The awakening of jasmine (c) Copyright, 2000

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Allan Breyvard sat focused at his computer screen even the hustle and bustle of the thousands of visitors to the London Cybersex Trade Show didnít seem to phase his concentration. Breyvard was hoping that this show would be his passport into the mainstream. Sinergics. Inc was his baby, a company he had formed with an old college buddy to put some steam into the cybersex industry. Breyvard and Scott Grisham had been college buddies and had been reinventing the Internet before it became a household name.

They had worked through the tough years of using DOS programs to get online and organizing small fringe groups of people on what would eventually become the World Wide Web. Breyvard and Grisham had both worked for the major firms taking their expertise and making money but neither was happy working for someone else. was barely 2 years old but already had made its niche in the world of cybersex. The North American market had been a huge success so far and with over a quarter million subscribers to their service business was good. Breyvard smiled at the thought of finally getting a foot in the door in the International market his goal was to create a company that would be remembered as a household name like Intel or Microsoft.

Allan Breyvard was deep in thought when the tall slim blonde walked into his booth and stood behind him at his computer she had been looking over his shoulder for quite some time and was intrigued by what he was doing on the screen. "Thatís fantastic," she said startling him from his incessant typing and making him turn around with a jump. Her ample breasts were at eye level as he spun his chair around almost burying his face in them as he turned. He quickly averted his eyes from her breasts and glanced downwards at her slim legs black high heels stockings and a leather mini skirt that did little to conceal the woman at all. Straightening up he looked at her "what is that program your using" she asked smiling "itís fascinating". Breyvard thought for a moment and then realized she hadnít seen the large sign in front of his booth proudly announcing "Unruly" The future of cybersex. "Its called Unruly itís Generation-x as far as anyone has ever gone into the world of sex online he stated proudly.

Breyvard went on to explain the game to her with enthusiasm "its virtual reality times three, the participants have a yearly subscription to our service and can go online anytime they like no limit and use our resources. "Itís the ultimate in BDSM online you simply log on the first time and either use one of our characters from the list or use your video cam to feed a picture of yourself. The image is then superimposed onto the screen as yourself or just using your face can be added to a character where you pick the characters umm statistics weight height, breast size penis size etc etc. The game itself is fully interactive it uses a real time audio stream so when you talk as the character the other person online hears it immediately. The game engine itself is pure state of the art developed by us at Sinergics carries a 128mb video enhancer and accelerator unparalleled anywhere. When you play the first time you think your right in the game itself.

Breyvard stopped himself before saying anymore "Unruly" was his masterpiece and he tended to get carried away when asked about it, thinking he may be boring her he paused for a moment. My name is jasmine Blair Hyatt I represent Worldeye distribution Iím at the trade show looking for some new and exciting programs. We represent 40 companies at the moment and are expanding constantly. This new game you are working on is it new?

Breyvard not paying a lot of attention to what she said found himself staring at the woman, she was about 5í6 blonde mid thirties extremely attractive and by her demeanor he could tell she was well educated. This he thought was the type of woman who walked into a room and turned everyoneís head in a second flat. He wondered if the Goddess Venus had a sense of humor and had carved some replicas of herself and left them behind for future generations of men, being the mere mortals they are she would probably smile knowing the torment these beauties would create wandering the earth for the sole purpose of driving these men insane with lust.


"Actually itís been out for close to a year but we have only been targeting the North American market. "Weíre here in London trying to find a good international distributor to get our feet wet in the big time, this is the greatest thing to happen to interactive internet and I know it will have a great worldwide audience if we can get the product out there.

jasmine smiled at him musing to herself that he was probably right, from what she had seen this could be huge. This could be the break she needed to climb that next step on the corporate ladder, jasmine had come from money her family had wealth in California and had given her everything, she was spoiled and knew it. She had attended U of C attained her masters in business and had worked for her family a while then became bored and went globetrotting for the next 7 years, she had finally landed a good marketing position with Worldeye and had quickly climbed the ladder there.

