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His fingers tenderly brushed across the silver choker that circled her long slender neck, letting them slide casually down the soft plunging neckline of her dress. Curving under the close fitting silk of her bodice, stroking the slope of her breast. His eyes watched her reaction to His touch. A smile tugging at His lips as He saw her tremble. Curling the wispy tendril of hair that hung delicately against her cheek around His finger, His voice breathed into her ear warning her to obey His every command whilst in the classy restaurant. He saw with amusement the light smattering of goose bumps rise along her naked arm, and the involuntary shiver that raced up her spine as she nodded her head once, too afraid to speak.

He was fussed over by the snotty Maitreíd, fawned upon by the waiter that showed them to their exclusive booth at the back of the restaurant. Together they made a striking couple. The aura of sheer magnetism that emanated from Him could pull woman and often men to Him like a moth to a flickering flame. His smile alone melted the iciest heart, the devil Himself lacked His charisma. She was graceful and poised in her demeanor, one could easily mistake her for royalty. Few would ever realize she was His servant, His slave, His one and only toy that at His merest whim would kneel before whomever He chose and perform the most depraved sexual acts and never bat an eyelid.

The soft murmur of the voices within the restaurant stilled as they passed, the clink of china and cutlery momentarily ceasing as they moved across the plush pile carpet. Even the clatter of the kitchen seemed to dull as this pair were settled into the lush leather seats of their secluded booth. His fingers ran across the soft flush in her cheek as the waiter laid a crisp linen napkin into her lap. The touch was a signal, her thighs parting the instant the young manís hand dipped below the table, her short skirt riding up along her silk clad thighs, exposing for a brief moment a swirl of black lace. His dark eyes held the waiterís as if a dare, almost urging the young man to let his touch linger. She lifted her hand in an innocent gesture to brush back the lock of hair, letting it glide across the bulge within the waiterís tight fitting trousers. Her eyes ice blue danced with a wicked glint as she felt him jerk at her touch.

"A basket of breadsticks, thereís a good fellow" He ordered the now stuttering blushing waiter. As the young man turned He added with a smirk in His tone "make sure they are thick and still warm" His fingers running along the thigh of His girl as He whispered to her "canít have that hungry pussy wanting can we little one" He reclined back into the soft leather seat, viewing the room like a landowner views His kingdom. All the time His fingers fondling her, not caring if any saw His public groping of her flesh.

Word must have spread amongst the staff as another young waiter delivered the basket brimming with the heavenly smelling bread sticks. His eyes devouring the woman that sat demurely at the table. The older Man grabbed a stick and ran it teasingly across her lips, "suck it" He told her. The young man stood mouth agape as her soft lips parted, sliding the warm breadstick between them, her tongue rolling sensually around the warm rounded end of the stick. Her white teeth grazing along the crust. Flakes of crumbs falling into her gently heaving cleavage.


With an amused expression flitting across His features, He watched the young man almost cum there and then He pushed the stick deeper into her willing mouth. Watching her cheeks cave in as she accepted the thick length of the breadstick. Sliding it in and out with obscene movements. "Spread" He told her, highly pleased that the young waiter was still fixed to the spot watching the show His little one was giving. The wine waiter happened to arrive at the exact moment her thighs spread as she slid forward on the leather seat. He pulled another breadstick from the wicker basket, studying its length intently. A wink to the assembled audience "Thick enough for her?"

The young waiter groaned audibly as he realized what the older Man intended to do with the breadstick. A moment of panic washed over him Ö. "What if one of the other patrons saw what was going on in the semi darkened corner", yet lust pulled his mind back to the beauty that now reclined upon the seat, her silk clad thighs spread wide. The wine waiter brazenly offered to help with the Ďdutiesí at hand. A curt nod from the older Man, as the young man was handed the thick breadstick. A look of pure animal passion raging in His dark eyes as He watched the young man lean towards His girl.

"Wider" He snapped at her. Her hips arched upwards as her skirt rode up over her flesh, exposing now her smoothly shaved mound, the ivory of her flesh a sharp contrast to the black of the silk that lay against her skin. What always amused the Man was that suddenly His table received the best service as a waitress sidled up to the table. With trembling fingers the wine waiter moved the stick towards the now glistening lips of the young woman. Shooting the Man an uncertain look as it touched the tender pink folds.

"Screw it in" His voice soothed the younger man, as the woman bit her bottom lip to hold back the moan of pleasure as the crusty breadstick was inserted into her willing cunt. The waiter hurried off towards the kitchen, visible evidence of his erection outlined in his tight pants, rudely ignoring an old dowager that was demanding service. The young man that held the stick began twisting it deeper into her body, watching with fascination as her pussy lips opened to receive her food. In a low guttural growl her Master whispered "lets feed that hungry pussy My love" indicating to the young man to delve deeper.

The waitress leaned across the table in a fake show of clearing the table, her hands instead fondling the silk encased breasts of the wanton whore that arched her body to the pounding breadstick. Lips grazed against hers as the older Man flicked His thumb nail across her exposed clit. Leaning back against His seat in a show of casual indifference as His little slut was rammed hard with the bread. His fingers beneath the cover of the tablecloth stroking and fondling His slave, feeling her body shudder with the lusts He alone knew she possessed.

Her nails ripped into the leather of the seat as she gyrated her hips to the young manís ministrations. A quizzical look crossed the waiterís face almost seeking permission from the Man to touch. Swiftly leaning forward , He grabbed the back of his head, shoving the wine waiterís face against her throbbing clit. Grinding his nose into the warm flesh. The mewing sounds of His girl now began in earnest, as she was taken repeatedly with the stick. "Cum whore" He growled at her, hearing her gasp, feeling her tense as her juices erupted from her body. Spilling out around the now soggy stick. Coating the young waiterís chin. His tongue lapping furiously at the doughy offering.

He handed the waitress a napkin, indicating to her to clean His girl, her fingers sliding across the crumb-covered lips. Bringing the soaked napkin to her nostrils inhaling deeply the sweet aroma. His hand patted the cheek of the waiter, swatting the bottom of the waitress sending them both on their way. His gaze warm and full of passion turned to His whore. She had straightened herself and was now sitting demurely again, lust smouldering in her features. "Ready for dinner my sweet?"