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Master was feeling out of sorts. No particular reason. It was just a deep down feeling of aggravation, frustration or discontent. He was in no mood to be trifled with. Dawn should have know better than to push him too far.

The final straw came when Dawn questioned some insignificant decision Master had made. It really didn't matter. He had decided that they go to a movie and she simply asked why he wanted to see "that" film. She was hoping to see the love story playing only ten minutes later in an adjacent theater. Before she knew she was in trouble she was being dragged by her hair and pulled over his knee. As he pulled up her skirt, she almost smiled at the thought she had diverted him from the action film. She new that if he amused himself with her bottom very long it would be too late to go to his selection. That was before the first slap of his hand landed on her bare bottom.

Smack! Smack! Smack! She felt his fury on her right cheek. Smack! Smack! Smack! the other cheek felt his anger. Dawn still felt it was a game as warmth spread through her upturned bottom. She knew both cheeks were beginning to blush. She also knew Master love to witness the first blushing hues on her lovely white skin. Dawn playfully lifted her bottom as if inviting more and CRACK, CRACK, CRACK the palm of his hand landed again and again alternating between her glowing cheeks. The warming turned more toward burning by the time Master paused. Dawn was not at all sure she had not tempted fate. She hung over Masters lap head down, feet slightly open and her bottom turning a more brilliant shade of rose. She also knew she was getting moist. Over the knee spankings were a favorite game with her and they never failed to get her juices flowing.

There was a long pause as if Master was thinking or resting and Dawn wondered if the spanking was over. She wished she could see the clock. Maybe they could still make the later movie. CRACK, CRACK, CRACK! The spanking continued shaking her curvaceous mounds even more severely. Master worked on one cheek until she felt she would scream and then he shifted his attention to the other brightening it to the same flaming hue as the first. Dawn was sure he was serious. It was not a playful game. She sensed it was to be much more than that. Maybe she had overstepped her bounds once too often. Master seemed intent on driving the point home to teach her a lesson, again. Sometimes spirited subbies get too comfortable and forget what and where and especially who. Dawn was about to get a refresher course.

By the time Master paused again her bottom was on fire. The smile was gone along with any thought of this spanking being a game. Tears were streaming down her face and dropping on the floor beneath her. Her breath was labored, coming in gasps and sobs. Dawn knew that if Master checked he would find her soaked. Her pussy was also weeping but for entirely different reasons. She was very aroused and in need. Dawn could only pray that Master would be satiated soon and then put out the fire in her loins.

"You have displeased me, Dawn. You seemed to have forgotten my rules or else you mock me. In either case, not a wise thing for a submissive to do. Therefore, we need to have a little lesson to correct your behavior. Do you understand, pet?"

Dawn moved her head slowly up and down while continuing to sob. She knew by the tone of his voice her lesson was only beginning. She had only seen him this angry once before and it was not a pleasant memory. His next command came to her as a whisper.

"You are to get up pet. Select two of our correctional toys and meet me in the bedroom. Lay them out in the order you wish them applied. Your are to present yourself completely naked, kneeling in your most humble pose. If at the end of your correction you still can sit, we will go to the movies as planned. We should be able to make the 10 pm showing, that is if you are not too stubborn. With that Master stood up dumping Dawn unceremoniously to the carpet. Dawn was quick to scurry out of the room rosy bottom jiggling as she retreated from his sight.

Master took his time going to the bedroom. There waiting was a more compliant Dawn, head bowed, eyes lowered, palms up on her slightly spread thighs as she knelt with her warmed cheeks back on her heels. Carefully laid out on the bed was a paddle and a soft leather flogger. Master smiled a wry half smile as he surveyed her choices. He reached into the top drawer of the dresser and took out a pair of dice. Then he began describing the next phase of Dawn's correction to her in a measured tone. The number of strokes she would receive with each instrument would be determined by the number she drew from the roll of the dice. Dawn would have to roll her own dice so she would be responsible for extent of her own correction. Master reserved the right to select the pose she would assume, the severity of the swats and when the punishments were delivered. The thought brought a smile to the corner of his mouth.

Dawn nodded her acknowledgement. With that understanding, Master placed the dice into Dawn's mouth and instructed her to roll them around on her tongue before spitting them out. She was to receive the combined total as swats of the paddle equally on both cheeks. The second number she rolled would be the number of strokes she would receive with the flogger. Master went on to admonished Dawn that he was sincerely hopeful that she would learn her lesson well and return to the obedient pet he loved so much. Master held the paddle just under Dawn's chin as she spit out the dice. They landed with a double clunk revealing a four and a five. Master dumped the dice into his hand and pointed the paddle toward the bed. He told Dawn to crawl up and put her head down but leaving her bottom well in the air for her paddling. She new the pose well.

