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Hanna was on her way home when she saw the signs for an estate sale and decided to follow them. After a few more turns a house rose up in front of her. In its time, it must've been a magnificent home but today it looked old and tired. As she pulled into the drive she could see rows of old furniture and tables full of items that had once made up someone's life.

She had a deep appreciation for things from the past and always tried to find out the stories behind each item that she purchased. After looking around for a little while, Hanna made her way to the lady who was taking peoples' money and asked some questions about the things for sale. But the woman was just helping out. She would have to talk to the owner and was pointed in the direction of the front porch.

There sat a very old man in what appeared to be an even older rocking chair. "What's your name girl?" He asked before she had a chance to speak. His voice was like aged whisky -- surprisingly strong and with a bite to it.

" Hanna. I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions about some of the items you are selling?"

He smiled and stood up. "Better go pick out what you want girl, before those vultures out there get it first. Bring it up here to the porch and I'll go make us something to drink. It's not every day that an old man gets to share the company of a pretty girl like you." Hanna watched him go into the house and smiled. He must've been a real charmer in his time and she was amused that even though she had given him her name, he still called her "girl". At thirty-five, she rarely felt like a "girl" but supposed to a man of his age, that is exactly what she seemed.

There where several things that she would liked to have but the reality of her finances, along with the available space left in her home, made her more practical with her selection. Her first choice was a hatbox full of old jewelry. Most of the pieces were knotted and twisted together but she admired the craftsmanship and knew it would be worth the time that it would take to untangle it all. Next she picked out a few old books to add to her collection, and it was while she was sorting through the books that she found the wooden box.

It appeared to be very old and was made of dark wood. Inlaid into the top and sides were lighter pieces of wood in different shapes. What she found most appealing however were the pictures carved into these lighter pieces. Each one held a different scene.

She noticed that the pictures bordering the top edge of the lid told a story. The first showed a naked woman on her knees with an equally naked man standing in front of her. The man was pointing towards a doorway. In the next picture the woman was standing in the doorway with her arms stretched out to the top corners and her legs spread widely at the bottom. The man was standing in front of her and a little to the side. In his hand he held some kind of whip.

As the pictures continued around the edge of the box Hanna saw the woman whipped and then brought back to kneel before the man to perform oral sex. The next scene showed the woman lying on the side of a bed with the man's face buried between her legs. His hands were squeezing her breasts. Then the woman was lying in the center of the bed with her legs spread wide and pulled back so that her body was almost bent in half. In this picture the man stood beside the bed holding his erection. The last three showed the man lying on top of the woman and as the scenes progressed, you could see his erection sinking deeper and deeper into the woman's rectum.

All the pictures where beautifully carve in great detail. As Hanna replayed the scenes in her mind they changed, it was herself she saw standing in the doorway. The man was faceless but she could almost feel the sting of the whip as it landed against her skin. She looked up from the box. Her face flushed, nipples straining against the front of her shirt, she could feel a dampness between her legs. She looked around to see if anyone had noticed her reactions and found that luckily, no one else at the sale seemed to be paying her much attention. What she didn't see was that the old man had returned to the porch and was watching her with speculation.

It was an amazing coincidence, he thought, that a woman named Hanna would be interested in the box. He wondered if she'd choose to buy it and if he'd be willing to sell. That damn woman who was suppose to be helping him should never have put it out in the first place.

Hanna didn't examine the rest of the pictures to closely. She did notice that all were of a sexual nature and that many showed the woman being whipped or spanked in a variety of positions. But none of them showed a full-face view of the man. When she tried to open the box she found it was locked. She'd have to ask the old man about the key. Otherwise, she would try her hand at lock picking because she was fairly certain she'd be unwilling to share those pictures with the friendly, neighborhood locksmith.

Hanna carried her purchases up to the porch. The old man waved her into a chair and handed her a glass of ice tea. "OK girl, what questions did you want to ask me?"

