The Budding (1) The Blooming (2) 1998,2000
(Approx 8 pages)

The Budding Chapt. 1

The invitation was a long time coming. She had contacted me several times obviously interested but somehow reserved, testing, hinting but never committing. I wondered if she were testing me or herself but as our friendship grew I knew she was testing herself. She was both in character and wanting to step out of character. This lady of changing names also had changing moods and needs. And then one night she seemed to screw up her courage and make a commitment, more to herself than to me when she asked if I might be interested in her in more than a friendship way. We talked briefly about who expected what and left it still unresolved. My new pet was a dichotomy, an enigma and a challenge I was willing to accept. I left her with an assignment.

Pet followed the directions I had given her. She was dressed in a conservative outfit with a small overnight case in her left hand as she walked up the counter of the hotel. She registered with the name I had instructed and took the key from the counterman before going to the elevator at the back of the lobby. I watched her cross the room from my vantage point in the phone booth. She was the epitome of a business woman on a mission. No one would suspect her mission was to meet me for the first time.

The little dial of the elevator climbed as I watched it go to the tenth floor. I waited and then pushed the button to call it back. During my ride to the tenth floor I wondered if she had found the gift on the pillow and the room to her liking. After all, I was not everyday that a perfect seduction is performed. Hmm, seduction was not the right term. Captivation would be more correct. I had great plans to captivate this charming pet into a relationship like no other she had know. She had all the necessary attributes and the promise of what lay ahead was fascinating

After knocking at the door and I stood there waiting for a very long time. Then I noticed a shadow at the peep hole. She was checking me out before opening the door no doubt. Then the knob turned slowly and the door opened just more than a crack. As I entered I caught a glimpse of her in a robe scurrying into the bathroom. Over her shoulder she laughed her hello and told me please to open the wine. The room was as I just as I had requested. Large four poster bed and windows overlooking the bay. I know the gift had arrived and had been placed as requested because the open box and torn wrappings were still on the pillow.

The cork came out with a pop and I poured two glasses of golden amber. The bathroom door was just ajar but I was hesitant to go barging in before we had even formally met so I told her the wine was poured and waiting. Implied was I was also waiting and the edge to my voice was intended to convey that point. Soon she floated out robe half open, smiling from ear to ear. We kissed immediately and then began a few minutes of meaningless chatter to break the tension of our initial meeting. When our glasses needed refilling and she poured the next round. As she was about to move away I took hold of her wrist and told her it was about time I saw the gift she was wearing. With just a little look of nervousness she put the glass and bottle down and looking me straight in the eye opened the robe.

The black lace covered yet revealed her charms. It formed curves over her body and yet hung softly moving easily with her breathing. I deliberately put down my wine glass and stood, walking slowly over to her and lifting her chin. Our lips met so softly. I could feel her breathing as she melted against me and I marveled at how sensuous she was. Our kiss lasted for a long time and by the time we pulled apart she was breathing deeply and her skin was flushed. Obviously she found me to be as appealing as I found her. We were about to embark on a wonderful weekend of discovery.

The knock on the door startled her. Her eyes darted from me to the door and back. With a half smile I suggested she answer it and she reached for the robe as if to pull it back on. I merely shook my finger no and she let it drop again. She went to the door dressed as she was and hid behind it as she peeked out. The bell hop had brought a bag up I had left in the lobby with instructions. I called pet to take the bill I had pulled out for his tip and she quickly collected it passed it through the half opened door and taking the bag. She closed the door as quickly as she could leaning back against it in relief. She looked so silly I could not help but laugh at her.