She was a leader, people looked up to her, asked her for advice knew they could turn to her in a crisis and she wouldnít flinch, she drove the fastest cars never left home without her cellphone and credit cards and was meticulous to a T. Her sex life was almost non existent, she had been so busy making a name for herself and climbing the ladder she had burnt out 3 boyfriends in 4 years, she was bored with life and was looking for a direction to turn something that would excite her something with a passion close to hers.

"Would you like to try it out," Breyvard asked I have 2 PCís here I can demonstrate it for you? "Well I have some other exhibits I have to visit but maybe you could show me later? " She replied hoping he would have the time. "I have a flat here in London if youíd like to stop by and try it out give me a call" he handed her his business card with his cell phone number and his silicon valley business address. "Iím in London till next week give me a call maybe we can discuss some business and explore the game a bit if youíre interested?"

"Great she replied Iíll do that maybe tomorrow night when I have some free time. Nice to meet you Mr.? " Breyvard Allan Breyvard" he replied and stood to escort her from his booth. Breyvard watched her walk off down another aisle taking in the sway of her hips in the tight leather skirt her ample breasts moving with her rhythm as she walked, she suddenly turned and smiled at him waving to him as she turned the corner and was gone.


jasmine Blair Hyatt knocked on the door of Breyvardís London flat in the fashionable hyde park district about 7:00pm she was intrigued by Breyvardís new web service and also interested in Breyvard himself, she had noticed his rugged good looks at their brief meeting at the trade show and despite his attempts to mask himself in a boring white shirt and tie and thin rimmed glasses she knew that underneath lay a man totally different she could sense it. She had been aroused at his manner and had spent a whole day thinking about meeting him again wondering out loud to herself if this would be a strictly business meeting or something totally different the thought raced through her mind making her very hot and sweaty.

Breyvard answered the door in slacks and a golf shirt, being pleasant he invited her in and made some small talk with her about the trade show and the despicable rainy weather which is commonplace in London in the fall, half an hour after she arrived there was a knock at the door and the hotel food service wheeled in 2 large carts with shimmering silver covered dishes on them. Breyvard had taken the liberty of ordering food for her visit and of course with his taste for the extravagant had ordered the best wine and 2 seafood dishes among the finest in London, desserts were also numerous although Breyvard didnít eat dessert he thought to order a variety just for her pleasure. An hour and a half later, after eating and making more small talk Breyvard led jasmine to the living room in the flat and sat on the couch beside her pouring some more wine.

"I guess you would like to take a look at Unruly in action?" he asked inquisitively "I have a number of PCís in the flat and I have 2 set up in the living room if youíd like to join me. " "Great Iíve been dying to find out what its all about" she answered.

Breyvard had 2 computers set up on the large black glass table in the living room across from each other on the table both with videocams installed. He pulled out a chair and sat on one side jasmine followed and sat on the other side, after a brief explanation he connected through the phone and told jamsine how to do the same. The screen fired up and the Unruly Logo, which Breyvard took great pride in, jumped to life on the screens. A 3D rendered graphic of a woman in handcuffs naked and on her knees before a menacing figure of a man in black leather pants and a hood with a large bullwhip in his hand.

Unruly was the ultimate in technology Breyvard had researched everything he could for almost five years to find every fetish and fantasy that anyone had ever created or would want to. He had spent time in the bizarre sex underground in Los Angeles, New York, London, Amsterdam, Copenhagen and other various centres which offered erotic entertainment, parties and get togethers. He had even on occasion hired expensive call girls to try out some of the things he had seen on stage. And behind closed doors at some of the parties he had attended, he wanted to know the feelings and emotions the pleasures and the pain and in some cases humiliation expressed in Bondage, Sadism, Masochism, Dom. and Sub relationships and the many fetishes he had encountered he had seen and learned much but took no great sexual satisfaction from it. He had been too driven to finish his game engine and money and power had blinded him to the lesser pleasures of sex during his travels, to him it was merely research .

