Consummation 1998
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Chapter 1

The flight had been uneventful leaving time to ponder details in my mind like rolling brandy on the tongue savoring vibrant sensation. As the wheels bounced down with their thump and screech the pilot came on welcoming us, telling the local weather conditions before the hostess thanked the passengers for flying with Delta.

There was no rush to debark. Anticipation could only add to our game. And I had all the advantage knowing what my lovely companion looked like while she was had never seen my picture. Passengers crowded the aisle intent on leaving the plane to meeting those waiting and they would hurry off to resume their lives. Our story was different. We were stepping out of separate lives and into an adventure we knew could be fascinating and rewarding beyond the everyday of the average being. But the reality of our tryst was that it was to be finite and brief. A whole relationship would be lived in only one weekend.

People were still exiting the plane as I followed, walking up the ramp to where those gathered searched faces for their loved ones. I saw her scanning each face as it passed the door and I deliberately did not make eye contact as I entered the waiting area. She looked exactly as I had her pictured only a little taller. Her hair was most distinctive and easy to spot from a distance. I could feel her eyes on me trying to figure if I was the person she was there to meet. Our eyes did not meet as I looked past her as if uninterested. Here eye left me and looked back at the now empty doorway as I passed close to her. I reached out and touched her elbow saying, "Follow me". I kept on walking confident she would be right behind me.

The signs led me to the baggage area and I stood watching the carousel until my two small bags came into view. When they were near I snatched them off the conveyer and turn for the first time acknowledging my companion. She was standing just behind me patiently with brows slightly furrowed. I handed her both bags. "And now I will follow you, Pet."

She turned and walked toward the exit carrying a bag in each hand. I surveyed her form from the rear as she walked. She had nice bones, well turned curves and was graceful in her movements. I couldn't help myself as a sudden rush increased my pulse just knowing we were going to explore a very private and wonderful world together. I pushed the thoughts back and concentrated on watching her ass move as she walked. Time enough for that later.

She stopped at a car and opened the trunk putting both bags inside. Then she came around to the passenger side and opened it for me, holding the door until I got in and then she closed it before going around the car. Once she was behind the wheel and buckled in she looked at me as if for directions.

"You are a delightful sight my Pet at least the little of you I can see at the moment. But that will soon be remedied. What should I call you out in public? Pet would certainly not be appropriate all the time. So tell me what you would liked to be called". I smile as you tell me "Vicki".

"Well Vicki, you may call me 'Dom'. We can hope anyone listening will think it is short for Dominic. Now take us to some nice restaurant for supper. We can chat and get to know one another better before we embark on our adventure." And with a "Yes Sir", we were off.

Vicki drove us to a lovely restaurant our on some highway or other. It really didn't matter to me where we went but she seemed to know this place. I took her hand as we walked toward the entrance and she smiled for the first time.  We were seated in a quiet booth toward the rear of the room. I pushed in next to Vicki our thighs touching for the first time. The sensation was like a shock and she visibly reacted. I reached out an patted her thigh taking her hand and holding it on the table. We stayed like that while we ordered drinks and eventually our meal. There was almost a familiarity between us without saying a word. But I suppose that was to be expected considering all the hours we had spent on line together. Still, chemistry is all important and imagination is a lot different than reality.  Just after our drinks were served I told Vicki to go to the ladies room and remove her panties and bring them back to me. She hardly hesitated. She slid out of the booth and crossed the floor waggling her lovely bottom as she went. She even managed a smile as she returned handing me the panties as she sat back down. They were still warm and when I held the rumpled bit of softness to my nose I could smell her aroma. They also seemed a little damp to the touch and when I mentioned this to Vicki she began to blush. Sweet. Hardly something you would expect of a lady who had committed to be your submissive for the weekend. I lifted my glass to her in a mock toast and we drank together. For all the world we looked like father and daughter out for a dinner together or at worst, a lecherous old man escorting a lovely lady in an effort to recapture his youth.

Our meal was delicious although neither both us ate sparingly.. To over eat would be to be unthinkable. We were about to be served coffee when I told Vicki to stand and hold still a moment before leaving for the ladies room again, this time to remove her bra.  Vicki did as I ordered. She stood up both hands on the table as if waiting for something as she turned her head toward me face slightly smiling. She did not flinch as my hand moved up under her skirt and found her wetness. I pressed the ben-wa balls up into that wetness one at a time as she continued to smile down at me as if we were finishing a conversation. My last words to her were that she should not loose her new gift. After patting her bottom my hand dropped down from between her legs. She moved away out of the booth taking her purse with her. When she returned it was obvious she had done what I had asked. Her breasts hung lower and jiggled and swayed as she walked across the room.

 "Do you want me to give you the bra too?" was all she said as she sat back down. She only got a smile as answer.

Over coffee we established limits and safe words. I held her hand and we could feel the excitement building as the moment got nearer for us to leave the restaurant knowing that our preliminaries were complete. The bill paid and our curious waitress compensated for her service we returned to the car. Soon we were on the highway and off to our reservations in the secluded country.