Although he could be slightly abrupt and abrasive, Hanna enjoyed their talk. His name was John and he gave her a brief history of his family. He explained how his own grandfather had made most of the furniture that was spread out on the lawn. Originally, all of it was to go to Johnny, his great-grandson. But after sending several letters and receiving no answer, he was forced to sell. Unable to keep up the house any longer, he was moving into a senior's complex where space was limited.

John also asked her several questions about her own life. She told him where she'd came from, where she lived now and that she worked out of her home doing illustrations for various types of books. When she blushed and asked about the box, he told her that it really hadn't been meant for the sale. It had also been made by his grandfather and was a memory box of his mistress.

"You young people may find it hard to believe, but you didn't invent 'kinky sex'. You know it goes back to before bible times don't you? Besides, it isn't necessarily a bad thing so long as both sides are agreeable. My grandparents had a loving relationship but my grandmother had been raised to see sex as a chore while my grandfather saw it more as an adventure to be explored. I remember him telling me once that he didn't think there was anything the he and his mistress hadn't tried. When she died, he took the time and energy that he would have normally spent with her and spent it carving the memory box instead."

Hanna asked if he knew if there was a key and could he tell her what the inside of the box was like? "The inside has more carved pictures" he replied, but he said nothing about the key. "I'm still not sure that I want to sell it. If that great-grandson of mine ever turns up it should go to him. Really should've been passed to his grandpa and then his father but they both called the pictures dirty and thought it should be destroyed. Now Johnny is more the adventurous type. He's spent enough time with me to know that there is pleasure to be found in what's pictured there."

Hanna stifled a chuckle. She could see that at one time this man must've been quite handsome but she still found it hard to picture him doing the things she'd seen depicted on the box. "Don't laugh girl, I wasn't born this old. Hell, one of the other reasons I'm moving closer to town is so that I'll be closer to my lady friends. You ever do any of those things, ever think about doing them?"

Hanna blushed and tried to come up with a polite answer as she remembered the way her imagination had put herself into the place of the woman in the pictures. She decided to keep it light. "Why John, are you offering your services?"

He laughed. "Girl, I'd love to, but you don't want an old man like me. You need to find yourself a young man, one who can share with you what is carved on that box. I think I will sell it to you. You seem to appreciate what it stands for even if you may not completely understand it. Let me go get a sack for you to put all your stuff in."

When he returned with a large shopping bag, Hanna stopped him from placing the box inside. "I'd really like to buy the box John, but you'd better tell me how much you want for it first. I don't know that I can afford it." The box was priced, but if he hadn't meant to sell it then someone else must have priced it.

"Didn't you see the tag girl? Says here that it's $20.00."

"But you didn't price it did you?" Hanna asked. "Since you didn’t really want to sell it you might want to change the price."

"No, twenty's fine. But I'll ask that you leave your name and number, if you don’t mind. Then if I find the key I can call you."

Hanna handed him her business card. "It has both my number and my address. I've enjoyed our afternoon together and maybe we can get together again if you are going to be living in town." He seemed pleased with the idea. Hanna suspected that he might like to see a friendly face. It had to be hard to leave your home after so many years. Besides, she'd really had a good time talking to him. When she looked at her watch, she saw that several hours had passed. They said their good-byes and as Hanna's car disappeared down the driveway John went in and picked up the phone.

It was early evening when Hanna arrived home. By the time she fixed dinner, unpacked, and then returned some messages, it was almost time for bed. But first she found a hairpin and went to get the box. Sitting it on the table she looked at some of the pictures she hadn't look at earlier. It soon became apparent that each section told it's own story. Besides the one on top, each side told a different tale. Remembering her body's reaction earlier in the day, Hanna decided that maybe bedtime was not the best time to be doing this. She could already feel her nipples pressing against the fabric of her shirt. It would definitely have to wait until tomorrow. She got up and went to bed, falling asleep quickly…

"Girl, come kneel before me", her Master commanded. Hanna got up from the bed and went to kneel in front of him -- she was completely nude. "Why were you not waiting for me. I told you I'd be coming."