After showing jasmine how to put her likeness into the computer and creating a character he made one of his own and asked her what area she would like to visit? "Iíve always wanted to play the submissive" she answered "Iím curious about it can we go there?" Breyvard agreed and set the game up for Dominant and submissive play. The scene was a large French estate decorated in fine furniture and lavish paintings the first shot showed Breyvard sitting in a large leather chair with jasmine at his feet wearing only a leather collar and knee length black boots. jasmine smiled at the sight noticing the clarity of the graphics and the realism of the setting "thatís amazing" she said "now what do we do" she asked shyly trying not to look directly at Breyvard giving away her inner thoughts at that moment.

It had been 9:00 PM when they had entered the game it was now 4:30 am and jasmine was feeling totally drained and exhausted. She had never experienced anything like it she had been so excited at the game playing submissive to Breyvardís Dominant character, being put to the test and totally Dominated and she liked it. It had made her extremely horny she was sweating all over, her panties were soaked and she had become uncomfortable in the chair her breasts heaved and her nipples were now aching. The thought of such pleasures had aroused in her something unfamiliar but she knew she liked it. She looked across the table for the first time in over an hour at Breyvard and smiled. "OH MY GOD thatís incredible Allan I cant believe the realism itís like your right there ive never seen anything that compares with this I would love to distribute this worldwide we will make a fortune".

Breyvard smiled back at her noticing her disheveled look, grinning to himself that she was totally aroused and looking somewhat bewildered, he entertained the notion of trying to bed her right there and then but then realized the time and felt weary himself jasmine had played the submissive to perfection she had aroused him as many times as he had her, and he felt the pain in his groin from straining that length of time. Breyvard enjoyed playing the DOM he had a hunger for power he felt the adrenaline rush at having the woman at his feet and he loved it, he exerted his authority over her but at the same time treated her like a princess making her want to serve him even more this was his favourite part of the game and he knew how to play well.

Breyvard had a meeting at 11:00 am so had called a taxi for jasmine to return to her hotel he regretted letting her go but arranged for her to meet him again the next evening. She was more than happy to agree and said she would return and maybe dress more appropriately for the occasion Breyvard wasnít sure of the meaning but smiled and kissed her briefly as she left the flat.

jasmine arrived back at his flat about 5 minutes late the next evening, the London traffic had been hellish she didnít like to be late it wasnít her style. She stood at the door wearing a blue raincoat dripping wet, the weather in London had been the same for days and she began to wonder if it ever changed. Her heart was racing as she knocked on the door, seconds later Allan Breyvard opened the door and stood there dressed in Black leather pants and a black silk shirt unbuttoned almost to the waist his chiseled chest glistening with sweat from the muggy weather. He smiled at her and welcomed her in "may I take your coat? Your dripping wet" "No itís okay she replied Iím cold at the moment I think Iíll keep it on for a bit. She was shivering underneath the long coat but it wasnít from the cold, many thoughts were racing through her mind at that moment.

Breyvard thought no more of it and led her to the living room offered her some brandy to warm her up and then sat down at the glass table where his computers were set up. jasmine sat down on the other side of the table and sipped slowly on the brandy the brown liquid warming her and calming her nerves somewhat. She made a few comments about talking to her company regarding his game service and said that they may be able to handle distribution for him. Breyvard smiled at this and thanked her for looking into it, they talked for a bit more and he asked if she was ready to play again.

jasmine came around to his side of the table stood in front of him and dropped her raincoat, she stood before him her only attire was a pair of black latex stockings which reached to the curves of her butt cheeks and a small leather bodice that totally exposed her breasts and pushed them up and out pointing straight towards him. Breyvard looked somewhat surprised at this and looked back at her inquisitively she smiled shyly at him and fell to her knees before him, lowering her eyes from his stare she said "I want you to take me, I want you to do with me as you wish I want to be completely yours" jasmine turned for a moment and reached behind her taking something from her coat pocket she again faced him lowering her head and extending her arms towards him. In her hands she held a small black leather collar studded with tiny diamonds. "I want you to be my master if it pleases you I would like to pleasure you any way you wish Sir"

