My Pet by Cathy O'Niel copyright 1999 

As I come into the room, wearing a black leather skirt and leopard print bra, I see you, kneeling quietly in the corner by the couch. You are clad only in a pair of skimpy briefs,  a deep red color. I glance down, and I can see them hugging your crotch, clearly outlining your erection. I smile wickedly, knowing that you have been waiting for me, your body reacting to thoughts of me touching you, using you, pleasuring you. 

I move over closer to you, sitting on the edge of the bed. I cross my long legs, sheathed in silky black lace thigh high stockings. My high heels are red, with open toes and two inch heels. I bounce my leg slightly, gazing down at you. Your hands are crossed in front of you, your eyes respectfully lowered. “How are you, my pet?” I ask gently. 

You squirm slightly, inhaling deeply.  I watch your broad chest rise and fall, noticing your nipples are hard. I look down at your crotch, and I see a stain slowly spreading from where the tip of your cock nestles against the thin fabric of your briefs.  “I need you, Mistress,” you whisper. 

I place my foot against your crotch, pressing lightly. You groan deep in your throat, clenching your fingers together tightly. I start to caress you with the bottom of my shoe, watching your reaction. “Look at me, pet,” I tell you. 

Your head raises up, and I gaze into your brown eyes. I can see your lust for me shining deeply in them, your need. I place a long finger under your chin, stroking you lightly. “And just what do you need, my love,” I ask you. 

You swallow a couple of times, trying to look away from me. My finger pulls your face back to me, and we stare at each other. The battle of wills between us is always strong. You are reluctant to express your need for me, your deep wanting of what I do to you, for you, for myself. I know this, and I cherish it. Your strength of personality is one of the things I love the most about you. Yet, I know how much you need me, how much you crave the things I do to you. And I never abuse this privilege; the privilege of your submission to me. The total giving of your hard, sexy male body, the way you let me have you, body and soul. 

“Tell me, my pet. Tell me what you want,” I urge you.  My foot nudges your crotch again, a little harder this time, tempting you to express your feelings. I want to bring your need crashing to the surface, where you have no choice but to let it out. 

You take another deep breath, and the words come out in a rush. “Fuck me, my Mistress. Taste me. I want  you to take my orgasm from me. I ache for you, Ma’am.” 

You shudder, and I know what it cost you to say that to me. I know what a struggle it is for you to let go, to allow your inner desires come to the surface.  For years you have tried to deny them, to hide them from me, and from yourself. You’ve told me before that a real man doesn’t need this, this giving of yourself to a woman. You have always been taught that a man should be in charge, controlling the sexual situation, taking the woman.

But you and I know better, don’t we, my pet?  The giving of yourself to me, the letting go of control, the submission to my wants and desires, fires you inside. It drives your body crazy. I can see it, feel it, the way your body becomes mine to enjoy and pleasure. And your body makes that same mysterious connection between pain and pleasure as mine does.  As my hand, or whip, my clamps, or mouth,  cunt, or ass possess you, take you, you receive as much as I do.  The incredible hardness of your beautiful cock tells me more than you could ever realize.

“Take off my shoes and nylons, love,” I tell you. You try to hide a little smile, but I see it. I smile in return, knowing how much you adore my feet. They are big for a woman, size 11 shoe, wide width.  My toenails are carefully trimmed and polished. The deep maroon color I know will delight you.

Your hands remove my shoes, one at a time, then you roll the stockings down my long silky legs. Your hands amaze me sometimes. They are so big, with rough palms, yet they can be so gentle and sensitive when you touch me. Your hands are shaking. I know you have this thing for my feet and ankles, don’t you, my pet?  “Kiss my feet, dear,” I say quietly.

I hear you take a sharp intake of breath. I know this is what you dream of sometimes, to be able to worship my feet. I am not sure I completely understand it, but the way you do it arouses me every time. You lean down and press soft little kisses on the top of my right foot.  Your lips are soft, full, and tease me as they whisper across my skin. I lean back in the chair, extending my leg, offering you my silky calf.

