The Perfect Night with Master Ė Copyright By Master Alanís Princess Ė December 2002

As the clock ticked away the minutes , I smiled to myself and felt my clit throb at the thoughts of being with Master. I finished reviewing the contracts the sales reps handled today, sorted through my email, and sent my last group message to the staff regarding how well they sold today. "Iím done for the day, enjoy your weekend ladies" I yell out to my clerical staff as Iím locking my office door. Free at last.. no sales reps to worry about, my son at a friends for the weekend, and a whole night with Master.

As I approached the hotel I could feel my heart begin to race and palms sweat. I wanted so much to be perfect for him. I chose my corset, thigh highs, thong and 6í heels to wear.. I paid extra attention to shaving perfectly smooth around my pussy and asshole this morning knowing Master enjoys inspecting. And I glanced in the mirror one last time to touch up my makeup and hair. I spotted his car and could feel my nipples become erect. Good! Master LOVES my nipples.

As I pulled in the parking spot, Master emerged from his car. Smiling he opened his arms to me "Hello princess".. his voice so soft and kind. I walked to him with eyes lowered and head bowed, but spoke as I knew he had spoke first. "Master I am here for your pleasure". I felt his arms wrap around me in approval "Good slut, and you will do just that. What have you brought for me baby?" he asked as he raised my chin and allowed me to look into his eyes. "I have brought you my pussy Sir. Wet and ready to be tortured with your toys and cock. I have brought you my ass Sir. Tight and ready to be stretched open for your toys and cock. I have brought you my tits Sir. Nipples erect and ready for your clamps and mouth. I have brought you my mouth Sir. Ready to drink your golden nectar and drain your balls into. I have brought you every inch of my skin. Ready for the kiss of your flogger, the sting of your whip. I bring you my heart for your endearment, soul for your erotica, mind for your control. I am here as your slave Sir. I love you Master. Please teach me Master? Please.. I want to be collared and branded by you. I promise I will not disappoint you. You know I am loyal and honest and ALWAYS obedient. " I felt the stroke of my hair and a sudden yank. "That, sweet slut will be my decision now wonít it! Now off to the room with you" And I felt his playful slap of my ass.

We dropped off the suitcases in the room and drove to the restaurant for dinner. The waitress approaches and I order a corona with lime for Master and a wine for myself. "Good choice princess, a cold beer sounds good". I smile filled with pride knowing he was pleased with my gesture. We laughed and talked over dinner and discussed our vacation to Vegas. "I canít wait to be all yours for a week Master. I will not disappoint you". Master smiles and strokes my arm "You have NEVER disappointed me princess, l love you". I feel the heat in my face begin . "Master you make me blush" I giggled. "And you will look even more beautiful with a pink bottom to match"., he laughed. We finished dinner and went back to the room.