Breyvard smiled down at her thinking for a moment that he was dreaming, here before him on her knees head bowed was one of the finest creatures he had ever set eyes on and pleading with him to take her to use her as he pleased to be controlled by him. He reached forward and took the collar from her held it in his hands for a moment and then told her to sit back on her knees sitting straight up and face him. He looked over her beauty almost naked before him looked into her eyes trying to find some meaning in them reading her plea from these 2 small windows into her soul. He reached forward and put the collar around her neck fastening the small buckle at the back being careful not to tighten it too far. "If this is what you want then I will become your Master but you must obey me at all times. There are some rules we will have to work out but it pleases me greatly, I am not sure why you have chosen me to pursue this adventure but it will be an interesting one I assure you.

jasmine spoke without raising her eyes to him and said "may I please you now Master I would like to do something for you to show my devotion to you"? "Yes girl you may" he replied. jasmine reached forward extending her long body towards him in the chair she gently rubbed his chest ran her fingers through his hair and kissed him affectionately. Kissing over the front of his body down his stomach and gently undoing his leather pants she slid them down to his knees and proceeded to massage his cock with her delicate fingers.

She took a great deal of time to caress him in her hands leaving no spot untouched and after a few minutes took his cock in her mouth caressing it with her tongue running it up and down the shaft, at the same time still massaging his balls and taking longer and longer strokes with her mouth. She looked up briefly to glance into his eyes she could tell he was pleased and lowered her eyes again and continued her assault on his manhood. Breyvard was becoming extremely aroused and held her silken blonde hair in his hands feeling himself be swallowed over and over by this new exciting temptress he could feel that familiar strain in his groin and groaned loudly at her attentions.


jasmine continued moving her head up and down slowly bringing him closer to the point of exploding in her mouth she stopped for a moment and looked up at him "do you want me to make you cum Master"? "Yes" he said but you must wait until I give you permission to cum understand"? She mumbled a whimpering yes in reply and then went back to finish off the Master. A few minutes later after her insatiable appetite for his cock he exploded into her mouth raising his hips towards her and tensing every muscle in his body into an enormous orgasm. His legs wrapped around her head he unleashed again and again moaning in ecstasy at the pleasure she had just brought him.

After he had gained some composure he sat back up in the chair the girl still at his feet smiling shyly at him he noticed a small pool on the shining hardwood floor beneath her. "What is that?" He asked angrily motioning towards the tiny pool beneath her. "I am sorry Master I had become so excited while pleasing you that I lost control, I did not mean to cum but my legs must have been rubbing together in the excitement and it just happened please forgive me?" Breyvard looked at her in dismay and told her to go down the hall and fetch his small crop from the bedroom "its hanging on the wall in the closet and hurry with it" jasmine bowed her head turned from him and got up and walked down the hall, moments later she returned and kneeled before him lowering her head she held the crop out to him.

Breyvard took the small leather crop in his hands its smooth leather and five small leather ribbons sliding between his palms he told her to face away from him and lean her face on her hands with her ass in the air. "Master she whispered in a fearful voice" "quiet he replied you may talk when I am finished now let me see your ass" She quietly complied turning around putting her head between her hands and raising her bare ass to him to deal with as he wished. She felt strangely afraid but at the same time excited and nervous she had never been treated like this and the sensation was strange and erotic to her.

Breyvard leaned over her and whispered in her ear do not be afraid you must trust me, he then undid the laces on her small leather bodice sliding it from her and leaving her buttocks and her back exposed, her only clothing remaining was the pair of latex stockings which rode up to just beneath her firm ass. Her legs and thighs were still sweating and glistened in the dimly lit apartment. He took the crop in one hand and lashed it across her cheeks making her jump although she said nothing, again he lashed her with it not with a great deal of force but enough to show he was serious. jasmine tensed her body and arched her back towards him between blows. The first two had frightened her but had not caused much pain by the time he administered about 8 of them she barely felt it only a numb sensation and a warm pleasing sensation between her legs something strange to her but very very enjoyable this feeling had overcome any fear she first realized and she whimpered softly at the last 2 strikes almost smiling to herself in her hands she didnít dare let him see her expression.

