Security Matters, By Arina Divine
Copyright Nov.2001

She had timed everything just right. Tara had reached the satellite parking at the Kansas City airport two hours before her plane was to leave for Colorado. As soon as she walked up to the bus stop, the shuttle arrived. A kind gentleman smiled brightly and helped her to get her two large suitcases and two carry-on bags loaded.

She got off the shuttle at Delta airlines. Lugging her suitcases up to the ticket counter, only standing in line for ten minutes, she checked them, got her ticket, and then walked straight to the security gates in front of her terminal. There were about fifteen people standing in line, so she knew she would definitely catch her plane.

‘Damn, I didn’t really need to be here two hours ahead of time,’ she thought. Tara looked at her watch. Nine o’clock. I still have another hour before I’ll be able to board the plane.”

The line to go through the security gate moved very slowly though. She put her bags on the floor; one a black backpack filled with magazines, books and snacks and the other, a small gym bag filled with her personal items, that she couldn’t go without. She pushed them along the floor with her foot when the line moved.

Looking around her she noticed she was getting a lot of glances from people. ‘I’m a Goddess,’ she told herself, smiling. She was wearing a red dress that was ankle length, but had two slits, one on each side, going up to her mid-thigh. At the neck it scooped very low, revealing a slight shadow between her small cleavage. The dress hugged her body tightly, allowing every one who looked close enough to see her perky nipples and the small curves of her unrestricted ass. She loved dressing that way. It gave her a feeling of freedom and power.

Her full lips, painted redder than a ripe strawberry, looked good enough to eat. Her eyes sparkled with silver eye shadow accentuating their deep blue color. Her hair, dark maroon with bright red highlights was in a messy-just-came-from-the-bedroom hairstyle. She enjoyed the stares from the people around her, standing three inches taller on the heels of her black knee-high suede boots. She smiled at anyone who would give her eye contact.

Finally it was Tara’s turn. First she set her backpack on and then she lifted her gym bag. She walked through the security arch with no problem and waited for her bags on the other side of the conveyor belt.

She hefted her backpack onto her right shoulder and looked on for her next bag, but the belt had stopped. She glanced at the security officer. A woman with dark brown hair and dark brown eyes was staring at the monitor, which revealed her personal items.

The officer stood up. “Uh…Miss, could you come here for a moment?”

‘What could be wrong?’ Tara thought as she nervously approached the monitor. “What’s the matter?” She asked, trying to keep her voice steady.

Judy Sprinkette, as Tara read on the officer’s name badge, met her at the end of the belt with her carry-on. “Will you please open your bag?”

“Sure, but why?”

“I need to look at something.”

“OK.” Tara unzipped the top and spread the opening wide. Suddenly Tara realized what the problem might be as she saw her favorite toy: an eight-inch purple Jelly Cock Vibrator, completely unguarded, as if lying on top of an altar. Although she didn’t see why that represented a security matter.

Judy nodded toward the bag. “What is that?”

“I think you know what that is,” Tara answered, standing straight.

Judy stared at Tara, smiled slightly and said, “Yes, I think I know what that is, but I’m going to need you to demonstrate it, just to be sure.”

Tara studied Judy's face for clues, hoping for even a slight hint of her true intentions. “But, why?” She finally asked.

The people waiting in line shuffled and mumbled impatiently at the new delay. They stared at the two women, who talked with their faces so close it looked as though they might brush noses at any time.

“How do I know you don’t have some sort of weapon hidden in that thing?” Judy leaned toward Tara, her eyebrows raised.

“I don’t. Just batteries.” Tara grinned.

“All the same, I need you to show me.”

Tara switched her weight to one leg, put her hand on her hip, cocked her head to one side and asked, “And how do you propose I do that?” Tara liked Judy’s playful forwardness, but she loved to tease.

“We’ll go to my office.”

“But I’ll miss my flight.”

“No you won’t. I’ll see to that.”

Tara leaned close to Judy’s ear. “OK, Judy, I’ll show you mine if you show me yours,” she whispered.

“STAN!” Judy immediately went into action to make things happen.

Stan, a small skinny guy, who didn’t look much older than 18, came over. His eyes followed Tara’s body from head to toe and he grinned from ear to ear.

“Stan,” Judy snapped, “Listen to me. I need you to take over my station.

“You can call me Tara.”

“-Tara, has some explaining to do.” At that she grabbed Tara’s gym bag with one hand and Tara’s elbow with the other, leaving Stan, with his jaw open, staring at the two beautiful fems practically prancing away. She guided her through the crowds to her office, just a short distance away.

Once there, Judy dialed the fight attendant for Tara’s plane. “Yes, hello, this is Judy. How long until you are ready to un-dock?” She waited. “30 minutes? OK, thank you, goodbye.” Hanging up the receiver she rested her bottom on her desk, then opened Tara’s bag. She pulled out the Jelly Cock and nodded to toward a chair in front of her. “Have a seat Tara.” Judy smiled, her eyes glowing like a full moon on a clear August night.

Tara sat down. Reaching out to the vibe in Judy’s hands, she turned it on by twisting the black knob at the base of its rounded balls.

