Love of Control, Copyright - By Master’s Pet ©  February 2001

Close your eyes and let this girl take you on a journey. A lesson taught and a girl’s ability to learn to love control.

Relax and imagine then if you will…. A room….. dimly lit. Soft leather seats nestled into a corner. At first glance this room looks like any other that you would enter. Cozy and welcoming. Sit yourself into one of these soft chairs…. feel the cool leather wrap around you, and watch, feel her struggle. Let her exploration become yours… for now she is you.

There is stillness within the room, the only sounds are those of the soft breathing of the girl that lays naked upon the rack. She has been bound…not harsh chains nor ropes, soft silk scarves are wrapped around her skin. Yet she is bound none the less. Naked and helpless at the mercy of her Master. Her sense of sight deprived, her mouth gagged, for His words to her were when she screamed…..  no one but she could hear them. He would be able to feel her screaming.

The control was not His, it was to become hers. He wanted her to control her body, to push it to its limits and beyond. And so the lesson began. The slow soft sensual feel of His fingers as they travelled slowly over her body. He could feel her muscles tighten and contract under His fingers. The chill of lust that ran along her spine. Slow why rush a thing of perverse pleasure He always thought. He could make this last hours with her, have her teeter on the edge, balance precariously on the precipice of ecstasy, have her tremble, shudder uncontrollably.

He applied pressure to her swollen clit with the ragged edge of His fingernail, scratching across it. Causing her body to convulse. She could hear His voice tell her to “hold it My sweet one” a whispered tone. The passion that shook within His voice evident. The aroma of her sex filled His nostrils, juices that now coated her inner thigh as His fingers probed and prodded her sweet secret depths.

He spoke softly to her the whole time, goading her on, daring her to lose control. His index finger sliding in and out of her body, His thumb rolling over her clit. He knew that this soft gentle massaging, would eventually become an unbearable burning deep within her body. So His finger eased in and out of her body. A slow steady almost lazy rhythm.  As if He were bored with His task.

He could sense her biting down on the gag. He could see her jaw clench and tighten. Softly telling her, His voice a deep low sensual growl against her ear “Learn to love control My pet”. As her juices ran down His wrist, soaking the cuff of His shirt. Her sweat dripping off her body, He kept up the slow steady invasion of her body, of her senses.

He felt her cry out, her lungs drawing in a deep breath, her muscles tensing as she fought to overcome, to compose herself. Removing the finger, He watched her body, so used to its languid intrusion yearn and arch forward for it. Like a young animal searching for its mothers teat, her body arched, He could almost hear her groans of passion. “Control it little one” His words filtered into her mind. “Control it, and you shall experience bliss” 

He took her time and again to the edge, His finger slick with her juices. He knew that she would be burning within. The constant penetration would be almost a sweet agony in her. He denied her, each and every time. Her hair was plastered to her face, her body trembled but she held it. For Him she fought to control.

He murmured against her ear, “Now My pet… scream for Me now” as He pulled her gag out of her mouth. Teeth marks indented into the soft rubber. “Now My pet” as He undid the blindfold. Undoing her bonds. His fingers lovingly stroking her face as He pushed deeper into her body. Her hips grinding wildly against Him. Her body finally free to give into what she had been denied for almost two hours.

He held her when her body finally settled, limply she lay against His chest. Panting heavily, her lesson learnt. Her voice barely audible told Him “Thank You my Master” her body given over to pleasure.

This girl wants you to know her joy, to understand her triumph over herself. For she has learnt love of control.