Your hands wrap around my foot and ankle, and you continue to kiss and softly lick my foot. I shiver as your tongue licks across the arch. You hold me firmly in your grip. You move lower, and start to suckle each toe, one at a time. I feel a tugging sensation deep in my abdomen for some reason as you suck on them. I never knew it was so arousing to have your toes licked and treated this way. I tilt my head back and close my eyes, just enjoying your mouth on me. 

Switching to my left foot, you do the same; sucking, licking, nibbling on my toes. You move to the arch of my foot, and I quiver. “Higher, pet,” I whisper. 

You start to lick up my leg. Your velvety tongue flicks and caresses and traces patterns across my calf, and when your tongue hits the back of my knee I cry out. I feel a smile against me in your kiss.  My legs part of their own volition, inviting you to move higher still.   Your palms flatten on my inner thighs, pushing me open more. I scoot lower still in the chair and tilt my hips upwards.  “Taste me, my pet,” I say throatily.

Your palms slide over my smooth skin, and you dip your head down and inhale deeply. I watch you, seeing you close your eyes. You have told me the smell, the taste of me is intoxicating to you. I can see it in your expression.   I feel your warm breath fan out over my aching center, and I quiver again.  Your strong tongue darts out and you flick it across my clit, and I groan out loud, the feeling is so intense. 

You begin to devote yourself to my pleasure. Your tongue begins licking between the silken folds, probing for my wetness.  My hand clutches your hair tightly, pushing you deeper into me. You obey, and bury your face in me. You start to suck on my throbbing clit, capturing it between your lips, even biting it now and again. Returning to my wet slit, you drive your tongue deeper into me. My legs stretch outwards as I begin to reach for sweet release. Harder and deeper you devour my cunt, driving me higher and higher. 

I feel the throbbing burning feeling in my lower abdomen, and I start to climax against your hot mouth.  Convulsion after convulsion ripples through me as you continue to work on me. I cry out at the strength of the orgasm. As I slowly start to calm down, you continue to lick me gently. The honeyed juices are like nectar to you, and you lap and lick every drop. 

As you raise your head, you smile at me, your face and mouth coated with my wetness. I lean down and lick you clean, then kiss you passionately.  My hand strokes your cheek as I gaze into your passion filled eyes.  The night has only begun, my pet.

My Pet Part 2 

I cup your chin possessively in my fingers, and pull you to your feet. I slip your leather collar around your neck, and clip on the leash. I see your shoulders shudder at the sound of the leash. I know what that sound does to you, and I never tire of seeing that expression on your face; that expression of lust, submission, and regret all combined together.  

Many times we have talked about your feelings towards me, the words wrenched from deep inside  you. How you crave me, desire me, yet sometimes almost hate me for the things I do to you. For the way I make you feel, the things I make you voice to me. To just allow me to have you is never enough. I want your mind as well as your body, your heart as well as your submission.  And you give them to me, however reluctantly at times. And it makes both of us stronger for it, the invisible bonds tighter around us. 

I stand and tell you to crawl to the bedroom on your hands and knees. Your head drops down, but you do it. 

I hold your leash in my hand, watching your hips sway as you crawl for me. I adore the way the red briefs cling to your cheeks, and outline your balls as they move under you. I never tire of looking at your body, my pet. 

“Crawl up on the bed, dear,” I instruct you. You comply, and I run my hands over those cheeks, then slide my fingers inside the leg bands. My hand cups your cock and balls. I love the way you groan, the way your back bows up as you try to push them into my hand more.  I remove my hand and push gently down on the small of your back. You lay flat on the bed on your stomach, and I unclip the leash. I let it slide down across your back slowly, and tap your balls with it lightly a few times. You gasp, which just makes me smile. 

“Kneel on the bed, and slide those briefs off,” I tell you in a no nonsense voice. You get up on your knees, your fingers lifting them away from your body, then  slide them down your hips and thighs. Lifting each knee in turn, you remove them. As you kneel there I gaze at your cock with growing lust, loving how it bobs in front of you, so hard and erect.

I sit in a chair next to the bed, and tell you, “Now, my pet, touch yourself for me.” 