"I'm sorry Master. I was waiting, but you were late and I fell asleep."

"Are you criticizing me girl?"

"No Sir, I wouldn't…."

"I don't want to hear it", he bellowed, not letting her finish. He pointed toward the doorway, "Assume the position."

Getting up from her knees Hanna went to stand in the doorway facing him. She reached up and placed the palms of her hands flat against the top of the door then spread her legs as wide as the entrance would allow. Her Master was also nude and she could see that he was already aroused. He came towards her holding a short whip with six knotted strands. He began to rub the handle across her bottom lip and then slowly moved it down to press it against her nipples. When he was satisfied with the way they were standing out from her breast, he continued down her body, making a small circle around her belly button then lower, until the handle pressed against the slit between her legs.

"You know what happens when you disobey me."

She nodded her head yes and he moved back. She knew what was coming and braced herself tighter into the doorway. The first lash of the whip landed across her right breast, one of the knots striking directly on her nipple. She gasped loudly.

The first strokes stung but were not that painful. He never whipped her with any brutal intent. But as the lashing continued the leather knots landed on skin that was becoming more and more sensitive. By the time he finished she was groaning loudly, had tears on her face and her chest felt like it was on fire. He moved back towards her and ran his fingers between her legs. "You enjoyed that didn't you girl. You know how I can tell?" He brought his wet fingers up to spread the moisture around her sore nipples. She sucked in a sharp breath.

"Come and kneel before me" he ordered, and she saw him use the handle of the whip to lift his manhood. "Put it in your mouth and make me cum."

Hanna put her mouth over him. He removed the whip as her hand reached up to wrap around the base of his shaft. She used both her mouth and her hand to suck and pull at his erection. When she felt he was close, she lowered her hand to his scrotum and let his cock slide deeply into her mouth. It only took a few more strokes before he groaned and released his warm liquid down her throat.

She knew better than to move back. She kept his cock in her mouth for several minutes, rubbing her tongue along its underside, until he removed it from her. "That was nice. Now it's your turn." He helped her up and guided her over to sit on the side of the bed. He then knelt down in front of her and used his hands to push her knees up and apart. She fell back onto her elbows but kept her head up. She liked to watch what he was doing.

He reached for her pussy lips, pinching tightly as he pulled them widely apart. Hanna watched him used his wide tongue to lick her from bottom to top. Her body jerked when he touched her little nub. He then stiffened his tongue and forced it into her hole. His face was now holding her lips wide open and his tongue was driving in and out of her in short strokes.

She fell back onto the bed as her hips began to rise and meet each thrust of her Master's tongue, whimpering when he pulled back and left her empty. But not for long, she soon felt his fingers slide up inside her. When he brought his mouth back between her legs, his lips wrapped around her clit and started sucking hard, using the same rhythm he was using to slide his fingers in and out of her. With his other hand he reached up to squeezed her tender breast. She screamed and came hard, her own liquid flowing onto his hand….

The orgasm woke her, or maybe it was the scream. She wasn't sure. Whichever it was, she was shaken. Her body was coated in sweat. Never in her life had she had such an intense, realistic dream. Sure, there were nights that she wanted sex, even nights that she'd masturbate to relieve the tension, but never had she had an orgasm like that. You also never dreamed of being whipped, she told herself, but knew that particular thought had come from the box. What she had the most trouble accepting was that she could find the whipping so sexually exciting.

Looking at the clock, she saw that it was early morning. She got out of bed and was glad she didn't have any work that had to be done today. Once showered and dress, she poured herself some coffee and sat and stared at the box across the table. Getting up to pull it towards her, she once again began to examine the lock, spending an hour trying to gently release it with a hairpin. She didn't want to damage the lock so she didn't force it.