Pet brought me the bag and I had her place it on the far side of the large four poster bed. We had sparred long enough and I intended to take charge of our weekend from that very moment on. Without saying a word I began lifting the soft material around her waist lifting it up and pulling it over her head. She stood naked for me transfixed between embarrassment and her desire to please me. Time stood still as I looked her over admiring her lovely form. Her breasts were a little small but not tiny for her diminutive form. Her bottom was a delight, very round and promising. Even her flat belly spoke of a woman who took care of herself and was proud of her body. I felt a swelling of pride that she would share her beauty with me and would soon be sharing more than beauty. I lifted her breasts in my hands while looking into her eyes feeling their weight and watching for a response. When my finger and thumb closed over her nipples she took a deep breath and closed her eyes. From then on she was mine.

By the time I had finished exploring her sweet breasts, massaging and toying with them she was breathing deeply but standing as still as she could in fear of break the mood. My hands slide down over her sides and when they held her hips I turned her slowly. Her back was a delicate curve ending in a slight triangle which disappeared as a cleft between two delicious mounds of smooth white flesh. My hands followed the curves and held those soft mounds firmly as if testing them. Pet gave an involuntary shudder just before I turned her around again. There in the center of her flat belly was a deep dimple of a belly button marking the middle of her. Just below, her freshly shaven mound curved smoothly above a puffy cleft of pink. My eyes wandered down her well shaped legs to her delicate feet ending in delicious little toes. I smiled both outwardly and inwardly at her beauty marveling at my good fortune. It was time to continue.

Moving behind Pet I slipped a blindfold over her eyes and tied it at the back of her head. She did not resist. My hands roamed over her body lightly touching here, patting there and when I got her wrists together behind her I quickly wrapped a velcro strip around them securing them. She stood as if transfixed now and only shivered as my hand moved down between her thighs. I parted her outer lips gently finding the inner ones pink and moist. I detected a slight movement as she shifted her weight and moved her feet just an inch further apart. My pet was obviously becoming aroused. My fingers pulled gently at her inner lips pulling them out and parting them. They lay open and flushed. My finger ran between them ever so lightly and then slip inside her moist canal. Her inner walls were soft, wet and smooth. My finger slide in as far as it would go and I felt her hips give a little involuntary shake. Slowly I withdrew my finger lifting it to my lips to taste her for the first time. Her aroma was like a perfume and her flavor a delicate essence. I dipped back in to coat my finger again this time offering her a taste of her own essence. Her mouth formed a circle around my finger as she savored her own dewdrops.

We were at a critical juncture. So far my pet was being compliant out of a sense of adventure and romance. If we were to proceed in the direction I foresaw I would have to have some assurances she would behave and comply willingly at my command immediately. I walked her over to a large chair and I sat down on it with her just to my right. I began talking to her in a firm but gently voice telling her that her next lesson would be a little painful but one needed to establish our relationship. She stood there silently not knowing what I was about to do. I moved her closer to my knees and then pulled her down over them. She knew then what was about to happen. I felt her tense but she made no move to struggle or get up. I unfastened the velcro and moved her arms so they crossed over the small of her back and then secured them again. In that position they would be out of my way and she could not cover her bottom.

My palm lay flat on her right cheek. I could feel the tension in her bottom as I rub her lightly. I lifted my hand with deliberate slowness and paused. SLAP. My palm landed on her cheek with a resounding sound. Her head snapped up and her bottom shook. I waited for the slight blush to show. A perfect print of my hand slowly began to appear on her white bottom. SLAP. The other cheek had an imprint to match. I waited for the blush to form again. Pet just hung over my lap as if resigned somehow. I talked to her in a low tone. Then I began to spank her bottom in firm stokes counting out ten strokes for each cheek. I paused. Her bottom was taking on a rosy hue and I could feel the heat radiating from her cheeks as I ran my hand over the glowing skin. I asked how she was doing and she sobbed her reply. The next ten strokes really warmed her bottom. She was crying by the time I stopped. The hue was taking on a real glow. I rubbed her bottom again gently while I talked with her. Only ten more on each cheek to go.