Your eyes close, and you take a deep shuddering breath. This is another of our little games that you are still unsure of. The first time I asked you to do it for me, you almost refused. You were so embarrassed, so shy. I insisted, and I still remember that first time, watching your long fingers wrap so familiarly around the long shaft. Your other hand splayed out across your upper thigh, your thumb in your lush pubic hair as you gently stroked it as I watched.  It was one of the most erotic moments in our relationship.

Now I watched you do it again, seeing those hands I love so much caressing all along your length. “Look at me, pet,” I said quietly.

Your eyes opened to gaze into mine. The incredible lust I see shimmering in your dark eyes takes my breath away.  I lick my lips slowly, my soft pink tongue a magnet for your eyes. I see you take a raspy breath, your chest rising slowly. “Please, Mistress,” you whimper. 

“Please, what, my Pet,”. I ask you. 

 “Let me pleasure you, let me please you, Mistress, use my body as you wish,” you groan. 

I sigh. We have had this conversation so many times, yet you refuse to see it. “Lay down on your back,” I order sharply. You wince, almost physically withdrawing from me, but you lay down.

I quickly take your wrists and bind them to the headboard with silk scarves, then your feet. This leaves you all spread out on the bed, vulnerable, exposed to me. I can see you trembling slightly. I trail a long fingernail from your ankle to your armpit, bypassing your crotch for now.  I see goosebumps raise across your skin, and see your muscles bunch and flex as you pull on the bindings

I run my hand across your hard little nipples, first one, then the other. They pucker in response, and I slap them, four sharp cracks in a row, two to each nipple.  You cry out and your body flinches inward. I move lower, wrapping my fingers around your throbbing erection, and stroke you gently.  “Does this give you pleasure, my pet?” I ask you.

Almost with a sob you say, “Yessssssssss, Mistress,” the word hissing from between your clenched teeth.

“Then perhaps there is more here than just my pleasure, my wishes, pet” I say quietly.

You slump on the bed, your eyes closed, your cheeks flushed.  A moment of silence follows, and then the sweet words I long for. “I need you, too, Mistress.”

My lust and my heart swell at this confession. It has been so very difficult to make you understand that it is not just my pleasure, nor yours, but ours. You constantly want to offer me the use of your body, to bring me to orgasm again and again, never understanding that your pleasure means as much to me as mine does to you.  To have you admit that you need me as well fills my soul.

I move up to your head and kiss your eyelids and cheeks, kissing a single tear away. I frame your face with my hands and kiss you with a fierce passion, claiming you as my own. It’s kiss of sexual intent, full of lust tempered with love. You respond with an open mouth and a hungry tongue.  

Breaking the kiss, I step back from the bed.  I reach for the multi stranded whip, the one with the molded handle shaped like a small cock.  Trailing the strands across your chest, I then let them tantalize your cock, running them slowly back and forth across you.  Your hips lunge up towards the air, seeking the whip.  I bring the whip back and lightly slap the strands across your inner thighs. Again, harder this time, then yet again. I can see red streaks appearing on your skin. The site of them is like an aphrodisiac. I can feel the lust building in my blood, as I know it is in yours.

We both make that incomprehensible connection between pleasure and pain, our bodies becoming aroused at the sensation of mild pain.  A mild slap, or a spank on a bare bottom, teeth clamping down hard on a nipple or hard clit, all can send us both over the edge into orgasm. I can see the veins in your cock almost throbbing in your lust. I whip your body a few more times as you thrash and groan under the whip.

I lean down and bite your nipple, my teeth sinking into your flesh. A guttural groan seems almost ripped from you as I do it. You make me feel like a hot, lusty, female animal, claiming her mate. To see your body bound to the bed, your erection thick and full, a sexual flush spreading over your skin, makes me ache for you. I feel a deep emptiness inside me, a fierce wanting for you to fill me.

I take some KY and lube the end of the whip handle, then move my fingers between your cheeks. You moan as they pass over your tight puckered asshole. “Oh, God, Mistress,” you moan.

I see your legs trying to spread wider apart for me. I release your feet from the scarves, and you put your big feet flat on the bed, as you tilt your hips up.  This blatant offering arouses me even more, and I start to slide the whip handle across your asshole. You take a deep breath, and I can see you trying to relax your body.  