Vicki brought in the bags and I signed us in. Our room was to the rear of the resort. I let her struggling with the luggage as we wended our way to the room not offering to help. I did open the door for her and waited for her to pass into the suite before closing and locking the door again. Bags deposited Vicki stood waiting for some indication of what I expected of her next. Our eyes locked as I walked to the chair by the window. She followed my eyes until I was seated facing her and then I said, "Undress".

Her gaze remained on me as she began removing her things, slowly, deliberately. White, white skin came into view as she removed her blouse as her large breasts swayed from her movements. The nipples were deeper rose and a large aureole surrounded them. The condition of her nipples gave her away. It was evident she was reacting to our little game.

Next Vicki bent over pushing her skirt down over her hips letting it fall to the floor. She was naked except for her shoes, thigh high stocking and the necklace around her throat. A lovely sight indeed. Such white skin with an occasional freckle, beautiful full breasts, nipples accenting the alabaster skin and a little patch of darker red bush just over her vaginal crease. Vicki's hips were well formed and broad flowing down into ample thighs. The stocking only enhanced the effect and I stopped her form rolling the stocking down with a gesture. She seemed to understand and stood upright again clasping her hands behind her. I made a rotating motion with one hand and she turned slowly for me as if on display, which of course she was. When she had made a complete revolution I motioned for her to come closer to me. She stepped over her skirt and moved within reach holding still directly in front of me.

Her breasts more than filled my hands as I lifted them gently feeling their weight and quality. My fingers roamed over the exquisite texture of her skin as I made little trails around her nipples which by now were very erect. She took in a breath as I captured both nipples between thumb and forefinger and pulled them lightly. As I increased the pressure on her nipples she held very still enduring. The test was very quickly over and my fingers let her nipples free beginning to roam down over the curve of her belly. I blew onto the fuzz of her bush watching the hair move and then my finger made a trail along the path of her vagina feeling the warmth of her and the dampness trying to escape. I tapped the inside of each of her thighs with the back of my hands and she responded by opening her stance. I sat back in my chair admiring my lovely toy.

"Open yourself for me, Pet. Let me see the pinkness of your hidden charms. I suspect you are very wet about now but that will come later". 

Vicki brought her hands around in front of her body and using the tips of her fingers pulled open her vagina. I could see the inner lips and the glisten of dew gathering at the base of the petals. Her hood was also exposed. I resisted the temptation to push it back and bare here clitoris. "Wider," was all I said and she pulled at herself trying to show me more. I made the circular motion with my finger raised and she understood immediately turning away form me legs still apart. "Stop," and she held still her well rounded bottom toward me. She seem well aware of where I was going next. 

"Bend way over, Pet". Her head began to lower and her round ass pushed back at me. Her legs were still well spaced and I could see her pussy lips as she lowered her shoulders. The little tuft or auburn hair was visible below her vagina and the pick lips were still protruding. "Now reach back and spread for me, Pet. Let me see the rest of your hidden charms". Vicki brought her hands up along her thighs and placed them palm down on the expanse of the gorgeous white skin of her bottom. I watched her finger tips press in slightly as she pulled to open her cheeks as ordered. The cleft of her bottom parted and I could see along the crease to where her wrinkled anal opening lay just over her nether lips. "Hold still, Pet" My finger tip roamed along the glistening lips testing the wetness of my toy. She didn't flinch a bit when my finger parted her lips and pressed inward. I gathered her wetness and smeared some up along the little path of her perineum circling her darker anal ring. It took three dips to wet her sufficiently and then I pressed the tip of my finger against her anus just enough to indicate what was coming next. "Push back Pet". She leaned her weight back gingerly as my finger invaded her bottom very slowly. I watched as she back onto it until it was well embedded in her ass. "Good girl". I pulled my finger out in one swift move and patted her ass telling her to straighten up again. Vicki let go of her cheeks and raised up until she was standing upright again but held her position, legs spread hands at her sides waiting for instruction.

Consummation 2

"Undress me Pet". Vicki turned and began removing my shirt pulling it off before opening my belt and opening my fly. Soon my pants were down around my ankles and she was working my jockeys down south too. She knelt down and I steadied myself on her shoulder as she pulled the clothing from under my feet before pulling off my shoes and socks. When I was naked she sat back on her heels folding her hands in her lap waiting again. "Time to demonstrate your talents, my dear." I lifted my now stiffening erection pointing it at her. Without hesitation my pet leaned forward with open her mouth circling the knobby head with her lips. I felt her tongue beginning to lick around the head of my member as she worked her head in a little rocking motion. My cock pushed in and out of her mouth in a short gentle stroke. I put my hands on my hips and arched forward giving her free reign. Soon she was taking more of my cock deeper into her warm sweet mouth working me harder licking with her tongue between the bobs of her head. I had to pull back indicating that was enough stimulation and she opened her lips freeing my cock. No sooner had my cock escaped her lips than she lowered her head slightly and began kissing my scrotum licking the soft sack and nuzzling my groin. I let her continue her demonstration and then stepped back leaving her bent forward tongue extended for an instant. She immediately returned to her passive position with hands in her lap.