Master watched Dawn kneel on the edge of the bed with her feet hanging over the edge. Her knees were well space apart leaving her shaved pussy exposed. When she bent over placing her forehead on the bed she presented her rosy bottom as if beautifully on display. Taking a position beside the bed to Dawn's left Master told her to count with each stroke. If she lost count they would have to begin again. Dawn knew what was expected of her without being told but she said , "Yes Master".

Swat! The first swing of the paddle landed on her right cheek making a resounding crack echo in the room. Dawn impulsively lifted her head before it fell back on the covers. She fought for control and whispered, "One. Thank you Master. May I have another?" A burning sensation began building in her right cheek but she had only an instant to focus on it before the paddle landed again. "Two. Thank you Master. May I have another?" Master was only too willing to oblige her in her request for correction. Master alternated his target cheek as Dawn counted dutifully between sobs. Master would wait for her to gain control and announce the count before applying the next slap of the paddle. He also had time to admire the changing color of Dawn's ass. Long gone was the almost alabaster white of her normal coloring. Even the rosy warm glowing tone was gone and a more brilliant angry red was developing. It took almost thirty minutes to apply all eighteen swats to her well presented bottom. Master laid aside the paddle as Dawn gulped out the final number. He left her there, ass high and flaming, as he went to the kitchen to get her something to drink. She was still in her pose when he returned.

"Here you go my pet. You look as if you could use a break. I have brought us some refreshment so you can climb off the bed and come have a drink with me".

Dawn was slow to move but she lifted her head and gingerly slid one foot and then the other off the bed to the floor. It took her a long moment longer to push herself up to a standing position and she just stood there immobile as if acclimating to the upright posture. Master waited patiently for her to regain herself and then handed her a glass of cold ice tea. Dawn held the glass with unsteady hands. A little tinkle of ice could be heard as she lifted the glass to her lips. She remained standing as she sipped her drink. Master watched her closely. Satisfied she was all right, he put down his glass and reached for a tube in the bedside stand. Dawn did not move a muscle as he began applying the cool soothing lotion to her fiery posterior. By the time Master had completely covered the area with lotion, the angry coloring had begun to fade. He wiped his hands on a towel and picked up his glass again. He began a placid conversation with Dawn in a tone belying what had just happened or what was about to happen. Dawn, for her part, listened politely and only occasionally responded with some mumbled appropriate response. The inconsequential conversation continued until Dawn's glass was empty. Master took the glass from her with one hand and popped the dice back into her mouth with the other. It was time to continue her punishment.

Dawn was lead over to the bar that hung from the ceiling near the corner of the room. She automatically lifted her hands as she approached the bar and grasped it firmly at either end.

"Now spit out the dice, pet", commanded Master. Dawn's cheeks puffed as she propelled the dice out and down. They hit with a clinking and one rolled up against the wall in front of her. She could not see the other but the one she could see was a twelve. "Box cars", announced Master. From that moment on Dawn knew then she was in for some real correction.

"Dawn, pet. Do not let go of the bar. I want you to count again only after each stoke you will tell me something you have learned. If I am please and convinced you have learned your lesson well we will quit after the twenty four stokes. If not we just may have to roll the dice again pet. Are you ready to begin pet?" Master heard the soft and tentative, "Yes, Master". He said, "Oh, one more thing. I want you to keep your feet widely planted and not close up on me pet. After all, there are lots of areas that need correction." With that Dawn heard the whistling of the flogger as he swung it back and forth behind her.

There was just a hint of a breeze as the flogger's soft leather fingers whistled by her redden cheeks. Then Dawn felt the breeze on the back of her right thigh and just an instant latter she heard the whoosh of the flogger and felt the stinging pain on her left buttocks as the flogger made contact for the first time . The anticipation was over. Almost automatically Dawn said, "One, I will not hesitate when you ask me a question." Thwack. "Two, I will not be late when you tell me to be ready." Whoosh, thwack across her unmarked back. Dawn jumped and stuttered, "Th-thrrree, I will lay out your clothes every morning, Master. Marks soon crisscrossed her back and she went on to promise obedience when told to do any number of things she knew he required of her. But it was the stokes on the inside of her thighs that made her jump the most. They also brought the most revealing promises.'Twenty one, I will suck you and swallow every drop on command, anywhere any time." Thwack. "Twenty two, I will cum only when given permission." Thwack. "Twenty three, if I cum without permission I will tell you and accept my punishment whatever it is." Thwack. "Aaah... Ohhhhhh, Twenty four, I will never sass or be insolent again. If I ever am disrespectful again you can do whatever you wish with me. I love you Master. I meant no disrespect. Please forgive me and love me forever." Dawn broke down sobbing as she hung from the bar, fingers curled around the wood, knees slightly bent. Master put down the flogger and scooped Dawn up in his arms. She put her arms around his neck nuzzling into his collar as he carried her to the bed. Master held her close as she drifted between pain and pleasure. He knew when she drifted off by the sound of almost silent breathing. Gently he covered her up and moved off the bed. She needed some sleep. The movie could wait.