I soothingly stroke my hand across your inner thigh, “That’s it, pet, let me in,” I croon. I start to push the handle into you, slowly, and the sound you make and the expression on your face is almost enough to make me orgasm. I shudder as it slips into you all the way, your muscular asshole clinging to it. I hold it deep inside you for a moment, letting you adjust to it invading you, then slowly start to move it in and out. Your arms pull at the bonds, the muscles in your arms and shoulders flexing as you do.

No one had ever done this to you before, and I cherish that you let me do it. The pleasure I know you feel makes me shiver all over.  I fuck you gently, methodically, your hips moving against me. Soon, it is too much for me. My sopping pussy is throbbing, aching for you, and I slide the handle all the way inside you and straddle your hips. Guiding your hard cock into me, I sink down onto you. Our mutual groans are like a symphony of lust and abandonment. Your hips thrust up so hard you almost lift me off the bed. I can feel you at my cervix, the swollen head nudging me again and again. The sensation is incredible. I push down hard against you, our pubic hair meshing together as I take you deeper.

Our eyes are locked together, and the messages exchanged are endless. The need, the passion, the giving and taking, the love bouncing back and forth between us. My hands drop down to spread my swollen lips apart, exposing my hard clit. I start stroking it with one hand, holding them open with the other. It wobbles and slithers around under my fingers, and I rub frantically, almost roughly. I quickly come to a breath stealing powerful orgasm. “Cum NOW pet,”  I scream.

With a roar your hips thrust up, and your head rears back and I feel you shooting into me. Your arms are rigid as you strain at the scarves holding you down. Time after time you lunge upwards as you continue to pump hot creamy cum into me.    I quiver and shake from my own release as I ride out yours. Finally you stop and collapse on the bed.  I gently slide the whip handle out of you.

I watch you laying there in the aftermath of your intense orgasm, your body trembling slightly. I soothingly run my hands over your chest and belly.  “Thank you, my Mistress,” you murmur.

I just smile, and release your wrists from the scarves.  You surge up and wrap your arms around my waist, holding me tight. I enfold you in my arms as well, kissing the top of your head, “Shhhhhhhh,” I whisper.

We lay down together on the big bed, snuggling close. I kiss your chest, and after long moments I ask you to run us a nice bubble bath………………..

My Pet Part 3  by Cathy O'Niel  copyright 2000

I finished assembling the new head board and foot board on the king sized bed today. White metal, wide spaces between the bars, perfect for tying someone's wrists to. I smiled, and went to take a hot bath.

As I lay there soaking, the fragrant bubbles lazily sliding over my skin, I closed my eyes, thinking of you. Your hands; the blunt thick fingers, the clean clipped nails, the calloused palms that can be equally tender and gentle, or rough and savage as I choose.

I visualize your muscular arms and shoulders that bulge and flex as you strain against the loving bonds I place on you. I remember the way your hair gets damp around your face and neck as I push you to the limits of your endurance time and time again with my mouth, my hands, my body. I smile as I recall your hair, soft, thick and full, clutched tightly in my fingers as I pull you to me. 

  I groan low in my throat as I think of your strong back, so long and smooth, the muscles rippling as I slide the strands of the flogger over you. Knowing how you crave the whip of the leather strips as they caress and wrap around your body, leaving a trail of red streaks. 

  A little whimper escapes my lips as I picture your firm butt cheeks, the slope of your lower back, the curve of your hip, the skin so soft to the touch. Watching them clench and unclench as I paddle you, mauling the firm muscles as I knead your flesh between strokes. Oh, my pet, how your body delights me.

The sounds you make, the smell of your crotch, the feel of your skin, the taste of your body; all arouse me endlessly. Each session different, reaching new levels of pain, lust, need.  To see your body tighten just before you achieve orgasm, to hear your guttural moans and cries, to see you yield to me takes my breath away. My love for you expanding, filling my heart, my soul, as you give yourself to me.

