The Meeting, (c) Copyright - Lady Donair July 2003 

The call had finally came in and Lacey was to meet the man on the following Friday night. She was to be prepared to present herself and she would be expected to accompany him on a 4 day get away. Mr. Gray is who she was to ask for. The week that followed seemed to take an age to come to an end. Her excitement and fear was more then she could possibly contain. She spent hours hovering over the books and magazines trying to look for the smallest nuances. She got on the internet and joined sites that were created to help instruct. Lacey had done as much as she could to prepare for Mr. Gray and for the Friday to come.

She carried a suitcase and walked into the building with the assigned address. The place looked normal enough. Lacey walked to the desk and a woman appeared wearing a beautifully etched leather collar with stones inlaid. Lacey couldn't help but notice how well she was dressed, an oriental print dress that fit every curve and contour of her body. The red color and gold print made the dark hair stand out as it fell over her shoulders. The Ivory of her skin said that she spent very little time outside, but the paleness was actually very becoming on the young woman. The paleness of her skin also helped to bring out eyes the color of molasses. Not so dark that they were a pure brown, but not light enough to be honey. That wasn't a natural color, or at least it wasn't a color that Lacey had ever seen before. "I need to meet with Mr. Grey." The woman shoed little response and directed Lacey to a private dining area where Mr. Gray waited.

Lacey wore a straight black leather skirt, a black tank top that fit her snugly and an emerald green silk shirt opened down the front, with a knee high leather boots that was decorated with a gold chain around each ankle. She entered a lowly lit room. The environment that she was entering threw her a little off balance. She expected a cold harsh place; instead she stood in a warm romantic, well furnished room. A fireplace lie in the back of the room burning brightly with plush white throw carpet in front of it. It reminded her of bear rug that you see in the movies, but this was just long white shaggy looking hair and the though of it against her skin sent tingles down her spine. The pictures though were not the traditional type of decorations, they were all done on soft colors, but they were all nudes of woman in poses that were borderline pornographic. One lay in the middle on a field of flowers yellows, purples, and reds everywhere, but one hand clutched a breast while the other had a finger hidden within herself. Another picture had a well-endowed blond girl sitting at the feet of a man. Her head rested on his knee, but she only wore a thick leather slave collar. He had one hand running through her hair, while the other held a lead loosely, like he knew that she wasn't going anywhere. Each picture showed a girl in a rather compromising sexual position, but it was arranged in a way that it looked like an art studio rather than a pornographic museum. Finally her eyes fell on a well-dressed gentleman sitting on a plush cushioned couch. Instinctively, she stood in the doorway until bid to enter. Mr. Gray was well built man: broad shoulders, lightly salted hair, a massive chest, and the face that showed a life of dedication and hard work. There was the slightest trace of wrinkles around the eyes and mouth. His eyes were the bluest she had ever seen. They were enchanting. 

He smiled and extended his hand to her. She gladly took it. Mr. Grey led her back to the couch where they could sit and talk. Lacey was close enough that should could have reached out and touched him. She had dreamed about what he would look like for weeks now, and the sound of his voice on the phone had cause her to become aroused. His voice had that deep ring and he didn't speak in a monotone like so many other people she knew. Now she sat here next to him. Wanting more, but forcing herself to remember her place, to wait on him. He was Master and she was servant.

"My name is Jackson Grey. In public you must call me Mr. Grey or Sir. In private moments, you may call me by my given name or by a title that is up to you. You will learn when it is acceptable to use my first name. I don't expect you to be perfect, but do expect that you try. I do expect that listen and learn the lessons that are given to you. I do expect obedience. Do you understand all of that?" Lacey shook her head in response to his question. "That will no do. When asked a direct question, you will answer. Do you understand all of that?"

"Yes, I understand, Sir. You wish that I will do the best that I can. That I will learn how to behave as a proper servant. You wish through your teachings and those that you put me with, that I will make proud."

"Very, good answer. Now, stand and let me look at you."

Lacey stood and Jackson took in the sight of the length of her body. Her legs were muscular and long, her bottom was firm and the shape of it was barely hidden under the soft leather. As she stood in one place, Jackson walked around behind her and placed his left hand on her breast and pulled her back into his chest. The smell of her auburn hair was clean and sweet. His right hand lifted her skirt and began to run his fingers over the soft material of her T-back panties. As she leaned back into Jackson's chest she could smell his cologne surround her. She breathed the scent on him in as she felt his hands touching her.

Just at the moment that Lacey was getting comfortable and enjoying the feeling of his hands, the girl that had directed her to the room walked in unannounced. Lacey went to pull away from Jackson, a natural enough reaction, but was met with her breast being squeezed tightly and the right hand leeching onto her thigh and pulling her back into him. She was in the man's grasp and he did not plan to let her loose just yet. She stood in the middle of the room with her skirt hiked up and Jackson playing with her pussy and breasts while the young fair skinned dark haired girl watched with a jealous hunger. She relaxed back into his chest and let her head fall into the roll of the man's shoulder and neck. Her mind went to the hunger in the girl's eyes and wondered if she was one of Mr. Grey's playmates. As Jackson's hands continue their exploration Lacey allowed her mind to go into it's own little world:

The girl crossed the room and knelt in front of the entwined couple and waited as Jackson caressed Lacey. He continued to look at the kneeling woman over Lacey's head and smiled, because he knew that she was waiting for permission to speak. 

"Let her wait" was the thought going through Jackson's head. 