"Up on the bed Pet", I ordered and Vicki complied sitting in the center of the bed. "No, no Pet. I want you with your head down on the covers and your ass high in the air". Quickly Vicki changed her pose and put her head flat with her knees drawn up lifting her pretty bottom well off the bed. "Now open your knees Pet, reach under yourself and put your hands on your ankles." I opened one of my carry bags and took out the pair of velcro straps. I had the first one wrapped around her leg and arm before she knew what I was doing. Not that she would have moved had she know. I secured her other arm along her leg and then pulled her feet outward opening her even more. I looked back at her beautifully displayed posterior as I went back over to my bag of goodies. She waited patiently as I climbed up behind her and began applying a lubricant around that wrinkled anal ring. She seemed tense but did not move even when I pushed a well lubricated finger back into her rectum. I worked more and more lubricant up into her ass with the finger wiping around the outer ring and pushing it in and then adding more. When I was satisfied she was well prepared I pushed a second finger in. I heard her catch her breath but she did not protest. I turned my fingers this way and than and then pulled them out slowly adding more lotion I pushed one finger from each hand up into her. Softly I told her to try and relax. I was about to stretch her anal ring and assured her it would not hurt her beyond what she could endure. Then I began pulling her anus open by using my curled finger. Her asshole pulled oval. I added a bit more pressure and she let out a moan before I eased the pressure. I continued to stretch her anal ring until I could work three fingers in her ass easily. She was told to stay relaxed when I withdrew the fingers and she managed not to clamp down as my fingers left their snug confine.

It was as if she expected me to enter her doggy fashion. I squirted some lotion on the end of my cock and move closer to my target. The round head of my cock pressed against the soft anal ring and disappeared up into her bottom without her so much as reacting. I took hold of her hips with both hands and began stoking in and out gently pushing in her ass a little more with each pull. Her ass was incredibly tight and warm. I doubted how long I could last as keyed up as I was. The only hope I had of lasting was to hold still and gain some control. I pushed in and held her there with her white cheeks pressed against my abdomen.
She was a beautiful sight, back arching gracefully down to her red hair. The expanse of white skin pushing against me was a tempting target and an idea sprang forth. "As a good Pet you should service your Master. I have done enough work. Now it is your turn. I will hold still and you will put me over and when I am coming you clamp down and milk me with your ass. Do not go too fast. I want this to last and savor every moment and feeling. Do you understand Pet?" Vicki answered, "Yes" and she no more than got the syllables out when the flat of my hand met the round of her cheek. The resounding smack startled her more than hurt. Her head snapped up before falling back on the bed. The second slap landed over the first causing the now blushing spot to spread. "Yes What?", I demanded. There was moments hesitation and I was raising my hand for a third blow when she responded, "Yes, Master". We were indeed making progress.

I put my hands on my hips waited for my Pet to begin. When she still had not moved after what I considered reasonable time I slapped her ass again but harder this time telling her to begin. Her other cheek was given an impression of my hand and I admired the rosy glow as she began rocking her pretty bottom on my cock. The feeling was incredible. The tightness of her ass and the sight of my cock slipping in and out of that stretched ring were almost more than I could stand. I could feel Pet occasionally tighten up by clamping down on my cock before pulling forward. Just as she reversed directions I gave her another warming slap. Each time she changed directions after that I slapped her blushing cheeks trying to keep an even glow between them. The sound of my palm on her ass was exciting and the sight of her rosy cheeks even more stimulating. She move with ease seemingly content to be spanked as she fucked my cock with her ass.
Soon the tingle in my thighs and the contraction of my scrotum told me I was about to cum. The delicious tingle spread throughout my groin and I arched my back more. My cock stiffened and I felt the first contraction as my sperm spurted out into her canal. I could not help myself. I grabbed hold of her hips and pulled her back with sudden force burying my cock in her ass. I took over the rhythm pulling and pushing her ass over my cock. Every so often as a new ejaculation was erupting I would slap her well warmed ass before pulling her back on my cock. The cum eased the pressure of her ass and my cock slide more easily in and out of her ass. I fucked her that was until I was completely spent and then I left my cock in her ass a long time while I relished the feeling. Then I slowly pulled out leaving her ass leaking as I went to the bag and got her a new toy.  The butt plug slipped into her ass without much resistance. Her anus was left stretched and full. I pulled the velcro straps opening the bindings and then flopped down on the bed. Pet was free to move if she chose. "clean me up Pet," was all I could manage.

Vicki held her pose for some time and then worked her way over to the edge of the bed. I watched as she padded over to the bathroom and returned with a warm wet washcloth. She wiped me down and cleaned off any traces of our loving very gently almost lovingly. She left me again to rinse the cloth and was about to wash herself when I stopped her. She put down the cloth instantly and came to stand beside the bed. I had worked myself into the middle of the bed lying on my back. "Climb up her Pet and straddle my head."