I shudder deliciously in the rapidly cooling water, and rise slowly and begin to towel my body dry. The friction of the soft terrycloth feels wonderful on my heated skin. My breath coming in little pants as I think of you, my beloved pet, and how I will take you tonight.

I put fragrant lotion all over my body, imagining your hands as they caress my skin. I spray perfume lavishly over me, knowing how you love it. Obsession, what a perfect name for the scent you crave, the sweet perfume blended with the smell of my female body.

I slip my feet into the high heels you adore, the red ones, with the 4 inch heels. My toenails are a rich ruby color. I slither into the white satin nightgown, letting it drop over my shoulders, the material skimming barely down to my thighs. I fluff my hair, smiling in the mirror as I go to make a drink and wait for your arrival.

You come into the living room and remove your clothing. I am sitting on the couch, watching you, and you quickly kneel in front of me, kissing the tops of my feet adoringly. I shiver at the touch of your soft warm lips.

"Good Evening, my Mistress," you say softly as you continue to kiss and lick my feet and ankles. 

  I stroke the back of your head. "I am well, my pet. It is good to see you, my love." 

Your hand encircles my slim ankle, and you lean back on your heels, and lift my foot to your mouth. "May I remove your shoe, Ma'am?" you ask.

"Yes, you may, pet," I reply.

Your strong hands slide the shoe off, and you caress my foot slowly, running your fingers around the arch, up the ankle, and down the top. "Please allow me to worship your beautiful feet, Ma'am."

I nod as I gaze into your eyes, seeing your need for me shimmering in them. You slide the other shoe off, and lift my right foot to your mouth, and begin sucking on each toe individually. I lean back on the couch, watching you. You move to the other foot, bathing my toes with your soft loving mouth. I try hard to supress a groan of pleasure, with little success.

I see you smile against my foot as you continue your lavish attention to every inch of it. That's what is so good between us. The mutual pleasure, the giving and taking of our bodies and hearts and minds. Knowing just what spots to touch, to caress, to lick, the perfect ways to drive the other to heaven and back.

"You may move up higher now, pet," I whisper.

You obediently begin to lick and lave my calf with your velvety tongue. My legs part seemingly of their own volition, and you slowly work your way up my long silky thighs. Your hands slide up them, and you push gently, opening me up more. "Please, Mistress, may I taste you tonight?"

I shiver delicately, loving hearing you ask for permission, and I simply tilt my hips up, a silent granting of your wish. You lower your head, and I feel your warm breath whispering across my smoothly shaven lips. My arms lift to drape across the back of the couch, my hands clenching it tight, and you begin once again to devote yourself to my pleasure.

Spreading the puffy lips apart, your tongue slowly laps across my throbbing clit, making me gasp. You begin a series of long, flat tongued licks, from the bottom of my pussy to the top. Your quiet moans are like music to my ears, telling me how much you love doing this for me, to me.

Your tongue spears into my silky folds, attempting to penetrate me as deep as you can. My hips rock gently as you drive me higher and higher, pushing me closer to orgasm with your expert mouth. "Put your fingers in me, pet," I mutter hoarsely.

Two thick fingers slip into me, almost lifting me off the couch. You turn them and begin pressing against that magic spot deep inside me, and your mouth latches onto my swollen clit. Your tongue swirls around it slowly at first, then faster as you begin to suck it at the same time.

I feel the familiar sensation of my body expanding, then contracting as the explosion claims me. You ride me, prolonging the shuddering aftershocks. I whimper over and over as you lick me, lapping up the creamy juices brought on by the powerful orgasm.

You kiss my pussy almost reverently, and I clutch your hair and pull you up for a ferocious deep kiss, tasting my own sweetness on your mouth and tongue. My hand strokes your cheek as the kiss gentles, and I quiver in your arms.

We look into each others eyes, and I see your very soul there. I stand and hold my hand out to you, "Come with me, dear."

You follow me into the bedroom, and I instruct you to lay on the bed on your back. You climb into the middle, and stretch out, your arms and legs extended. I wrap the padded leather cuffs to your wrists and ankles, then snap them to the rings on the bed frame. God, pet, I love to see you this way. Your hard body naked, your cock rigid and hard, your nipples puckered and erect, your chest rising and falling rapidly. I can feel your lust.

