Master's Choice, 2000 by Cathy O'Niel
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I scurried around the house, trying to get everything perfect for his visit. My heart was pounding in my chest, the excitement of knowing he would be here soon almost more than I could take.

I stopped in the middle of the living room, getting a crystal clear vision of being draped over his lap, his big hand caressing my bare bottom. I shivered all over, and closed my eyes for a minute, taking deep breaths to try and calm down.

I had already changed the sheets on the bed, cleaned the floors and bathroom, washed the dishes, did some laundry, and stocked the refrigerator. I had fresh candles for the whole house, and musk bubble bath for the tub. I had two bottles of bubbly wine, and two crystal glasses ready.

I ran a hot bath, and slipped into it. I shaved my legs, then under my arms, being careful not to nick myself. My hands were trembling as I took shuddery little breaths, thinking about what would happen later that night. I couldn't believe how much I wanted him. How much I needed his hands on me, his mouth against mine, his hard length buried inside me.

I remembered the last time we talked, how he coaxed and teased at least three orgasms out of me with just his voice. That deep voice, telling me what he would do to me when we were together, asking me if I was ready for him. How could I explain how very ready I was for your possession? How much I craved your touch, your taste, your very soul?

I shook myself and got up out of the tub, knowing time was running short. I dried myself off, and got dressed in a light summer dress, and nothing underneath, just as he had instructed me. I laid out all the toys he had asked me to have ready. The small flogger, the butt plug, the vibrator, the lubricant, the paddle, and a blindfold. We had agreed no restraints this first session, wanting to build more trust first.

As soon as everything was ready, I went into the kitchen and opened one of the bottles of wine, and poured a glass. I sat down in the living room to wait. The cold crisp wine felt soothing on my parched throat. I was trembling with tension, a delicious sense of anticipation rippling through me.

I heard his car drive up, and I jumped, spilling the wine all over my hand. I raced to the door, and there he was. Tall, blonde, gorgeous, his sexy mouth surrounded by a moustache and goatee. He stepped in, and I moved back, unable to speak. I had never felt so nervous in all my life, wanting so much for him to love the sight of me.

He looked down at my wet hand, and took it in his. He brought it to his mouth, and licked the wine off my hand. He turned my hand over and his velvety soft tongue lapped over my wrist. I was sure he could feel my heart thundering in my veins. He shut the door and leaned back against it. I gazed into his blue eyes, losing sight of everything else.

"Hello, cat," he said quietly.

I tried to answer, but the words just lodged in my dry throat. I coughed, and tried again. "Hello, Master," I croaked.

He stepped closer and brought his hand up to my face, caressing it slowly, "Relax, pet," he said soothingly.


He pulled me into his arms, nuzzling his face into my neck, and my arms wrapped around you. I could feel our bodies touching from knees to shoulders. I clung to him, taking deep breaths. I could feel my breasts pressing against his hard chest, and my nipples hardening. His body felt big, and warm, and comforting, yet arousing at the same time.

His hands began moving slowly up and down my back, pulling me towards him more. His firm thigh slipped between mine, and he pushed up, almost lifting me off the floor. I gasped, and my fingers dug into his back.

Warm hands came up to frame my face, and he stared at me for what seemed an eternity, then his mouth lowered to mine in a soft kiss of possession. As the kiss went on and on, I felt myself becoming weak, pliant, his.

Breaking the kiss, he turned me around, my back against his chest. His hands cupped my breasts, lifting, molding them in his hands, his thumbs flicking over the nipples. His mouth traveled over my neck and shoulder, making me whimper with need for him.

Walking me towards the bed, he pushed me down on it, his weight crushing me into the mattress. He knelt between my spread legs, his hands sliding the dress up my legs and over my hips. His hands began kneading my soft cheeks, slowly, gently at first, then harder. My back was arching, pushing up into those hands more.

The first swat took me by surprise. The burning stinging pain took my breath away. I groaned. Again his hand came down on my cheek, alternating between crisp swats and rough caresses. My hands clutched at the bedspread, and I shoved my face into the bed, trying to muffle my groans.