Breyvard knelt down on the floor beside her and turned her towards him he looked into her eyes and saw a tiny tear form in the corner he took her to him and kissed her tenderly with passion kissing the tear from her eye and holding her tightly against him until her body stopped trembling. She whispered into his ear "I am sorry Master I wont disappoint you again, thank you for correcting me it wont happen again I promise" "very well he replied are you in pain?" he asked "no Master I am fine a little shamed at my actions but fine" "is there anything more I can do for you Master" she pleaded and knelt back in front of him lowering her eyes once more.


Breyvard had taken her to bed that night in his London flat he had made love to her until the small hours of the morning, he was very pleased with himself and this new development in his life. He had made love to his new submissive woman for hours he had asked her what she desired and pleased her over and over again taking her to new heights every time. He had found renewed confidence in himself knowing she would serve his every whim and within reason wouldnít question his requests.

jasmine had satisfied his thirst for power and at the same time he had found something within himself wanting to please her just as much in gratitude for her adoration and servitude to him. They had experienced adventures now for 3 days at the flat, Breyvard had to return to Silicon valley the next afternoon and jasmine had work to attend to elsewhere, for 3 days they had played out fantasy after fantasy, she had been a willing submissive and had learned quickly what pleased or displeased her Master and in return he had found an undeniable adoration for this woman who only days ago controlled every aspect of her life from her work habits to her boyfriends and everyone else around her.

She had found in herself a desire to please a desire to submit to this man she barely knew but trusted implicitly, they had ventured into Bondage and other fantasies where trust had to be a distinct part of the adventure if she couldnít trust him then she would have been afraid at what he may do to her in the situation, as it turned out they formed a bond an unspoken trust that was deep within both, they both knew each others limits and where to draw the line he had given her a safe word just in case she became frightened or anxious during their sexual escapades but she had never uttered it. Breyvard had also never had to repeat the discipline he had issued to her on that first night she had never disappointed him again.


On the evening before he had to leave he ordered a fine meal from one of Londonís finest eateries sparing no expense the finest wine served chilled a bountiful choice of entrťes and had a baker friend of his create the ultimate dessert. They ate heartily and relaxed after eating with brandy and candles they discussed when they could meet again and the future of "Unruly" her marketing plans for it and his plans to expand it farther and farther into the BDSM realm to try and provide every possible combination of sexual pleasures and fantasies.

It was almost 10:00 PM when Breyvard led her to his bedroom and told her to sit in the armchair for a moment "I have a surprise for you I think youíll like it" he nonchalantly spoke to her and walked over to the closet finding a small black satin blindfold and handing it to her "put it on" he commanded and then we will go. "Go where Master?" she replied "sshhhhh" you will find out he replied quite coyly. She put the blindfold over her eyes as requested and waited for his next request.

Her Master walked over and took her hand leading her down the hall and into a room they had not used before he took her into the room and let her stand in the dark for a moment, standing in front of her he told her to take off her thin silk robe, she complied dropping the flimsy garment to the floor and standing naked before him he stood and admired this Venus of a woman breathing in her beauty kissing her softly and whispering "ok now lay down on the bed behind you" he helped her down and laid her gently on the bed. Her first reaction was to flinch as her bare backside touched the cold rubber on the bed she immediately got Goosebumps at the sensation and laid back trying to relax.