She cataloged the books she had purchased and then set out to untangle the jewelry. No matter how knotted the pieces or how much she tried to concentrate, her mind kept straying back to the pictures. After a couple of hours she gave up and went to pick up the box again. On the left side were three pictures showing the man and woman in a classic "69" position with the man on top. The first picture was from the side. Both faces blocked by the other person's thigh. The second was of the man's rear end. As she looked closer, Hanna could see that the woman had two fingers from each hand pressed up into the man's rectum. The third picture was from the other end. Below the man's head she could see the fringe of the whip sticking out from between the woman's legs.

Across the front of the box were four scenes. The first showed the woman kneeling while the man was attaching something to her nipple. In the second, Hanna could see that whatever had been clamped to her breasts must've been heavy because the picture showed her nipples being pulled down by two fan shaped objects. The third picture showed the woman draped over the man's thighs, her palms were flat on the floor, nipples pointing straight down. The man had his hand raised over he woman's bottom and you could see a faint hand print carved on her cheek.

In the final scene the woman had been rolled over. She was still on the man's lap but this time face up. Her back was arched with her head bent back far enough that her hair pooled onto the floor. The weights were still attached to her breast and her nipples were being pulled towards her shoulders. One leg was positioned straight up from her body with the ankle placed behind the man's head. Her other leg was spread wide enough apart so that her foot rested on the floor in front of the man's feet. He had four fingers buried in her cunt.

Hanna's own hand had reached up under her shirt and was pulling at a bare nipple. What was wrong with her? She figured that she was just as sexual as the next woman and she hadn't had a lover in a while. But she'd gone a lot longer with out getting this hot and horny over a group of pictures. As she looked again at the second carving, she realized that there was something familiar about the weights attached to the woman's breasts.

"Oh my God." She said, and rushed over to look again at the pile of jewelry she had separated out onto the table. In the group of earrings she found what she was looking for.

Made of pewter and molded into the shape of a lady's fan, was a screw-back earring. Maybe it wasn't an earring. It would be awfully heavy. But what else could it be? Was it the same item she saw in the picture? If so, what was a mistress's earring doing in with a wife's jewelry? Or maybe the jewelry had all belonged to the mistress. Maybe when she died, John's grandfather had taken care of all of her property. Maybe she would just have to ask John.

Searching through the still knotted pile of jewelry, Hanna looked for the matching earring but it didn't appear to be there. She went to the hall mirror and held the earring up to her breast. What would it feel like to have something of this weight attached to her breast?

Before she realized what she was doing, Hanna had pulled up her shirt and was caressing her left nipple. Once it was erect, she lifted the earring and slowly started to tighten the clasp. The first time she released the earring it fell off to the floor. Picking it up, Hanna once again placed it over her nipple, this time screwing it tight enough to make her wince. When she looked back up into the mirror she was amazed by what she saw. There she stood, with her shirt up around her shoulders and her left breast sagging against the weight of the pewter fan. What was most interesting was that it felt like there was a direct link between the earring and her cunt. Each time the fan swung back and forth, she could feel the muscles between her legs clinch and release. God, she was excited.

Making her way to the bedroom, she removed her clothes. On of the benefits of working at home was that she could relieve herself when she needed to. And now, she needed to. She no longer questioned why she felt this way. Lying down on the bed, Hanna used one hand to caress her right nipple while the other rubbed back and forth over her clit. She imagined herself as the woman in the pictures and it was a man's hands caressing her body. A man who had the ability to show her the excitement of being controlled and the possible pleasures received through pain. Her hips began to move on the bed as she felt herself begin to climb. When she reached the peak she reached for the earring and tugged sharply, sending her body over the edge.


Lying still to relive the moment, her breathing evened and she drifted off to sleep…

"Girl, did I give you permission to play with yourself?" Hanna hadn't heard her Master enter the room. "I'm sorry…."

"Couldn't wait for me to get here, huh? What do you need me for? Maybe I should leave, you seem to be doing just fine on your own."