Pet did as I ordered and soon I was looking up into her damp pink pussy. I guided her until she was almost seated on my chest with her moist pussy directly over my mouth. I pulled her ass closer with my hands and her wet lips pressed against my mouth. Her flavor spread through my mouth and I could feel the wetness of her pussy as she rubbed against my lips. My tongue parted her nether lips and curled up inside as deep as I could manage. I gathered her nectar on my tongue licking her deep and hard. Her hips were jerking on their own now and I pulled her even closer rubbing her against my teeth as my tongue worked magic in her sloppy canal. I worked my tongue up until it was flicking just over her hard nub. I felt her stiffen as my tongue worried her clit and she move down my mouth moaning as she drew dangerously close to her climax. Soon little involuntary humps of her hips told me she was well past the point of not return. I renewed my assault on her clit and nibbled it with lip covered teeth just as she exploded in climax. Her body shook and her hips gyrated on my mouth. She even reached down and held my head in between her hands as she rode my face to ecstasy, Her juices flowed running into my mouth and I had all I could do to swallow fact enough to keep from gagging. Then she slowed her movements and stopped holding very very still with her pussy pressed against my mouth and her hands still holding my head. I felt her hands easy and then leave me. Then she lifted up letting the cool air bathe over our over heated flesh. A chill shook her body and she opened her eyes and looked down at me. "You came without permission Pet. That is a major breach for which you must be punished. We will rest for now but you will select your own punishment when the time is right. Now lift up and let us shower and rest".

Off we went to shower. Pet turned on the spray and as she waited for the warm water to arrive she sat down on the stool. No sooner had she done that when I admonished her. "You did not ask permission to relieve yourself Pet?" She looked startled and then confused but she stood up again before asking is she might pee. Of course, she was refused for making such a blunder. Her brows folded in and down as concern registered on her face but she said nothing. She didn't say anything as I turned her around and bent her forward. My hand ran down over her lovely back until I could reach under her ass and find the base of the butt plug snugly lodged in her bottom. With one hand firmly on her hip holding her steady I took hold of plug and pulled in one steady motion. There was a plop as the plug pulled free and she exhaled a her lung full of pent up breath. I moved her toward the shower. She adjusted the spray to just the right temperature for us and I stepped in with her.

The next half hour were spent pleasantly soaping and rubbing skin. It was a time to relax and refresh. The toweling was stimulating and a fitting end to the shower. We stepped out of the bathroom and returned to the large bedroom area. I had Pet squat down. She looked puzzled but complied resting on her heels with her knees pointed out. "Now, some time ago I made a deposit for your pleasure. Do you still have them Pet?" A nod of the head indicated she did. "Then see if you can expel them for me." Pet concentrated and pushed but the ben-wa balls did not appear.  "Well, that is enough stimulation so reach in and get them if you cannot push them out." Pet tried again and then parted her lips gingerly with a finger working it around until a silver ball appeared dropping into her hand. The other one took more work but she eventually found it way up and dislodged it having it fall next to the first in her hand. She was blushing beet red by the time she finished. " Good girl. Did you enjoy wearing them Pet?" Vicki smiled and nodded. " They add a constant inner stimulation", she confided. I smiled knowingly and put the balls back in the travel bag. There were many more toys to play with before we had to part.

Consummation 3

We needed a little time to rest and relax. I suggested a little wine out in our garden behind our room and Pet smiled at the prospect. I reached for the phone and called room service ordering a nice blush wine with some chilled fruit. The voice on the other end of the line assured me it would be delivered within ten minutes. Hanging up I looked at Pet saying, "Done."

The next few minutes were spent tidying up the room putting away the toys that were still lying around. I slipped on a robe and slippers and Pet was about to pull on her robe when I stopped her telling her that she was to remain very natural unless I gave her permission to be otherwise. She put the robe back down across the chair and I put out a twenty dollar bill on the end of the counter. About that time there was a knock on the door. "Room Service" a voice announce. I looked to Pet and nodded my head toward the door. "Get it Pet. And do not forget to tip. And I expect you to have him make change".