By the time all thirty stokes had been applied Pet was truly sobbing and her body would jump at each stoke. I was tempted to relent but knew that would be a mistake in the long run. All thirty stokes, actually thirty one were applied to each cheek before I stood her up again. Her face was streaked with tears. Her chest heaved with her crying. I waited for her to regain her composure and then explained that the spanking was necessary to establish a yardstick by which she could judge what might happen if she were to refuse me or misbehave over the weekend. I went on to explain that the spanking was really only a mild one by most standards but it was intended to give her a perspective. With that I reached down between her legs and ran a finger along her nether lips. My pet was very wet.

Pet came closer when I called her and I released her bound wrists. Then I had her straddle my knees facing me. I move my hips forward on the chair and pulled her hips so she would be straddling my cock. As my hands pushed down on her hips she began to lower herself onto my erection. I watched as my cock parted her nether lips and inch by inch disappeared into her warm sheath. Soon she was sitting on my lap with her arms around my neck. We kissed, my tongue searching her mouth and my hands holding her hot cheeks. She lifted up when I lifted her bottom and then settled down again, up and down. up and down. We soon had a rhythm going and she kept pace as we began to build for our first climax together. She pulled my mouth closer to hers as she made those incredible little noises in her throat. I felt her clamping down on my cock and soon I felt myself explode. Pulse after pulse shot from my cock as I clung to her fiery bottom bouncing her on my lap. She danced faster and smoother on my cock and soon she was bucking against me as she came.

We held each other for along time before I told her to lift up. She left a trail of love juice as she sprinted for the bathroom. Bringing back a washcloth, she wiped me clean as a good pet should. I looked at my watch. We only had a half hour to dress for dinner.

The Blooming -CHAPTER 2

Pet was dressed in her conservative black dress with high heels and pearl necklace with matching earrings. She was stunning standing close beside me as we rode down the elevator to the dining room. We chatted as she clung to my arm. We looked like the perfect conservative business couple except for our age difference. No one would suspect my pet was naked under her dress except perhaps for a sight gentle swaying of her unhampered breasts. I gave her a reassuring kiss just before the door opened to the lobby.

We were shown to our seats by the window over looking the water. I was pleased our table was off by itself semi secluded. I held out her chair as Pet took her seat. I could not help smiling as she gingerly let her weight down on the fabric cushion. Her still tender bottom reminding her of our recent games.

The waiter took out drink order and disappeared. Pet and I chatted about little things in pleasant conversation. We perused the menu and I selected a nice vintage wine for supper. Our service was attentive and suitably slow for the complete enjoyment of our meal. I poured the last of our wine equally into our glasses and I offered a little toast to the rest of the weekend. Pet smiled and blew me a kiss before sipping her wine. Dessert was flamed Alaska and a robust coffee.

We had barely finished when Pet asked to be excused. When I asked why she said she had her fill of liquids and needed to visit the little girls room. I waved my finger again back and forth in that no no gesture. Immediately, Pet began to frown but she did not ask again. As the waiter poured another cup of coffee she shifted in her chair and looked more and more nervous. I took my time over the second cup but Pet barely touched hers. By the time I called for the check she was squirming in the chair. I wondered if the people we passed knew of her plight by the way she took those little steps with the funny gait. We finally made it to the elevator and headed up to our room again. Pet reached under her skirt and pressed her pussy tightly like a little girl trying not to pee. By the time I opened the door to our room she was dancing from one foot to the other and making little noises. I did not impede her rush to the bathroom but followed her closely. With skirt raised she barely made it over the john before a flood cascaded down into the bowl. I stood in the doorway watching with a grin on my face. She peed for a very long time blushing as she watched me watching her. Finally, her stream slowed to a stop and she pulled paper form the roll.

She had no more that stood, dropping her skirt, when I reminded her she had not asked permission to go. She stammered she had no idea she had to ask to even go to the bathroom and I reminded her she had asked in the restaurant of her own volition. She protested that was only social commentary but I put my finger to my lips to hush her argument. Her voice trailed off, the argument lost. I admonished her to remember to ask from now on and that little mistake would cost her five swats on each cheek. Closing the lid of the john, I sat down and motioned for her to come to me. She shook her head no all the way over but she did not resist when I pulled her over my knee again. I admired the dusky hue remaining on her bottom when I lifted her dress over her rump. As an added lesson I told pet to count her punishment out as it was applied.