Lacey was moaning more with each second and had began to move her hips against his crotch feeling his rising need as well. Just as she was about to come, Jackson backed away and went to the kneeling girl. He touched her head and she looked up at him with big brown eyes, and he gave only a simple nod. She stood and followed him back to Lacey. He took both ladies hands and led them to the rug in front of the fire. He pushed them to their knees in front of him and stepped back to sit on the couch that he had been on when Lacey had entered the room. Lacey felt herself begin to panic and started to move towards Jackson, but with a shake of his head she knew what he wanted. He wanted to watch the two of them together. He wanted to see their mouths, their tongues, their legs, and their sex. She turned to the ivory skin and dark eyes and felt a twinge in her stomach. She had never done this but for the first time, she found herself wanting to. Wanting to more than anything. The dark head was looking down to the ground. Lacey began to run her fingers through her hair and it felt heavier than she thought it would. Then she allowed her hands to run down her neck touching that oriental silk. The texture was a new sensation. It wasn't one of those cheap prints, it was embroidered with gold thread. Each design had a feeling and the feel of the silk was so soft in contrast. Lacey began to pull the hook and eye clasps open to show the skin that lay beneath. At last she got to the point that the girl had to stand to allow Lacey to finish unbuttoning the dress. She stood there in a bra and panty set that almost perfectly matched the red in the silk dress. Lacey stood up with the girl and began to undress herself as the Ivory stood and watched. The green fell to the ground, the black tank pulled up over her head, and the leather slid off her hips leaving her standing in her black bra and T-back and knee high leather boots. Lacey didn't usually take control of situations, but Ivory was obviously unable to take any steps without direction given or someone else in control. Lacey's nails ran along the length of body, stopping to touch and caress the most tender places. Ivory's breath had become shallow and her eyes were shut to feel her body being explored. Lacey had never felt such soft skin. A man's skin is textured with hair and calluses. Ivory's skin was so opposite. Lacey wanted to feel the girls breast and to see if her nipples would react to her touch. She helped Ivory remove the bra, but when Ivory went to help her she stopped her. 

"I want to see you. I want to give you pleasure. Would you like that?" 

The girl nodded, and Lacey looked to Mr. Grey for approval as well and with his nod of approval she continued by helping Ivory step out of her red panties. The contrast between the color of the skin and fabric made Lacey take in a deep breath, the beauty of her was almost overwhelming. The girl was naked, standing in the middle of the room, under the expecting eyes of Jackson and Lacey and her breath was labored as if scared. 

"I want you to lay down on the rug with your hands behind your back. You are not allowed to touch me, I want you to feel it all, with out any worry of me. I want to taste you and touch you, and I want you to do nothing but feel." 

Ivory did as she was asked and lay down on the rug. Lacey straddled one leg, placing a knee outside and the other knee was pressed up against her sex. She held herself up on her arms as she kissed the girl on the mouth pushing her tongue into her mouth. Ivory opened up and kissed her back. Lacey's tongue traced the line of her neck to her breasts. Just a minute ago she had wanted to touch those breast with her hands, but now it just didn't seem like enough. She placed her mouth on her nipple and kissed it gently, than began to suck. Ivory's nipple rose to meet her tongue and Lacey used her teeth to gently rake against the sensitive skin. Ivory arched her back and breath out loudly, Lacey knew she was enjoying herself. Lacey moved to the other breast and done the same but kept simulation with her hands and Ivory moaned and went to touch Lacey's head. 

"Do you enjoy what you are feeling?" Ivory nodded yes, "Do you want me to continue?" again Yes was answered, "Then you need to put your hands behind your back or I will quit." Ivory's eyes looked down at Lacey while she slid her hands back behind her back. 

"Good Girl." 

Lacey bit lightly on the skin near her belly and then lick it then blowing on the wet skin driving tingling sensations through her body, warm to cold back and forth as she worked her way down to the dark parch between her legs. Ivory kept it well trimmed and it smelled of perfume. Lacey laid her head on the top of Ivory's thigh and let her fingers feel the softness that lay between her legs. Lacey used her finger to penetrate her and licked around the lips avoiding the clit altogether, wanting to make it last as long as she could. Ivory had been laying still, but now she was moving with each slide of the fingers. Lacey watched as the girl moaned and moved wanted more, she was taking pride in the fact that she was causing this girl to react so extremely under touch. Ivory began to beg to feel Lacey's tongue. Lacey laughed to herself, she had never dreamed that she could do this another woman. She had never thought she would enjoy making a woman cry from pleasure and hear them beg for more, but that was exactly what Ivory was doing. Lacey wanted to push her over that edge. She put her head into the soft hair and she could smell the perfume, but she could taste the salt of sex. Lacey inserted a second finger and began to suck on her clit. She used her tongue to push the hood back exposing it even more. Ivory no longer was laying on her hands. Lacey hadn't noticed Jackson cross the room, but he had her hands pinned above her head stimulating her breasts again while Lacey worked her into a frenzy. Ivory screamed as she climaxed. Lacey tried best she could to hold on, but was surprised by the strength in the girl's body as she moved with climax. Lacey looked at Ivory's naked body and the light glistened off the sweat that covered it. A deep satisfaction came over Lacey knowing she had done that, she had taken that girl to a place of complete ease. 

Lacey opened her eyes to see the same girl scurrying around the room preparing a meal table for the couple to sit at. She couldn't help but think what if? Could she do it? Would it be expected of her? Probably, and she found herself looking forward to it.