Panic flashed in Pet's eyes as she realized what I was telling her to do. Her eyes darted from her robe to my face and then on to the door from where we heard a second knock. She hesitated a long moment as I watched her and then she picked up the bill and went to the door. She opened it just a crack looking out peeking around the edge. She handed the bill out to the young man and then stuck her hand out for the change. She was counting it when I said, "Have him bring it in Pet. He can put it out in the garden for us".  Here eyes flashed again in my direction and then she slowly opened the door motioning for the young man to come in. His eyes were wide when he realized she was naked. Then they looked down to the cart as if protecting her dignity. He began pushing the cart into the room. He could not help himself and his head turned as he passed Pet looking at her beautiful breasts just to his right. Then just a quickly he lowered his gaze again and pushed past her. I directed him to put the cart out in the garden area and as he approached the door I told Pet to open it for him. He hesitated as she walked past him again pulling the wide glass door open. Pet was getting into the happening and stood there hands on her hips waiting for the young man to pass her again. It was he who was beet red not her. And the bulge in his black trousers gave away his state of mind. Once the cart was in place the young man was about to beat a hasty retreat. I told Pet to give him a tip and she went back to where the change lay on the counter and took a five dollar bill. She held it out just inches form her red bush and waited for the blushing youth to take it. He was as anxious to get away as he was to get his tip. He reached out and fairly snatched it out of her hand as he stumbled toward the door. We were both laughing as he exited banging the door close behind him.  Pet and I went out into the garden and got comfortable. She was seated in a chair with low arms and I had a half reclined on a lounge. The low table between us held the ice bucket with the wine and a large bowl of fruit along with napkins and glasses. I got up an poured us two glasses of wine handing one to her. I watched as she settled back into the chair and handed her some grapes on a napkin. We sipped and chatted for half an hour reminiscing about things we had said and done on line before we ever decided to actually meet. I refilled her glass and and took my seat opposite.

"Now, Pet, push your bottom nearer the edge of the chair and open up for me. Put your legs up over the arms of the chair and let me see your charms as we finish our drinks. " Pet did as requested. Smiling she put one leg up and over the arm of her chair and still watching my face she did the same with the other leg. She sat there leaning back in her chair legs splayed pussy showing pink and sweet. "Now make yourself cum for me pet."

Long pause. Vicki looked into my eyes and then reached down with one hand and began rubbing her pussy in a little circular motion with the flat of three fingertips. It was a delight to watch the puffy outer lips moving under her touch rolling across her pubic bone. Occasionally she would look down as she moved her fingers parting the outer lips with her middle finger still moving in a slow rotation. Almost absently she moved her other hand out and put her glass down on the side table near her chair. Then she brought that hand down to her pussy and pulled one side. Her outer lips parted more and the moist pink inner flesh was visible. She pushed a finger between her lovely inner lips pushing them aside. They lay open now. She added a second finger and pushed both deep in her pussy, eyes closing now. Her head tipped back. Her mouth opened slightly. Her brows furrowed as she concentrated on her inner most feelings growing in her groin. She worried her pussy with fingers moving in and out and then she began rubbing the hard little nub of her clit with the tip of one finger. She knew I was watching her every move and she let out a little moan as her cheeks bounced and her pussy lifted. She rubbed furiously and frigged herself as she reached her climax. If it were not the involuntary shudders it was the guttural sounds that proclaimed the moment of her climax. I watched her fly over the crest and hold in mid flight before descending with a sigh hips falling back to the chair. She pushed her hands hard against her pussy as if tying to hold in the climax and then she went limp, elbows sagging at her side, hand pulling out of her pussy leaving it open and exposed.

Several moments passed. Clap. Clap Clap. I applauded lightly breaking the mood. Vicki opened her eyes as looked at me as if surprised I was there and then it all seemed to register and she smiled. "Very nice, my pet. Now it is time you served us more wine".

Vicki mustered her strength and swung her legs down from the arms of the chair. See stood and walked over to the bottle still being iced and pulled it out. She came over to me and poured my wine and then went to pour her own. "Bring me the grapes, Pet. I feel a bit in need of some sustenance." Pet brought me the bowl and I picked three large grapes off the bunch. One by one I pressed them up between her puffy nether lips into the wet grotto beyond. I took one more and placed it just between her lips just far enough in so it would stay. As she stood next to me I quickly reversed my position and lay on the lounge head near her. "Now it is time for you to feed me Pet. Come give me your grapes."

Vicki looked a little confused but I reached out and took her hand pulling her over to me, moving her so she was almost over my head. It was obvious by my acrobatics I wanted her to straddle my head and she eventually stood over me legs apart. I pulled her hips down until her pussy made contact with my mouth and I began to lick along the moist slit teasing her. I could feel the grape between her nether lips and I toyed with it before curling my tongue and scooping it out. I chewed it with my mouth still on her pussy working her over as I did. Then my tongue went in search of another grape. I worked and worked but finally had to push a finger up inside her and coax the grape down. I chewed that one while pulling on her lips with my lips. I had to search for the next two grapes but eventually they were both consumed. By then my Pet was leaking love juices and I continued to lick her flow. I reached up and took hold of her rounded bottom pulling and moving her hips over my mouth. She was soon rocking and rubbing her pussy on my mouth and I could tell by her breathing she was nearing another climax. Just as she stiffened I bit down on her clit with lip covered teeth rubbing the rigid nub firmly.  She rubbed herself off on my mouth and grabbed hold of my body to steady herself as she came. I worked her all the way over and then held still again while she came back to earth.