"One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, TEN", came the chant". I bent over and kissed her lightly on the newly brighten flesh before pulling down her dress again. She pulled herself up off my lap and half smiled as I asked if she had learned her lesson. She nodded her head.

It was not late and I suggested we go to the hotel bar for a drink. Pet smiled her agreement and I told her to go to the bed and get up on her hands and knees. Looking a bit bewildered she did as order. She waited with her feet hanging off the bed in the position I requested. I brought a towel with me as I passed by the travel bag. Next I lifted her skirt again and then laid the towel across her petty bottom. On top of the towel I placed the tube of lotion and the butt plug before moving her legs apart. Pet moved for me as I pressed on the insides of her thighs spreading her knees apart. My hands roamed lightly over the ruddy flesh and she tensed as if anticipating another spanking. I took the cap off the lotion and poured a little in my palm to warm it. Then I took some on one finger and began rubbing it around her little wrinkled dimple. She turned her head to look back over her shoulder at me but said nothing. My finger pushed more lotion against the dimple and then with steady pressure the finger passed her anal ring up into her bottom. Her reaction surprised me. I had expected her to resist or at the very least go tense but instead she arched her back ever so slightly raising her bottom a fraction. My finger pushed well inside easily. Soon I had applied more lotion and a second finger and I was well aware my Pet was anally stimulated. Her hips lifted and her back curved more and she bottom pushed back against my hand. I watched the stretching of her anal ring as I manipulated my fingers in and out of her bottom.

When she seemed ready I whispered for her to hold still and not tighten up when I withdrew my fingers. She stayed with head thrown back bottom high as my fingers slide out of her bottom. The butt plug was about as thick as a meaty thumb. I squeezed lotion on it and smeared it liberally around. Then in a whisper I told her to stay relaxed. The tip of the plug pressed against her soften opening. It soon was spreading her anal ring like my fingers had and the widest portion of the plug was next. I told Pet to push like she had to go badly and it would make the next part easier. She bore down as I pushed the base of the plug and the wide part stretched her even more. Before she could react the plug disappeared up into her bottom and her anal ring closed down over the narrower base. All that remained visible was the flat base of the plug covering her dimple completely. She made a little grunt of relief as the pressure eased and I patted her rump again signaling I was done. I wiped off the excess lotion and pulled down her skirt again. It was time we left for our drink.

Pet moved tentatively off the bed standing still as if testing herself. I asked if she were all right and she assured me she would be in a minute or two. While I waited for her to find herself I told her that soon she would adjust to the feeling and not even remember it was inserted. She look more than a bit skeptical but smiled. I took her hand and she followed me toward the door walking gingerly as her body made reminded her of the full feeling in her bottom. By the time we were at the elevator she was walking without any hint of her dilemma. I held her hand on the way down and we exited in the large main lobby. We held hands all the way into the bar and I steered her toward a bar stool. She stopped next to the stool and asked if maybe we could not sit at a table away from people but I said this was just perfect for chatting with folks and motioned for her to climb up on the stool next to me. It was such a delight to watch her positioning herself on the stool. I also watched her watching herself in the mirror behind the bar as she settled down on the leatherette. Her eyes widened perceptively as her weight came in full contact with the stool. She took a deep breath and settle down then turned her face toward me and smiled. I patted her hand on the edge of the bar and ordered two drinks.

We were on our third drink when Pet asked if she could go to the powder room. She seemed almost surprised when I nodded my agreement. I watched her walk across the dance floor swaying her hips slightly. She soon returned and I motioned for her to take her seat again. She said she was in hopes we might go upstairs soon and it was my turn to smile. I patted the stool and she shrugged climbing back on. I signaled for the bill and told her to meet me upstairs. She slid off the bar stool again and headed for the lobby.