Breyvardís playroom was an outlandish idea it was one he had come up with during his travels and had been designed more as a tool for creating his webservice than an actual room to play in. It had been used to design background graphics for some of his game scenes and he had left it that way for amusing his guests. The king size bed in the center was shimmering black he had rubber sheets on the bed complete with ties at both ends to tie someoneís hands or ankles at his whim. It had a vast array of "toys" adorning the walls everything from chains and whips to shelves with vibrators and other assorted toys. There were a number of chains in different lengths and leather restraints in every configuration imaginable. In the center of the room above the bed there hung four chains with shackles attached to the ends which had never been used but their purpose would be obvious to anyone who entered

Breyvard smiled as he gazed over her nakedness on the bed he had great admiration for her body she was indeed a Goddess and at times he had thought her to be a work of art no one had yet discovered his little secret. He kneeled over her and kissed her gently telling her to relax he wanted to give her a gift before she left. He reached above her and one at a time tied her wrists down to the end of the rubber sheets he could feel her tense at his movements and her breath became heavier he again kissed her and ran his tongue down her neck and over her now heaving breasts biting at her nipples and sucking on them as he moved.

He suddenly stopped and moved to the foot of the bed taking one ankle and caressing it he attached it to the other end of the bed and again did the same with her other ankle leaving her legs spread wide apart and her quivering mound bare and exposed, he traced his fingers up her legs running them inside her thighs and feeling her warmth between her legs he toyed with her sex for a moment sliding one finger after another through her tiny triangle of hair and teasing her clit so lightly as to almost drive her insane on the spot. Her body writhing against the restraints she moaned loudly and almost bit her tongue the anxiety building up in her was intense.

Breyvard went to the end of the bed where a small fridge stood he reached inside and from the small freezer took out a crystalike replica of a penis. This frozen phallus was about 7" long and imitated a cock and balls to perfection every line and crease imitated and frozen in ice form. He took it in his hand and put the end of it to jasmines lips letting her lick at it and feel the smooth coldness of it on her lips. She was startled by the sensation and again after a few drops melted down her chin and ran down her neck it was cold and strangely exciting to her.

He ran it across her lips again, she took the tip of it in her mouth and sucked on it feeling it melt at the touch of her tongue. Breyvard let her suck and lick on his newfound toy for a few minutes and then took it away running it slowly down the front of her throat leaving a cold trail down between her breasts making her jump and slowly rubbing it over her nipple making it harden and stand at attention he continued toying with her nipple and then slid the now dripping ice phallus across to her other nipple creating the same result there and making her squirm her breath was getting faster and her body arched against his touch he continued this until she whimpered in ecstasy at the touch both of her swollen red nipples pouting their pride against the cold toy invading her warmth.

Breyvard slowly ran the ice down her stomach following the curves and letting it rest at her belly button at the same time biting on her very cold nipples soliciting a squeal from her. They felt frozen to his touch and he swallowed them into his mouth one at a time teasing them with his tongue and slowly warming them between his lips her body responded in rhythm to his touch forcing her breasts up against his face as he caressed them with his tongue. Small drops of cold water had found their way down from her stomach to her pussy and 2 had dripped onto her warm sex making her ass heave from the bed at the sensation. "OH MASTER" she yelled in delight her eyes still covered she couldnít see him but the sensations were burning through her like wildfire. She pulled at the ties holding her down grinding the small straps into her wrists she pulled not to get away but for something to hold onto, a small hold on reality maybe.

Breyvard had stopped his tormenting of her breasts for a moment and watched her writhe with amusement he smiled as he watched a few more clear drops melt down between her legs and into the crevice in her ass it excited him and by her actions was doing more than that for her. Taking the now very melted toy he stroked it softly down her mound rubbing it slowly down her hot pussy lips letting it melt slowly against them making her writhe even harder at the touch. "OH GOD Master Please Stop" she screamed "I canít take anymore PLEASE".

He threw the melted toy to the floor and knelt between her legs licking a cold trail up her thighs he teased her with his tongue warming the cold skin inside her thighs he eventually worked his way to her warm treasure and sucked on it lightly she squealed again as it warmed to his touch his tongue he ran his tongue up and down the wet little cherry flicking across it again and again feeling her warmth become wetter and wetter not long after, she let out a loud moan tensing her legs against the straps she forced her pussy into his face with force and no longer able to control herself she came, wave after wave went rolling through her burning groin she arched her back almost screaming in delight she was almost out of breath panting and throwing her head from side to side she had never experienced pleasure like this and the power of it shook her very soul.