When she was able to stand I patted her bottom as a signal she should get up. She lifted off leaving a trail of love juices. "Towel". was all I said and she was off to get one. She wiped my smeared face when she return and then wiped between her own legs as I sat back up. "Did you enjoy that pet," I asked. Vicki smiled assuring me she did indeed. "There is only one small problem Pet." Vicki looked puzzled. "You did not ask permission to cum either time now did you? You know full well that is a requirement. Failure is very punishable and will be dealt with immediately."

Vicki looked flustered and anxious. Her hands went to her lap and her eyes looked down to the ground. "Now Pet, what do you think should be a suitable punishment for your infraction?" There was along pause. "I should be taught a lesson, Master," came her reply. "And how shall we accomplish that pet?" Another long pause. Eyes held demurely down. "A spanking would be in order," she offered. "And how many swats do you think it would take for you to learn your lesson Pet?" The answer came immediately. "Oh, ten would do it Sir," she offered. "No pet, ten seems much too little. Let's double that to twenty." I let her think about that for a moment and then added, "On each cheek. You will count out your punishment and if you loose count we will start over again. Is that understood my pet?" Vicki nodded almost absently a bit of a frown on her brow. "Now we will go inside for your lesson. You will get a chance to see what I have for you before we begin. I am sure you will behave from now on as expected."

With that I stood up offering my hand to Vicki. She raised a hand and took mine standing as I helped her up. About then there was a rustle just beyond the shrubbery. A sound of retreating footsteps gave away the face we had been observed at play. Pet kept looking back at the bushes as I led her into out rooms.
When we were back in the security of our room I laid out several toys on the counter. There was a paddle much like a ping pong paddle, a flat leather double strap with a handle, and a fringed soft fingered whip with a round wooded handle that also had a leather loop at the end. I called Vicki over to see the choices. The concern on her face was obvious. Here eyes moved back and forth over the selection and then her eyes came up to meet mine. "Do you have a preference pet?" Her eyes immediately fell, her quaking voice saying, "What ever pleases you, Master." I told her to to drape herself over the over stuffed chair arm and open her legs. Pet did exactly as ordered. I walked over to the toy kit and got out a pair of soft cords with which I tied her ankles to the legs of the chair. She lay there passively as I got another cord and secured her wrists together out in front of her head, dropping the cord down and tying it off to the rear leg of the chair. My pet was quite helpless and well presented. Her lovely bottom curved over the soft arm of the chair. Her pussy lips protruding prettily below her inviting cheeks. She lay with her head turned slightly side wards facing me. I went to the counter and picked up the double strap and brought it to her. "Kiss your teacher, pet". I lowered the black leather to her face and she dutiful kissed the thick leather strap. "Now count, pet and remember, if you loose count we start again. Is that understood?" "Yes, Master," came the weak response.

There was the sound of something moving through the air and then the sharp slap of leather on white soft flesh. The sound echoed in the room as did the cry that Pet let out. There was a pause and I heard her say, "one". The red wide stripe began to show immediately. I watched with fascination as it blushed to warm rose. Swish, smack on almost the same spot. A deep gasp and her soft voice saying, "two". I took aim at her other as yet unmarked cheek and swung with the same force as before. The sound of belt on fleshy cheek could be heard as her head snapped up. Tears were just behind her eye lids as she offered, "three". For the next few strokes I varied the spot and intensity. The red bloom on her well rounded bottom spread from the top side of her curved ass to the crease where her cheeks met her legs. She kept up with the count, " four, five, six, seven, eight". By the time she reached ten the tears were running down her cheeks and she was breathing heavily her skin showing a sheen of sweat.

"Eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen," and the a pause. I ran my hand over her warming flesh. Her body shuddered. I blew lightly over her bottom before standing up and taking aim again. Smack. " fifteen," came the tiny voice. One cheek was glowing much more than the other it seemed. I landed the next three swats on the neglected curve. " Sixteen, seventeen, eighteen," the count continued. I returned to the first cheek for nineteen and twenty. I gave Pet a rest feeling the heat of her cheeks with my hand as she lay over the chair. She closed her eyes as her breathing was deep and even now.

"How are you doing pet?" I asked. "Fine Master." "You are half way there now. Do you think you can take the whole lesson now or shall we save the other half for later?" Long pause. I could almost hear her thinking and then she said, "Whatever pleases you Master." I smiled down at her. She was a most delightful Pet. My hand lightly passed over her heated bottom. She winced at the slight pressure and I decided she had had enough. I put the strap down out of her sight and moved up behind her bottom running my fingers down along the still white path between her cheeks. I tickled her little wrinkled hole and she jumped as I pressed in at the very center. I reached down under her mons and felt the flow from her pussy leaking down over the arm of the chair. We would have a tough time explaining that stain to the hotel. Her pussy lips move easily as I pulled one to either side opening the flower of her cunt.