She was leaning against the wall next to our room when I stepped off the elevator. I pulled her close and kissed her telling her she had done exactly what I expected of her so far but there was so much more we would explore over the next few hours. We walked hand in had into the room.

Once inside I asked that Pet remove her dress but she could keep her thigh highs and heels on. She unzipped the black dress and it was soon gathered at her feet. She stepped out of it with that childish expectant look wondering where we were going next. I told her to undress me next and she spent the next few minutes stripping my clothes off ending on her knees as she pulled my underpants down around my ankles. I held on to the top of her head as I stepped out of the circle of cloth and let her throw them onto the heap of discarded apparel. Her face was only inches from my rising erection. She readily took my instruction to make me completely hard by wrapping her fingers around the base of my cock and beginning to massage the length with slow stokes. She did not need any more instructions but leaned in and planted a soft wet kiss on the head. Her pursed lips parted and she rubbed my cock over her lips slowly before her tongue licked the very tip. I stood still, hands on hips with my legs slightly apart for balance, looking down at this adorable woman. She knew exactly what would make me feel good. Her mouth formed an oval and she pushed over the head and circled my cock just behind the sensitive ridge. All the while her hand made little pumping stokes on my cock. She was good. No, she was wonderful and I knew I would not last long if I let her continue. With sudden determination, I pulled my hips back and my cock came out of her mouth with a little popping sound. Her mouth was still round in anticipation as I walked away toward the bed.

Pet came to me when I motioned for her to move. She climbed up on the bed and I positioned her full length on the smooth sheets of our turned down bed. Her hips lifted as I pushed a pillow under them and then she lay with her hips raised and legs spread. I leaned over to kiss her breasts and pulled each nipple into my mouth in turn alternating them to hardness. Pet lay back enjoying the attention as I continued kissing my way down her smooth belly. A little sound escaped her when my lips came into contact with her nether lips. She was very wet and puffy. My tongue parted her lips and tasted the nectar within. The little noises she made were delightful as I found the little hard nub hidden just above the folds of her lips. I saw her fists clench as her emotions rose. Her hips made little involuntary bumps as she neared a climax. I paused lifting my mouth. She took a deep breath and stiffened in tension.

The breath slowly escaped as she felt my weight between her thighs. My cock parted those same sweet nether lips and I sunk in very slowly inching in until I was rubbing my pubic hair on her mons. I held myself over her with our hips joined and began to slowly stroke in and out. I could watch the fleeting emotions cross her face as she lay with eyes closed and nostrils slightly flared. She brought her knees up letting me go deeper and I could feel the hardness of the plug in her anus rubbing along the underside of my cock. The sensation was too much for me and I began to pulse. My scrotum tightened and immediately I was emptying my cum into her wet slippery vagina. That must have been the trigger she needed for she closed her heels over my hips and began to bounce and cry all at once. I could feel her gripping my cock with her muscles and milking me hard and fast. I gave her all I could and kept moving in hopes of giving her the same wonderful feeling that I enjoyed all the way through her orgasm. She clung around me and rode and rode and then I had to slow. When I stopped she covered my face with kisses as our love trickled out of her pussy wetting the pillow below.

When I pulled out I left a trail of love juices clear off the bed as I went for the forgotten towel. She still lay spread open, eyes closed breathing deeply. I wiped my cock quickly and then began wiping up and down her drooling lips. I whispered for her to pull her knees up and when she had done so I took hold of the base of the anal plug. Just as she followed my instructions to push I pulled and the plug popped out. I wiped her off and lowered her legs again before throwing the towel wrapped plug over the edge of the bed.

Pet lay quietly as I pulled up the sheet and lay down beside her. Her breathing evened out as she snuggled against me fast asleep. Tomorrow would be a busy day.