal, I followed her reluctantly down the stairs to answer the persistent kettle whistle. I whispered to myself, ‘Hurry home, honey, so we both can play in the snow.’ I could feel my body respond to my silent plea.

Your loving sub,


PS When you get home on Friday you must fix the snow blower, I can’t get it started so Geoff came over with his. He said you owe him big time!!!!!

I hope the conference is great. Don’t be too tired when you get home. *S

Love Ya!