Before she knew what I was about to do I pressed my cock between those petals and up into her wet pussy. She was so wet I slid in without hesitation and soon was slapping her ass with me belly as I fucked her with slow strokes. With each stroke slapping her heated ass I counted, Twenty one, twenty two, twenty three, twenty four, twenty five," and soon she realized what I was doing and picked up the count. She owed me a few stokes for missing the count and I kept slapping into her poor abused cheeks as I fucked her good and slow. I could feel her moving with me now and grabbed her hips with both hands. Pulling my self in deep and hard I felt my belly slapping against her hot cheeks. I watched them juggle and shake with each stroke and I fucked harder and harder as I neared my orgasm. We were well over forty when I began to cum. My balls tightened and jism shot out of my cock. I pulled her back as hard as I could driving deeper if that was possible. Spurt after spurt shot out of my cock drenching the walls of her pussy. I began fucking her again humping quickly now, trying to make the feeling last. I felt her ass lift and then she began to shake and struggle against her bonds. She fairly screamed, "May I please come Master". I told her to cum for me and immediately. She began coming and moaning all at once. I continued to stoke deep and hard helping her over and then I felt her contracting around my cock as she climaxed, ass clenching, body shaking. I held her hips as she shook and then went limp over the chair.

Slowly I pulled out leaving a thin trail of cum draining from her pussy. She did not move but her breathing was returning to normal and her eyes moved slightly under her eyelids. Then she went still as if falling asleep.
I went to the bathroom and washed up a bit. She was just as I left her still bound over the arm of the chair. I sat behind those glorious rosy cheeks watching the white milky fluid draining from her puffy pussy. The arm of the chair was soaked and stained but it was too later to bother with that. I waited for her to regain her composure and awaken so we could continue our explorations. Then I drifted off myself.

Consummation 4

From where I was seated behind her, Pet could not see me She must have thought I had left her like that because she was grunting and struggling against her bonds. Some time must have passed because I noticed her bottom was no longer bright red but merely a little blushed in tone. She pulled at her wrist tie and jerked her arms to no avail. Her lets were still secured to the legs of the chair keeping them open showing her pussy. I watched her for another few minutes before she gave up and stopped struggling.

"Would you like to be released pet?", I asked. Vicki's head snapped up and she tried to turn enough to see me but without success. "Yes, Master," she said. "I am getting stiff like this". I went over to her and ran my hands over here lovely bottom feeling the smoothness of her skin and the softness of her bottom. And then I knelt down and untied the cords holding her ankles to the chair. Then I move to where her wrists were tied to the other side and untied them but leaving her wrists bound together. I helped her off the arm of the chair holding her against me as she got her legs back. She was very unsteady and leaned against me tipping her head against my shoulder. I lifted her chin and gave her as soft kiss on her beautiful lips. She melted against me and her mouth opened slightly as an invitation. My tongue passed over her soft lips and found her tongue. Tip to tip we flicked and rolled our tongues together before I pulled back and gave her a peck on the nose laughing. ""Minx, it is obvious you have not had enough yet. Maybe it is time we got back to our games".

With that I stood her upright again and walked away leading her by her wrists out into the garden again. I took a chair and threw a pillow on the ground at my feet. Pulling Pet toward the pillow I suggested she kneel down facing me which she did. I opened my legs an slumped back in the chair. "I seem to need some inspiration, Pet. See what you can do to provide it". She half smiled as she leaned in and began caressing my soft member with her shackled hands. She grasped the shaft and held my cock upright as she bent over and began planting light kisses around the head. Every once in awhile her eyes would lift to look at my face before returning to what she was intent on doing. Her tongue flicked over the very top of my cock and I could feel the coolness of the wet spot it made. She licked more of the head and then down the shaft along the underside. She was pointing my cock up along my body as she kissed her way down toward my scrotum. And she didn't stop there. Her animated tongue began bathing my sack making it wet over and under and all around. Then I felt some pressure as she sucked one of my balls into her mouth. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the feelings she was giving me. Her tongue began working on my testicle, around and around in her mouth. And then she let it slip out blowing a jet of cool air on it as she moved over to capture the other one. By the time she had worked her magic my cock was rigid and ready again. I reached down and guided her attention upward by pulling on the top of her hair gently but firmly enough she worked her way back along the shaft. Once at the knobby head she captured my cock in her mouth. I looked down at her kneeling between my legs, eyes now closed, lips round and circling my cock just behind the head. I moved her head down and up slowly by gripping her hair. Soon she was taking more and more of my cock into her mouth with each bob of her head. On one dip I held her head down with my cock deep in her mouth feeling her struggling with the deep penetration. Then I lifted her head giving her relief and myself some control. It was time to switch games or I would cum in her mouth and I wanted the energy of a built up need. I pulled up on her tresses again and her mouth slipped off my cock still in that pretty oval.

