Anticipation: ©  Masters pet   January 2001 |

            A hush had settled on the room, His breathing was ragged as He stood back and looked down upon the girl that lay spread eagled before Him. His voice a soft low growl, “You know what you did wrong girl?” Her eyes large dark pools gazed up at Him, her head nodding softly, the gag secured in her mouth.

            Undoing her bonds, pulling out the gag, He ordered her to roll over onto her stomach, telling her to bury her face into the soft covers of their bed. “ Lift that sweet ass to Me” He ordered her. Her instincts to obey Him, never questioning Him. Wriggling her body to a seductive kneel, the picture she made, open to Him. His heart raced with pure animal lust as He watched. Soft white flesh, untouched, a virgin landscape in which to paint His passion upon.

            He stroked one hand up along her inner thigh, watching her squirm, feeling her body tense. He touched her dampness with the tip of the riding crop He held firmly in His grasp. A light tap, not hard, yet the effect that it had on her was electric. He watched as her body flushed, tensed, arched towards His touch, yet pulled away from the crop. Knowing, a deep inner knowing that this was the

beginning…..anticipation swept over her being.

            His hand smoothed over her soft flesh, probing, seeking the perfect spot to place the kiss of leather against her. He felt her struggle to be still, hard fingers rubbing so gently, caressing the skin. “Don’t look now will you little one” He told her, “just close your eyes and feel this.” He warned her, “lift your head off that bed and I stop”. A slight chuckle in His low voice, “Understood pet” The challenge now issued.

            Tapping again at her swollen lips, then nothing. She could hear Him behind her, breathing. The soft rustle of clothes. That was all. Suddenly, ‘crack’ the riding crop lashed out at her tender ass. Immediate reaction from her was to lift her head as she gasped with the slight pain. Registering in her brain that is what He wanted, she bit down, buried her head deeper.

            She could hear the tick of the clock, and she began to count off the seconds, one… two….three…. she wondered if He was disappointed with her, the silence was deafening. Again, like a bolt from the blue “crack” hard leather against her soft flesh. The warmth rising through her body. The clock ticked on….so she focused again on its monotonous ticking… one… two…three…. four… five…. “Oh god” she thought, “When”, her body crying for His touch.

            She felt the air move around her, sensed the strike before it hit home. Yet the sharpness of the crop caused her to whimper with pain. His hand then, caressing, rubbing, massaging the three rising red marks that now decorated her ass. She felt her juices running ashamedly down her inner thigh. Then nothing.

One…two…three….four….five….six….seven…. “what if He had gone?” she had not heard Him leave, dare she?? Moving slightly. Shifting her weight, her hands making to push her body from the bed, as she started to move “Crack” again it struck, causing her to yelp with the pain. He rubbed the tip of the crop against her now swollen and throbbing clit, a short sharp jerk as He hit it. Thighs widened, her body arched, ached for His touch.

He uttered a low animal growl, “Where do you think you were going?” His hand drawing back, releasing a short hard “whack” of the crop against her now pink ass. “Want this to stop??… is that it pet” He asked, as again He bought down the crop against her. Her body jerking, writhing under each kiss of His leather. Breathlessly, she moaned “no.. please don’t stop” Fearing this exquisite torture would end, she remained motionless. Her head buried deep into the covers. She waited.

The clock ticked on, each tick now like an explosion, echoing, rolling around her brain, her mind screamed at her “Where was He?” Her body tense, drawn, arched, strung out like a tense piece of wire. And she waited, anticipated, eager to have His touch.

Mind numbing ticking, droning on, what seemed like hours to her were in fact mere minutes, the passage of time now a slow sensual journey. The hard sting, the lethal bite of the crop, dug into her flesh. She could hear herself screaming, not from the pain, but from the sheer joy of no longer waiting for His attention. Her incredible release as He expertly cropped her, each blow taking her up, up and with that infernal ticking she matched its rhythm as her body exploded. Muscles clenching in time with the soft tick tick tick.

Tears streamed down her cheeks, soaking the covers that she rested her head upon, relentlessly He continued, His body taut, hard as He hit. Like a macabre dance of strike, move away, strike again. Weaving in and out of her senses, He touched, drove her on, then left her hanging. Her ass now crimson from His blows.

It stopped. Nothing. She found her nails had dug into her soft palms, her body was singing to her, pain mixed erotically with pleasure pulsing through her veins. Daring to move, inching her head to one side, she turned, her eyes meeting His as He sat, staring at her. His face set in a look satanic pleasure.

Knowing her lips would be parched He pushed an ice cube into her mouth. Watching as her eyes closed with the pleasure as the cool liquid trickled down her throat. His fingers cool, rubbed over her spine, laying against the hollow of her spine. Stroking lower, lightly touching her glowing cheeks. The soft gentle touch of a lover as He massaged, soothed, eased her pain. “ such a good good little pet” He murmured against her ear. Pulling her into the safe haven of His arms, cradling her body next to His. Again He asked her “ What did you do wrong girl? that made Me have to push you so.”  Her lips curled into a soft smile, as she lay her head against His chest, “ Nothing” came the husky reply, “ Nothing at all”