His Gift, 1999 by Cathy O'Niel
All rights reserved - copy/duplication prohibited

She sat, remembering the night with him, when he spanked her, making her his.

He told her it was time to remove that robe, to show herself to him. She slowly let it slide down her shoulders, catching it in her hands, then let it slip to the floor. She wore a white satin thigh-length nightgown, with thin little straps and a single strand of pearls around her neck.

He smacked her bottom with his bare hand, and told to kneel in front of him, and to get rid of those panties. She complied, feeling semi-naked, exposed, the white satin nightgown barely covering her hips. He bound her hands with the belt of her terry cloth robe, cinching it tight around her wrists. His hands stroked her soft hair, telling her that he was not pleased when she opened the car door herself today.

"How many times did you do it?" he asked.

"Four" she whispers, a soft tear trickling down her cheek. She felt his displeasure with her. It wounded her heart. She knew he wanted to always treat her like a lady, and when she opened the door herself, it made him angry.

"You know you must be punished for that, don't you, my little one?" he asked softly, his voice mesmerizing, soft, seductive.

"Yes," she replied, half in fear, half in arousal.

He guided her mouth to his cock, full and heavy in front of her. She slipped her soft lips around the swollen head. His hips gyrated gently towards her, pushing his hardened length deep into her mouth. "Very nice, my angel."

After a few moments, he pulled away from her briefly, lowering the straps of the nightgown, exposing her pale breasts. He attached a nipple clamp. She winced; it was too tight, too painful. He saw her pain, and promptly removed it. He tried the clothes pins next but they were too painful now, the nipple slightly crushed by the nipple clamp before. He just tossed them aside, and gently massaged her nipples. The pleasure/pain was exquisite, his touch soothing yet again arousing like nothing she had ever felt before. She felt her nipples hardening more as his hand caressed her breasts.

He guided his hard cock back into her soft mouth, and leaned over her shoulder to spank her full round bottom. She shuddered at each hard blow, her pale skin turning a lovely shade of pink. She kept sucking him, harder, deeper; tears starting running down her face now. He stopped spanking her, his hands stroking her hair, whispering words of praise.

The tears poured unashamedly down her cheeks as he praised her, telling her how proud he was of her for allowing the spanking, for taking the nipple clamps so well, and for the excellent job she did on his cock with her mouth.

Then he pulled her to her feet. Laying her over his lap to continue the lesson in obedience, he was going to take her further than ever before. She became someone she didn't recognize, a weeping, pleading, whimpering female who submitted her body and soul for a brief time. No one had ever done that for her before. It was the culmination of years of fantasy, literally decades of aching want, desperate need, all given like a precious gift. The tears continued to flow, hot and sweet, his hands caressing her plump, rounded cheeks. He told her she must ask now for the spanking; four swats, and she must count them as they came.

She begged, she pleaded, she whimpered, counting each wonderful blow. Her ass was burning and tingling now, her pussy dripping, sopping wet. She felt his cock under her, warm hard and pressing up towards her body.

As she lay across his lap, trembling, shaking and quivering, his hands caressed her tenderly, soothing the reddened cheeks. His fingers probed deeply inside her slick juicy pussy, feeling the wetness he had created with his lesson.

He pulled her into his arms. Kissing her gently, he then lead her to bed. She lay on her back, and he pleasured her with the new pink vibrator he bought especially for her, another precious gift. He moved it in and out slowly, penetrating her deeply, the tip of the vibrator nudging her hardened cervix. She felt the humming throughout her entire body. His fingers circled and rubbed her dripping pussy.

As he stroked and petted and explored, her hand joined his on her swollen clitoris. Her large pearl moved from side to side as slippery fingers tweaked, pressed and slid over it. She remembered the incredible feeling of their hands on her, steadily driving her higher and higher. She exploded under the combined power of their hands, the first orgasm shattering her into a million pieces.

She felt her body expanding, stretching outwards, her breath caught in her throat, blood rushing to her face and neck. As the peak hit, it was as if her body collapsed in on itself, the convulsions rippling through her abdomen, causing her to lift her head up, her eyes tightly shut. As she collapsed back down onto the bed, he continued his tender assault. She remembers climaxing for him over and over as he played with her so expertly.

The powerful orgasms seemed ripped from her very soul; his hands felt savagely tender on her soft folds. As she calmed down slightly, he knelt in front of her. She took him in her mouth, sucking, licking, nibbling on his magnificent cock until he exploded into her throat, filling her mouth with the gift of his seed.

As she pulled her mouth away, she knew the incredible journey she had taken for him tonight. He lay down and held her close, his hands stroking her soft hair. Allowing her to come down from the intense emotional high, he murmured soft words of praise and love.

As the tears dried on her cheeks, she slept; fulfilled, loved, happy.

Copyright 1999 by Cathy O'Niel cathyo1955@hotmail.com - All rights reserved.

About the Author: I started out writing erotic e-mail for online friends. Many told me my letters were some of the most arousing stories they had ever read, and urged me to try and get them published. One thing lead to another, and now writing takes up most of my free time. I live in a small town in rural Kansas, am divorced, and live with a feisty dog named Lucy. I began exploring the wonderful world of D/s earlier this year, and feel I found my niche so to speak. The depth of emotion and caring in a true D/s relationship cannot be matched. I hope you enjoy my little glimpses into one of those relationships.