Vicki's eyes came open at the loss. She must have intended to finish me off when I interrupted her motions. "Time to change the game, Pet". She smiled up at me. "Stand up and let me see how wet you are." She pushed herself back onto her heels and stood up, wrists still bound and the cord trailing on the floor. I got up and bent over picking up the cord and drawing her over to a tree at the edge of the garden. Then I tossed the cord up over a lot hanging limb and pulled Vicki's arms up over her head until she was stretched tall. Her lovely breasts were pulled up and her tummy flattened with the extension of her body. Even the arch of her spine was more pronounced giving a love curve to her body. I tied off the cord keeping her there in position and began to run my hands lightly over her form. I cupped each breast and tweaked each rosy nipple as I massaged her breasts. She wiggled as I ran my hands down over her ribs playing a little tune on them with my fingers teasing her. My hands went down over the swell of her belly and over the points of her hip bones. And then I cupped her pussy with my right hand. I could feel the heat of her groin and the moisture she exuded. Rubbing my hand flat against her pussy I watched her climbing with need. I pulled my hand away and walked into the room leaving her suspended there.

Vicki watched me approaching with my collection of toys as I crossed the garden again. Putting my things down in a chair I pulled two lengths of cord out of the pile. It wasn't long before I had one cord tied around each of her ankles and was pulling one foot out to the right before tying it off. She had a little more trouble with her balance as I pulled her other leg out to the side leaving her almost on tip toes legs spread open arms raised high. I went to the things in the chair and selected a long slim vibrator. Waving it as I move in front of Vicki I told her that she was to hold this for me and not loose it. And with that I slipped the vibrator slowly up into her pussy moving it in and out to lubricate it with her own flow. She tipped her head back as I worked the vibrator up into her pussy and then I turned it on. A soft hum could be heard and her body stiffened and the sensation. I stepped back smiling at her predicament and took a seat in front of her.

The vibrations in her pussy were having their effect and I watched her beginning to squirm and turn her hips from one side to the other. She kept lifting and lowering her head and little shivers went through her body as she neared her climax. She was fighting to gain control again and I thought she would have to ask permission to cum at any moment. She must have had a terribly strong contraction because the vibrator almost squirted out landing on the ground just in front of her lovely pussy. Her head was thrown back and her breathing was shallow and rapid. I got to me feet and retrieved the toy.

"You lost you plaything pet... Pity. You were so close too. Would you like me to put it back for you?" She answered in a small voice, "Yes Master, if you would like it in me." I turned and walked to the pile of things in the chair. I put the vibrator back in the pile and took out a stubby dildo. She hardly moved as I pressed the think dildo in place. "Now Pet, that one is easier for you to hold onto. However, it is not as stimulating. If you want something more interesting you must ask me for it. Until then just work on keeping this one in your pussy". I returned to my chair and waited.

Vicki had no trouble keeping the dildo in and she didn't seem to be willing to ask for anything more. I got tired of waiting and went back over to her and reached down and pulled the dildo out until only the very end was in her pussy pausing a moment before pushing it back in right to the hilt. On the third cycle Vicki began to move her hips as I plunged the dildo back into her. She moved with me during the next three cycles and then I pulled the dildo out completely leaving her wanting again. "You need something more erotic I can tell". And I went to the pile on the chair again.

I returned with a large egg shaped toy from which there was a wire leading to a control box with a knob. I had her lick the egg to wet it and then pressed it against her puffy pussy lips parting them as I did. The egg was swallowed up into her pussy and disappeared with only the wire revealing where it was hidden.
"This should tickle your fancy Pet. Do you like the full feeling it give you?" Vicki nodded slowly. I turned the knob a little to start the egg dancing and immediately Vicki began to arch her hips swaying with the sensations filling her groin. I turned up the volume again and the buzzing could now be heard distinctly. The egg was doing exactly what it was designed to do, stimulate and vibrate. Vicki was soon climbing again and on the verge of orgasm. There was not stopping now and she cried out, "Please may I cum?" When I did not answer she repeated her question only asking in proper form, "Please, Master, may I cum now?" I responded, "Cum for me Pet and let me see how well you dance the dance of love". With that Vicki began to wriggle and twist. Her hips gave quick little arches as if she were trying to fuck the air. She continued to jerk and twist for several moments before I turn the knob off and gave her some relief.

She hung there taking deep gulps of air as she gathered the pieces together again. I watched as she calmed and relaxed, her head resting on her chin. I let her rest a few moments more and then turned the knob again directly onto high. It was as if her body had received a jolt. She tried to pull her legs together against the bonds. Her hips made little involuntary bumps and her head snapped back and forth. She was off and climaxing again almost immediately. She made little moaning sounds as she worked her hips against an imaginary lover. Her breast swayed and shook. Her whole body danced in the air and she finally let out a cry as she came again. I left her on high as I counted to ten making sure she had the climax of her life and then slowly lowered the vibrations until the egg went still in her pussy.

Vicki was spent. Her body was covered with the glow of sweat. Her head hung down and she looked exhausted. I quickly untied her ankles and then released the cord holding her arms up over her head. I caught her and half carried her over to the lounge. She lay her full length when I lifted her legs up onto the lounge. She didn't move as I undid her wrists but I began pulling the wire she let her legs fall open just enough for the egg to come out with a plop. I returned to my chair and sat just looking at her beauty as she appeared to sleep.....