"No Master, please…" Hanna called as she saw him turn towards the door. "Please stay with me. I was thinking of you and how much I need you. I couldn’t help myself, you make me want so much."

"Then get your fingers out of my twat and get your ass down on the floor." She scrambled quickly to do as he asked. "Get on your back, lift your knees and spread you legs." Hanna did as he commanded and saw him pick up the whip from the table. She thought he was going to punish her, but instead he dropped the whip onto her stomach.

"Feed this to my hungry twat while I undressed."

Hanna slowly eased the whip handle into her pussy as her Master sat on the bed to remove his boots and socks. He stood and undressed slowly, never taking his eyes off her hungry cunt. Once undressed, he stood between her legs, rubbing his cock and occasionally using his foot the force the whip handle deeper into her body. "OK girl, now open your mouth."

Her Master got on his hands and knees, straddling her body and slowly pressed his erection into her mouth. Wrapping his arms around her thighs he grabbed the whip from underneath. She could feel his hot breath rustling through her pubic hair as he ordered her to suck his cock. As she raised her head and closed her lips around the base of the shaft, she felt his tongue burrow into her cleft until the tip reached her clit. At the same time, he continued to move the whip handle in and out of her cunt.

They each began to move a little faster and it wasn't long before she came. Her hips arched up to force the handle in deeper and she heard a loud sucking sound as he quickly removed the whip and began lapping up her cum.

Master was also close but he pulled out of her mouth and told her to lick his ass. She reached both arms up around his thighs and pulled his ass cheeks apart, exposing the tight little star. Making a point with her tongue, she began to draw wet circles around the rim until she could feel his ass quiver. She then started making the circles smaller with each pass until she finally reached the center and her tongue forced its way inside.

Hanna moaned loudly as she felt the whip handle re-enter her cunt at the same time that her tongue entered his ass. She felt him breathe the word "deeper" but knew her tongue was no match against his tightness. Moving her mouth to the side she slipped the tip of her finger into his ass and began tonguing both finger and hole until she could sink her entire length inside. She kept licking. When he was wet enough she slid in a second finger, this one from her other hand. Now she could use her fingers to stretch and pull his muscles, opening his star to her tongue.

His hips jerked and he began to hump his dick between her breast but couldn't get the satisfaction he was seeking. He ordered her to take his cock back into her mouth. Removing her tongue, she eased one more finger from each hand into his hole as he raised up and forced his cock between her lips. They both began to move at a frenzied pace. Each time her cunt lifted to meet the handle and his tongue, his hips would press downward forcing his cock into her throat and her fingers into his ass.

Hanna came again. Sinking her teeth gently into the base of his shaft, trapping his cock in her throat as she moan around it. The vibrations were all it took to force him over the edge. As he jetted into her throat, he pushed himself up on his hands forcing her fingers deep into his ass….

It was the telephone that woke Hanna from her dream. She yelped loudly as she sat up and the weighted earring pulled tightly at her nipple. Removing it quickly she grabbed her robe and ran for the phone. When she picked it up and heard his voice she thought she might still be dreaming. "Hello girl. Is this a bad time? I can call back later."

"John? No, I… I'm not busy. What is it?" She clutched the front of her robe and tried to force some calmness into her voice. Hearing herself called "girl" so soon after the dream was nerve racking.

"Well you see girl, I've got some good news and some bad. Johnny finally called me last night. Seems the boy has been working out of the country and his new secretary turned out to be pretty lousy at relaying messages. Can't blame the girl really. He told her he didn't want to be bothered unless it was important and I never told her it was when I called."

"Oh John, that's wonderful. Is he going to be able to come see you? Oh no! Is there anything left or did you sell it all?" Hanna felt bad for his grandson. There couldn't be much left -- things had been selling pretty quickly while she was there yesterday.