I take a soft leather collar from the nightstand, and some nipple clamps attached to a long chain. I straddle your waist, and place the collar around your neck. I hook the chain to a loop in the front, and run the nipple clamps down. I lean down and lick and suck each one, then attach the clamps. Your sweet groans are just what I love to hear, pet.

I thread my fingers through your thick chest hair, pulling it now and then. I lazily drag my nails down your body, loving the way you shudder as I do. I tickle your belly button briefly, then move lower to dance my fingertips across your hipbones. My, how you quiver, my love.

I can see your muscles beginning to strain as you pull on the restraints. Knowing how you love that feeling; trapped, at my mercy, your body mine.  I reach into the drawer again, removing a butt plug and some lubricant.

I lay them on the bed, and put my hands behind your knees, pushing up and out. "Open for me," I murmur. You obediently lift your legs more, spreading them wider apart, tilting your hips up, exposing your little pucker.

  I reach for the slick gel, and put a big drop on my finger. I slide it over your little asshole, coating you. Reaching for the plug, I spread your cheeks a bit with one hand, and slide it in with the other. I love the way you clench around it, and I pull it in and out a few times, watching you cling to it.

I nestle it firmly inside you, and nuzzle my face in your crotch. God, I love the way you smell, pet. Musky, fresh, clean, and so male. I get up from the bed, standing beside it, looking down at you. I reach for the flogger hanging on the wall, seeing your eyes following my every move. Your legs are still open wide apart, knees lifted up, exposed, vulnerable. That you trust me in this position means the world to me.

I tease you at first, trailing the silky strands up and down your thighs and chest. I nudge the nipple clamps, loving the sounds you make as I do. I know how much you love the pleasure/pain coursing through your body right now, don't you, pet?

I begin to lash the strips across your body lightly, letting them just kiss your flesh. They curl around your cock and balls, and I watch you surge up towards them. "That's it, love, reach for them," I croon. Your sweet little whimpers make me shiver all over.

But I know you need more. I start to whip you harder, more frequently. Red stripes begin to appear on your skin. Your cock is so rigid, almost purple, with precum oozing from the tip freely. I stop for a moment, running my fingertip across the tip. Your gasp is gratifying.

I slide my finger across your lips, then my own, so we can taste you. Nectar, my love. I slip that same finger into my pussy, coating it, then give it to you to suck. Your eyes close as you suckle, your velvety tongue swirling around it. I feel a tugging sensation deep inside me. I pull my finger out, and straddle your hips, pushing your legs down.

Sitting on you, your iron cock under me, I slowly rock my hips against you. It separates my lips, settling against my clit. It's my turn to groan this time. I reach for the nipple clamps, tugging on them easily. You cry out, and I know they have been on long enough. "Ready for them to come off now, pet?"

You suck in a deep breath, and huskily say, "Yes, Ma'am." We both know it's the removal of the clamps that brings the most exquisite pain. I unclip them, and the blood rushes back into your nipples. Your guttural groan reaches deep inside me somehow, making my body clench. I have to have you, pet, NOW.

I reach between us, and with one push your cock sinks into me. You shove your hips up, almost lifting me off the bed.  You are imbedded in me, and yet I can't get you inside me deep enough. I push down hard, wanting more, all of you in me. I spread my lips apart with one hand and furiously rub my throbbing clit with the other. You fuck me.

The orgasm when it comes is violent, my whole body shaking as I cry out. As my pussy clamps down on you tight, I see your arms pulling on the bonds, the muscles straining. I feel you start to pump into me, your head thrown back, mouth open, a harsh groan ripped from your throat.

I collapse on your chest, breathing heavily, feeling my heart thundering in my chest. We tremble together, and I reach up and undo the wrist cuffs, and reach down and remove the butt plug. Your arms enfold me in a bone crushing hug. I kiss your beloved face, gentle little kisses all over. As we lay together on the bed, I feel the silken bonds of our hearts strengthening. I love you, my pet.

My Pet Part 3  by Cathy O'Niel  copyright 2000