As always, the room was beautiful and I was quite surprized at the hot tub in the room. It was a first for Master to reserve and I was thrilled! I lit my carmel candles while Master used the bathroom. I slipped out of my dress and dropped to slave greeting awaiting Master to exit the bathroom. When he did he spoke. "There is no prettier picture then that of you in that position". He circled me and slide his hands over my back and shoulders. Slowly he slid my thong down and began to inspect my pussy for wetnessÖ first one finger, then two, then finally four inserted deeply with his thumb rubbing my clit. My body began to convulse as I moaned and gasped. "Master, I have missed you so much". "I have missed you too patty". He slid his fingers out and used my juices as lube and massaged my asshole. Slowly he began inserting his fingers in, stretching carefully as to not hurt my bottom. "We really need to work on stretching you baby, you are very tight". I sighed. "Yes Master, I am sorry but my ass is not used very often and you said you would help me, remember". Reaching under my body he felt my dangling tits and began to squeeze and twist my nipples. "Stand up for me". I did as told and remembered what he had told me the first time I was with him. Never stand before him without my legs being spread. I stood and he asked me to turn slowly. I did as told as he began to undress and speak "you are a beautiful woman patty. You look so sexy and your skin so soft and white. Come to me". I drop to my knees and crawled over to the end of the bed. I bowed my head and waited to feel the tightness of my leather collar wrapping my throat. I nuzzled against his cock with my face as he finished snapping it. "Now up on this bed, but naked first". I undress slowly knowing how much Master enjoys a good show. I slide off my shoes, the thigh highs one at a time. Then playfully unsnap one snap at a time on my corset till eventually my tits are fully exposed. "Much better, now up on the bed". Master places the wrist restraints on first, then the ankle ones and smiled at me. "You are a sight". My heart raced making it difficult to speak "Master, I feel complete now.. please use me?" Pushing me down on my back he tied me spread eagle on the bed and begins with nipple clamps. Slowly squeezing them he speaks clearly and precisely as my breathing becomes irregular. "I know baby, life is tough. But you want to look pretty for me, donít you? And your nipples, they are so perfect for these clamps. I couldnít decide if I wanted the clamps, vice grips, or to take your pierced earring and stick it in your nipple hole. I think I want your earring as well as these clamps." I turned my head to give Master my earrings and watched as he inserted the wire into my nipple. I felt the wetness begin to drip down my thighs now. "Master, I canít stop from dripping, my thighs are soaked". "Good girl, but no cumming yet". I then see Master grabbing "Mr. Hitachi". I giggled as I see him plug it in. "Master I LOVE the Hitachi company. I wonder if they know that their massage wand is being used on clits!". Master slowly begins to insert his fingers one at a time, then begins pumping deeper and faster. The wetness was incredible and I saw him smile and knew what was going to happen. My heart pounding so loud I couldnít hear much else.. "Please Master.. lick my clit.. PLEASE.. Iím begging you.. !" Master has a tongue that could make me cum within minutes when he uses it. He began spreading my cunt lips .. "you have the most beautiful little rose here for me. God your pussy is so pretty. I love how your lips swell and open for me." He began to lick my clit knowing how sensitive it is and knowing I will cum. I began thrashing but could not move due to the ropes. I arched my back and rocked pushing my clit against his tongue. He started to finger me as well. "MASTER.. Iím going to explode. Please..!"

"NO, not yet.. I want more of me inside you" He knows how much I WANT to be fisted and pushes four fingers inside me. "MASTER.. please.. the small of my back is spasming, and my legs are going numb, I am going to explode.. please". He stopsÖ "Oh my God.. please donít stop!. Please Master".. He reaches over and grabs the massage wand and clicks in on high speed. "You know how you cum the best. Itís time now". He unties one of my hands and hands me the wand. I begin rubbing my clit and feel it throbbing. "I want to cum now Master.. please. I need you.." He kisses me deeply and then moves down to my nipple and begins to suck and bite at it while fingering my cunt. "NOW you will cum for your Master!" I begin to moan and feel it building as Masterís hard cock is rubbing against my thigh. Suddenly an explosion.. I scream out.. "Fuck". And explode. Master is thrilled as he feels my white creamy cum oozing out of my cunt over his fingers. He brings them to my lips and watches me lick them clean. "I love watching you suck. Itís now time to take care of me." Master unties my other hand and tells me to fuck myself. I begin masturbating and insert all five fingers in my cunt as he starts stroking his cock frantically. He is pumping so hard he has difficulty talking. "When I tell you princess, remember?" I smile and know just what to do. "Please feed me Master.. please? I was good, right? I pleased you. My pussy is so open and ready for you cock.. please?" Later I will fuck you, NOW I will feed you. My body shuddered as I lifted my chin in the air and waited anxiously for his command. Within minutes I heard those two words I cherished hearingÖ "patty, mouth!" I opened my mouth and felt Masterís hot cum spurting on to my tongue. When he was through, I remained still, with mouth open; awaiting Masterís inspection to assure every drop was resting on my tongue. He stroked my hair and give me validation.. "Swallow now" and I tasted the saltiness of his seed. "thank you Master". I nuzzled against his chest and we rested for several minutes. Feeling his chest raising and lowering calmly I lifted my body from his and kissed him deeply. "Master? You never got the room with the hot tub. Can we use it now?" He smiled knowing how excited I was about trying it. I knew it wasnít a big deal for him, he has one at his home but I was only in one twice and wanted to feel the warmth of the water swirling around me. "Yes, draw the water princess" . And I sprung from the bed and began filling the tub. I poured a glass of wine and knelt beside the bed to serve it to Master. He smiled and drank it as I told him of my crazy day at work and waited for the tub to fill. When it was, I turned off the water and returned to my spot kneeling next to the bed. "Master, can I bathe you now?" "letís go" he said. I carried the bottle of wine and candles over to the tub and and I kneeled next to tub while he climbed in and turned on the jets. "ok princess, get in." I climbed in and giggled as the bubbles tickled my ass. Sipping the wine made me so relaxed in combination with the water. I closed my eyes and listened to Master tell me of his plans for us to travel to Florida in May and enjoy some fun things there again. As he was talking I slide over on top of him, my back resting against his chest. I reminded him of the beautiful room we had before and the pleasure of being able to awaken him by sucking his cock. As I was talking to him I reached behind me and began to stroke at his cock. I could feel him swelling as I told him how exciting it was being hung by the neck in his room. "Remember Master? Remember the chain you had hung from the ceiling, hooked to my collar ring? And my hands restrained behind my back? I danced on my tip toes to your flogger and you said that I thrust my tits so beautifully for you.