"I'm afraid that's the bad news girl. He wasn't too broken up about the sale. Said that although he hated to see some of the stuff go, he really didn't have any place to put it. The only thing he wants is the Mistress box." Her heart sank. She couldn't part with the box. But she had to. It belonged to his family and he had more right to it than she did. But it had come to mean a lot to her in such a short time. Parting with it would be like parting from a lover. OK, so he wasn't a real person, and when she woke up she could never remember what he looked like. But he made her feel things and want things that she'd never experienced before. It was going to hurt to give it up.

"Hey girl, you still there?"

"Yes John, I'm here. When would you like me to bring the box back? I could bring it out tomorrow if you'd like."

"Now hold it a minute there girl. I'm not asking for the box back. We made a deal, you and I. Johnny got here a couple of hours ago and I told him that he was going to have to talk to you himself. Ask you in person, if you'd be willing to sell it to him. I just called to let you know that we're coming to pick you up for dinner at seven."


"But John that’s…"

He didn't let her finish. "That's the way it's got to be girl. He wants it back so he's got to come to you. Might as well make him spring for dinner while we're at it, don't you think? Heck, if I was you I'd be thinking about what your going to make him pay, assuming of course that you're planning to sell. Bet a pretty box like that might bring in a couple hundred dollars, wouldn't you? I never told him what you paid for it."

Hanna couldn't help but laugh. "John that's terrible. I'll just give him the box."

"Do what you want girl, that's up to you. But what ever it is, we're going to do it over dinner. You wouldn't want to disappoint an old man would you?"

"OK. I'll go." She chuckled. He wasn't above playing on her sympathy. Besides, she liked John and seeing him would be fun. It would also give her a chance to learn more about the earring.

"Great. Wear something pretty. We'll see you at seven. By the way, you want to hear the good new? Johnny has the key."

John hung up before Hanna could reply. Well, at least she would be able to see the inside of the box before she had to part with it. As she got dressed she had another brainstorm. She was an artist after all. She could copy the pictures. Then she'd still have them to look at. As for her fantasy man, he came from her imagination didn't he? Johnny was taking her box not her dreams.

Hanna started with the right side of the box. The three pictures showed the woman being whipped with a belt while she leaned over a wooden table. Her hands had been tied to the table legs with some kind of braided cording that had tassels on the ends. The man then fucked her from behind. On the backside of the box were four more scenes. Here, the woman was once again standing in the doorway. This time the man was sitting on the floor between her legs and appeared to be licking her ass. At the same time he was pressing what looked like a wooden dildo into her pussy. So much detail had been put into the carvings that she could see the wood grain on the phallus. The woman's mouth was open to form a big "O" and Hanna could almost hear her groan.

By 5:00 she'd finished the drawings and her back was aching from leaning over the drawing board. As she sorted the pictures into order, she realized that she'd drawn the woman to resemble her own image. She thought she'd followed the carvings accurately, only on a larger scale, making each picture the size of a full sheet of paper. When she looked at the man, what little could be seen of his face, she found that he looked like a younger version of John.

After a bath, Hanna slipped on a robe and sat down to make up her face. She looked tired. She may have gotten a lot of sleep in the last 24 hours but she sure hadn't gotten much rest. Taking off her robe she admired her body in the mirror. Stepping a little closer, she noticed that her left nipple was lightly bruised and she smiled as she remembered why. She was dressed and ready by 6:30. Sitting on the couch with the box in her lap, she traced each drawing with the tip of her finger, then place it gently on the coffee table. It belonged to someone else.

At just before seven she heard a car door slam. Hanna got up, smoothed out her skirt and then went to open the door. Oh my God, she thought. Standing on her porch was a younger version of John. The same younger version that she'd drawn when she'd copied the carvings. She looked for the real John but she couldn't see him. Was he still in the car?

"Hello, you must be Hanna. My name is John Stuart. My grandfather said he'd called to tell you I was coming."

She stepped back and allowed him to enter. "Yes, I'm Hanna and it’s a pleasure to meet you. Where is your grandfather? He said that you were both coming." Just as she was closing the door Hanna heard the phone ring. She waved John toward the living room and told him she'd be back in a minute.