The vibe started to give off a low purr. As Tara started to pull her hands away, Judy clasped them in one of hers. “Your hands are so soft. Show me how you use this.”

Tara slipped her hand away from Judy as she leaned back in her chair and seductively lifted her dress above her pussy. She locked her gaze on Judy, her eyes playing, and twinkling, her smile a half smirk, like a kitten ready to play with a ball of red yarn. Her eyes asked Judy if she approved.

“Oh yes, foxy. You have a beautiful pussy. Mind if I pet it?” Judy, still holding the vibe, bent forward and lightly ran her fingers through Tara’s neatly trimmed curls of dark hair.

Tara raised her hips to Judy’s fingers. “Yes, touch me while you shove that cock inside my cunt.” Shivers and quakes of sexual energy were already coursing through her limbs and her labia was sopping wet.

Judy didn’t delay. She got down on her knees in front of Tara. She pushed the vibrating cock in Tara’s moist hole and then rolled her fingers on her clit. “You are a naughty one. You love this, don’t you?”

“Uh…Yes!” Tara raised and lowered her hips on the cock sliding in and out. “Harder! Push it in harder.”

“Tell me how hot this makes you! Tell me you want more! Say my name!”

”Judy! I want more! Give it to me!”

Judy stopped fingering Tara, so she could put more force into the cock. She held it with both hands and pushed and pulled it as Tara met her every thrust with a deep groan.

“This is fantastic! You hot little girl!” Judy exclaimed. “Come. Come for me, Tara, you sweet thing.”

“Uh…Uh…Gawd!” Tara pulsed her own fingers over her almost numb clitoris. The vibrations twirled in her belly and in her labia, transporting her into another world. Soon they spun out of her center and into every limb, causing her to shake and tremble. “Oh, fuck! Yes! Fuck! Yeaaaaah! I’m coming!” She grabbed Judy’s arm and clutched as her body stiffened.

“Oh yeah, baby! Come for me. Oh your pussy is so wet! Yes, you’re a hot little slut.”

Tara slunk back in her chair. A deep sigh escaped her lips as she realized she hadn’t been breathing through her orgasm. Her eyelids were heavy. “Mmmm…that was good.”

“Yes, indeed it was, my dear. And now you will give me the pleasure of experiencing this cock too, won’t you?” Judy glanced at the clock. “Hurry, we only have fifteen minutes ‘till your plane leaves.”

Tara sat up, placed her hand behind Judy’s neck, pulling her head close to her own and kissed her full on the lips. She slipped her tongue into Judy’s mouth as she undid her blouse with her other hand. Their tongues continued to duel, their lips mashing against each other softly, wetly, and hungrily. Tara slipped her hand inside Judy’s bra and cupped her small perky breasts. She pushed Judy to the floor, continuing to kiss her and caress her.

Once on the floor, Judy slipped her hands in between them and undid the clasp on the front of her bra. She then threaded her shirt and bra off of her arms while Tara undid Judy’s pants. Sliding them off, she revealed Judy ’s sheer black panties. She bent forward and licked the thin piece of fabric separating her from Judy’s labia.

Judy clutched Tara’s hair. “Ohhhhh Gaaawd!”

Tara rose up on her knees and took off her dress in one sweeping motion. Then she turned herself around above Judy, hovering her clit right above Judy’s mouth. She slipped Judy’s panties down to just above her ankles. Judy kicked them off.

Judy and Tara inhaled each other’s fragrances simultaneously. The soft musky and tantalizing scent of oozing womanly juices. They each reached out with their tongues and licked, sucked and twirled, teasing their pussies like two synchronized swimmers.

Reaching for the cock, which had remained humming on the floor nearby, Tara urged Judy to open her legs wider.

Judy spread them as wide as they would go. “Oh, yes, baby, give it to me!”

Tara ran the tip of the cock around Judy’s labia, over her clit and then plunged its massive gerth into her pussy. Tara continued twirling her tongue around in her belly button as well. “Come for me, sexy,” she said, in between licks and nibbles to Judy’s soft flesh.

“The vibration is incredible!” Judy exclaimed, clasping her hands around Tara’s ass cheeks. With her tongue she administered stabs, strokes and waves on Tara’s clit like a wizard with his magical wand.

“Oh yes!” They both cried out.

“Fuck me!” Judy screamed out, and then thrust her hips upward, toward the jelly cock. “I’m coming! Baby! Oh Baby!”

Tara pushed the cock in deep, holding it there as she sucked on Judy’s clit. “Mmmm, you sound so sexy,” she purred. She looked at the clock. “Yikes, I gotta go!” She jumped up, threw her cock into her bag and grabbed her dress.

Judy lay on the floor, her orgasm just settling down. “Oh, I suppose if you must, you must.” She sighed. “When do you return?”

Pulling her dress on, Tara said, “Oh, I’m sorry to run off but…uh…I’ll be back a week from today, Friday.”

“OK. I’ll be here, you little vixen.” She smiled serenely.

“I’ll look forward to it.” Tara grabbed her bags. She blew a kiss to Judy, still on the floor as she walked out.


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