Breyvard let her calm down for a moment and then untied her ankles from the foot of the bed he lifted her legs up exposing her warm pussy and her ass to him he smiled at her and reached over the side of the bed picking up a small string of black shiny beads. The beads were about the size of large marbles 5 of them on the small string, he bent over licking her sopping wet pussy again, running his tongue down the crack of her ass he took the beads in one hand and ran them through her juices which had flowed between her legs and down her backside he slowly inserted them one at a time into her tight ass her body jumped as each one slid into the tiny orifice.

Leaving one hanging out tickling against her ass. He grabbed from the nightstand a long silver vibrator, tracing it across her breasts he let her feel the warm pulsing over her nipples. "OH MASTER" she yelled out. Breyvard paying no attention to her slid the toy down between her legs and letting it vibrate against her swollen clit he gently slid it into her warm pulsating pussy pushing it in its whole length and slowly turning it back and forth arousing her sex and causing her to whimper loudly he let it slide in and out against her clit feeling her heat suck it into her she moved in rhythm against the shiny intruder pushing her cunt muscles against it trying to draw it deeper and deeper into her. Just when he felt her body shake and near orgasm he pulled one of the shiny black balls out of her ass with a tiny pop, the sensation on her lips as it jumped out made her shiver and she pushed herself further onto the vibrator letting another rush of orgasm roll through her body.

"MASTER please fuck me" she screamed "fuck me now, I want you PLEASE" Breyvard smiled leaned over and kissed her but continued to slide the vibrator in and out of her, pulling another bead out he felt her body contract at the sensation "You will not come this time you will wait for master" She whimpered a barely audible reply "yes Master as you wish i will try". Inside she was burning her senses had been under attack for too long her mind was barely in the room anymore she felt herself drift in and out floating off and then at his touch returning again this was pure ecstasy, she longed for him, to feel his cock inside her to Fuck him to give herself to him, she had no energy left and what little she had she wanted him to feel.

Breyvard slid the last 2 beads from her tight ass with a plop and threw them aside, he reached up and untied her now red wrists from the head of the bed and kissed her tenderly "Now you can make Master cum" He rolled her over and lifted her onto her hands and knees taking her from behind in his favorite submissive position where she was at his total control he plunged himself into her welcoming cunt taking hold of both her legs from the front he pulled her back into him pleasing him greatly as his cock found the depth of her cunt, rubbing along the sides of it and her squeezing her muscles around him swallowing him into her pulsating warmth. He drove again and again into her with more passion feeling himself swell and throb against her grasp, his control was waning he had been hard for a long time since he had started teasing her and his cock sought release in the worst way the pain was increasing in him throbbing and pulsing harder with every stroke he pulled her ass into him tensing his body into a hard ball of muscle focused into her quivering pussy, taking a few last long strokes he plunged deeper into her almost losing consciousness as he stroked, a final moment of extasy shook through him and he rocketed into her pussy, shaking and pounding through him, his orgasm rammed into her again. She screamed in delight "OH GOD FUCK ME MASTER I WANT ALL OF YOU" He complied with a loud guttural moan releasing the last of his passion onto her warm pussy and collaspsing on the bed beside her.

He kissed her tenderly, smiled looked into her crystal eyes and laid back on the bed exhausted. jasmine knew she had no control anymore over her emotions her feelings her wants or needs he had her in his power she had no idea why but she relished it her Master could have anything he wanted or asked for and she would do it without question she was happy at the thought and realized it would be 3 weeks before they met again she wondered what adventure they would follow then. jasmine kissed her Master softly on the lips and fell asleep.

Breyvard lay still wondering to himself how he had came across this beauty how he had gained her trust how she had fell under his spell, and smiled at the thought, she was his, he adored her and would do anything to keep her she was a gift he didn't deserve and he was humbled. Allan Breyvard sat up and lit a cigarette he thought for a moment and then walked to the living room he had a few new scenarios in his mind that "Unruly" could use he just had to get them from his head into his computer his thoughts raced as he sat down at the keyboard and typed.

By Master Braveheart