"Hey girl, did Johnny make it there yet?" Hanna looked up to see that the subject of conversation had followed her into the kitchen. "Yes, he's here, but why aren’t you?"

"I decided that this was something you two needed to work out between yourselves, without an old man around butting in." Hanna laughed, "Not you John, you'd never butt in."

"Don't get sassy with me girl. Now remember; don't let him get off too cheaply. Oh, and have a good time." Once again he had hung up before she had a chance to respond. When she turned back to Johnny she found him looking at the drawings she'd left lying on the kitchen table. A hot blush raced across her face.

"I…I don't know what you grandfather told you but I'm going to give you the box. It's a part of your family history and you should have it. But I wanted to keep some of the pictures. They are so beautifully done and show a real talent." She knew she was babbling but couldn't seem to stop herself. "I'm an artist my self you see and…"

"Yes, I know. In your short acquaintance, you made quite an impression on my grandfather. I spent the afternoon listening the him talk about his new friend Hanna."

"I'm sorry," she groaned, "that must have made for a pretty dull afternoon." Then she had to laugh as she added, "I'm surprised that he was able to tell you my name, I've never heard him use it. He always calls me 'girl'." Hanna saw a thoughtful look pass across his face before he once again looked down at her drawing.

"Yes, I can see why." Then he looked back up at her. "Are you ready to see what's in the box Hanna?"

She said yes and had a strange feeling she was agreeing to more than his question asked.

They returned to the living room and sat on the couch in front of the box. He sat very close to her and she felt his arm graze her breast when he reached into his pocket and pulled out a small key. Without saying a word he unlocked to box and opened it. The first thing she saw was the whip. It was lying on top of a colorful pile of old scarves. She realized that this was why she'd never felt anything moving around in the box and had assumed it was empty.

Johnny reached in to remove the whip and the scarves and Hanna sucked in her breath when she saw what was lying underneath. Nestled into the bottom of the box where items she was already familiar with. The mate to the fan earring she had worn earlier, the cords with tassels that had been used to tie her… tie the woman to the table and the wooden penis. It was this last item that she reached for.

She had completely forgotten about the man beside her. Hanna couldn't imagine the time and talent that must've gone into carving the phallus. Every detail was there from the ridges beneath the head to the long vanes on the under side. The wood felt smooth and warm as she caressed it with her fingers. She slowly pulled her eyes away from the wooden staff and looked down at Johnny's hands as he started to unbutton her blouse. Her mind knew that she shouldn't be letting a strange man undress her but her body knew more. It knew that this was the man who could bring her more ecstasy than she had ever experience before. A man who could take her to all the places the box had shown her.

As she continued to watch, Johnny pushed her blouse back over her shoulders and removed it completely. He then unhooked her bra and let it fall forward onto her lap. She eased her arms free of the straps as he began to palm her breasts. She flinched slightly when he touched her left nipple and he leaned in closer to examine the bruising.

This time, the blush traveled down from her face and spread across her chest. She couldn't look at him as she reached into her pocket and removed the other earring. Hanna heard a chuckle as he began to pull more firmly at her right nipple, then raised the earring and gently turned the screw. He didn't stop until Hanna sucked in a sharp breath. The earring was fastened much tighter than she had done earlier.

He stood and pulled her up beside him so that he could remove the rest of her clothing. Every movement she made caused to fan to swing and pull at her breast. "I want you to look at one last thing." She heard him say as he bent over to tilt the box back so she could see into the lid. She was no longer surprised by what she saw there. Carved into the left side of the lid was a picture of the woman's face, Hanna's face, because that was the name carved under the picture and over it was the word "girl". Next to this was a picture of Johnny, although it had John written below. Above was the word "Master".

He reached his hand up under her chin and pulled her around to face him. "Now girl, I want you to undress me."

"Yes Master", was her quick reply.

What else could she say?

 The End