I remember if I tired and went flat footed, I choked.. I remember "flying" for you..taking your pain and panting like a bitch in heat. You said I was your fucktoy.. you said I looked so pretty for you with my cum sliding down my thighs. Then I remember you releasing me and fucking me from behind on the bed. Your cock loves being buried inside my pussy Master.. I just know it does." As I was speaking to Master, he yanked my hair backwards pulling my head against his chest. He began to wrap his hand around my throat and squeeze as he began biting at my neck and shoulders. "oh Master.. I need to cum again.. please fuck me now?" He continued to squeeze and I could feel my last breath being taken.. I began to float and look down at myself and then heard Masterís voice. "Come back to me princess.. come on baby.. come back down .." I slowly felt my body floating back down and then sighed as I felt like I had awoken from a sound sleep. Master turned off the jets and released the water as he helped me out of the tub and toweled me off. I laid on the bed watching him towel dry and then knew by the look on his face it was time. I climbed up on all fours and awaited the thrust of his cock. I felt his kiss on my shoulder and his hands on my hips as he buried his cock deep and began to rock me .. first slowly.. then faster and harder. He grunted how much he enjoyed this and used my pussy for what seemed like hours. He then spoke.. "Over onto your back and raise open your legs to me". I did as told and held my legs open high in the air as he rammed me hard and deep. "fill your owned pussy Master.. fill it full with cock". I panted. He fucked faster and felt my tits rubbing against his chest as he loved. He stopped and said "not yet baby" and rolled me to my side. Playfully he slapped at my ass and kissed my shoulders. "I think maybe we should stretch your ass a bit. Nice and easy though. You ARE to remain still, do you understand?" I sighed and answered promptly "Yes Sir". I knew that the past few times that Master has used my ass that I had gotten carried away with excitement and began to try ramming his cock inside me. I cried out in pain and Master was not happy with me. I felt the cool lube being applied as he fingered my asshole and began pushing gently with the head of his cock. I wanted to feel him inside me and had to resist pushing against him. Slowly he inched his way in allowing the head of his cock and a few inches of his shaft to penetrate me. "Please Master.. take me". I begged but was reminded WHO was in control. After several minutes he pulled out of my ass and told me it was time.. "up on all fours baby, itís time to fill you full of my cum". Master began to pump hard.. my body was shuddering from the thickness of his shaft filling my hole. Harder and harder he pumped. "come on slut, drain my balls now!" I began to rock and push as fast and hard as I could. I knew it would be soon, Master was making a gutteral sound as if ready to explode.. "My balls are filling baby, soon.. itís coming now.. get ready.. awww, yes, yes.. empty them.. NOW! " Master gave one final thrust and I felt the fire of his seed. "oh yes.. Thank you Master.. thank you.." We both laid silent for several minutes when I broke the silence with my humor. "Master? Wanna do that again?" Master laughed and said "later baby, now roll over and let me put my cock in your ass now". He playfully paddled my ass and began massaging my ass cheeks. Then began rubbing my back and shoulders as I drifted off to sleep. "I love you Master". I lean back and felt his tongue slide into my throat .

"I love you princess" were the last words I heard.

About the Author:   Hello, my name is patty. I am a 48 yr old divorced female from Binghamton, NY. I was raised in the M/s lifestyle by two loving parents. My father a Master.  I was married for 6 yrs but was released to my father due to abuse. I placed an ad on and met my Master in January of 2002. After spending 16 years alone, raising two children, my life is now complete again. A lot of people write to me because they are intrigued with me being raised in the "life". Feel free to drop a line if you would like to chat. It is always nice to meet and speak with new people. I hope you enjoy my story. Is it one of many wonderful nights serving the man I love and belong to. Best regards, patty..