A strong hand came up to grip my hair. "I want to hear you, cat," he told me hoarsely as he pulled my face up.

"Yes, Master," I moaned.

Those firm hands began to massage and rub up and down my long back. Little whimpers and soft moans were all the sounds I could get out as his hands did their magic. My legs parted more in response, and I could feel my throbbing pussy clenching.

One hand slid down my hip, across my rounded bottom, and between my legs. He growled low in his throat as he encountered the slick wetness only he aroused in me. "Tell me what you want, cat," he whispered.

"I......ooooh, God," I groaned as a long finger slippped into my wet heat. "Oh, Master, please," I whimpered.

"Please what, cat?"

I didn't even know what I was begging for, only that he would give it to me, whatever it was. "Take me, Master, make me yours."

"Oh, pet," he murmured. Leaning down, kissing my warm cheeks, first one, then the other. "You are mine, cat. All mine."

I heard the rustle of clothing, then the bed sinking down. I felt him behind me, warm, solid, strong. His firm hands caressed down my back, pushing the dress up more. "Kneel, cat," he ordered.

Without a conscious thought, I lifted to my knees, offering myself. Picking up the flogger, he began sliding the strands across my skin. I could feel each individual strip as it moved over me. He moved closer to me, his hard hot cock rubbing across my wetness.

As he had said to me so many times on the phone, I heard that voice, "Bring yourself to the edge, cat."

I reached a hand under me, and captured his cock with my fingers, pressing it against me. I felt him jump and shudder as I touched him. His cock was so hard.

He began snapping the flogger across my back and bottom. Lightly at first, then sharper, harder. The strands wrapped around me, driving me crazy. I rocked my hips against him, rubbing him on my clit. His other hand reached down and gripped my hair tightly, tugging it. I groaned in response, loving the feeling.

My legs started shaking and spreading wider apart as I approached release. "Stop, cat," he barked. My hand dropped and I took several deep breaths. "Good girl," he said soothingly. "Now again."

My hand began rubbing again, directly on my clit this time, wanting to cum so badly. I growled.

"Say it, pet," he moaned.

"Fuck me, Master," I whispered.

"Louder, cat."

The lust was pulsing in my blood now, and I obeyed. "Fuck me, Master," I almost shouted. I grunted as his cock slammed into me in one smooth motion, shoving me forward.

I couldn't believe the sensation of his thickness invading my tight pussy. I pushed back towards him, wanting more, all of him. "To the edge, cat," he hissed.

Rubbing my hard clit fast and rough, I was groaning all the while. "Tell me when, cat," he barked.

"Nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, Master," I screamed.

"Cum, cat, cum NOW," he roared.

I exploded under him, my back bowing up as I screamed his name. My inner walls clamped down on him as he rammed into me hard. As I convulsed again and again his own orgasm claimed him. I could feel his body tightening behind me as he buried himself into me.

His hands were bruisingly tight around my hips as he slammed into me over and over, pumping his creamy gift of cum deep inside me.

We collapsed on the bed, his weight again crushing me into the bed. We panted heavily, then he kissed my cheek.

"Round one, cat," he whispered huskily. I just smiled.

Master's Choice by Cathy O'Niel . copyright 2000

About the Author:

Hello I am Cathy, a 44 year old divorced woman living in the heartland of the country, Kansas. I began writing erotica just this year, but have been a long time fan of romance and erotic books. My writing started as sexy emails to friends, and developed to having several stories on line at different sites. My writing is a way of expressing a lot of feelings, emotions, and desires. I find that my stories all seem to be like little parts of myself, exposing something I have done, want to do, or crave to do. I have begun to venture more and more into the Dominant/submissive lifestyle, both as a submissive and a Domme. The depth of the emotions, the intensity of the relationships, and the powerful feelings of arousal they invoke are more than I have ever experienced. My writing is beginning to reflect this, and I have been writing stories from both viewpoints. The emotional aspects fascinate me, and the physical side of it takes my breath away. I hope you enjoy reading my stories, and if they arouse you in the process, well, that makes my day.