An Older, New Love, © 2002 Jude Mason 

I'd seen her around the neighborhood for the past  couple of weeks, usually walking, shorts and a sweatshirt her normal attire. Her short, salt and pepper hair bounced as she sped up the street, long legs flashing. At first I thought she must be in training for something, but then the gossip began.  Her husband had left her, he just walked out, not even trying for reconciliation.  

Nobody had seen him since. She'd been so quiet, almost a recluse when she'd moved in next door. Of course, the rumors hadn't just said she'd had an affair; it had been with a woman. So, she just walked; very few people spoke to her as she passed by them. There were a lot of stares and leering jokes, but there weren't any offers of friendly help or welcome.  

Finally, I couldn't take it any longer. When I saw her working in her yard that uncommonly warm February afternoon, I decided it was time. A thermos of coffee and two large mugs in hand, I marched over.  

I could feel the eyes on me, but damn it she was alone and so was I, so why not be neighborly? My sneakers made hardly any noise at all as I approached. I got a chance to really look at her unobserved. She had an athletic body, slender, well muscled; but there were also the signs of wear and tear. The tell tale lines at the corner of her eyes, the slight dryness of the skin on her knees. I guessed her age to be late thirties or early forties, but she'd worked hard to stay in shape. I envied her long lean legs, I thought, eyeing her critically, but I had a much nicer ass. Her breasts, on the other hand, were perfection. Her nipples were high and the obvious bumps in the front of her flannel shirt testified to her braless state.  

I stood behind her and watched for a moment, her smooth easy motions as she knelt and tugged the few weeds out from around the hydrangeas. Watching a bead of sweat make its way from her hairline down to the collar of her shirt had me wanting to gather it on my finger, and taste it. I became self-conscious then, spying on her.

"Ahem, would you like to stop for something cold to drink?" I asked, moving to her side so she could see me easily. A hand came up, shading her eyes and she smiled gratefully. My heart skipped a beat; she was beautiful.  

"Yes, I'd love that," she answered easily. "You live just next door right? I'm Sue, and it's too early yet for gardening but it's been let go and I wanted to get a head start on it." Rising to her feet she brushed the soil from her knees and said, "Let's find somewhere out of the breeze."

"Good idea, how about under that big Maple?" I offered, nodding towards it.  

"Perfect, I'll grab a couple of chairs from the garage, be with you in two minutes." She turned and those long legs carried her to the garage and back in less than the promised two minutes. I had just reached  the tree when she reappeared with the two deck chairs.

"I'm Pat, Pat Munroe, welcome to the neighborhood." I  poured us both coffee and in minutes, we were sitting  in the shelter of the huge tree.  

"Thanks Pat, I was beginning to wonder if I'd become a  pariah before anyone had even met me. I guess you've  heard all the rumors?" Her demeanor was casual, but  looking closer, I saw the tension around her mouth.  Taking a sip of hot coffee she tried to disguise the  hurt she was obviously feeling.  

"Yes, it's all anyone can talk about. You're quite a  celebrity here, the men figure all you need is a good  screwing and the women are jealous of your looks." I  took a sip and then settled back comfortably in my  chair. The way she'd set them up we weren't facing  each other exactly, but close. Her eyes traveled over  me, taking in the largish bosom and the not as slender  as I wished waist. The cut-offs were old and short,  which left my shorter legs in full view. My streaked  grey hair could have been hers, but mine was a bit  longer just touching the nape of my neck.  

She raised her eyes to meet mine and asked, "Then why  are you here? Gathering more juicy bits for the gossip  mill?"

"No, nothing quite so dramatic I'm afraid. Iím as  alone as you are. Husband walked out on me three years  ago; I haven't wanted or needed a replacement. I  thought we'd at least have something to talk about.  The other women around here are married, happily they  say, and I'm just tired of listening to them complain  about it."

She was silent for a moment, as if digesting what I'd  said; then began to laugh. It started as just a  chuckle, but it took off. I think it must've been the  first real laugh she'd had since the split up and it  went on and on.     Sitting, watching her, I realized how much I wanted to  reach out and hold her. Touch the soft skin of her  upper arm; slip my fingers up the curve of her neck  and draw her face towards mine. My belly tightened as  I felt the familiar tingling in my groin, that itch  I'd been trying to ignore. I noticed a small scar on  the side of her mouth, God I wanted her.  

Her laughter proved to be contagious and soon we were  both caught up in it. For her, I think it was a kind  of release, for me, it was the joy of not being alone.  Towards the end of her tearful mirth, she reached out  and placed her hand on one of mine. It was as if an  electrical current had touched me. I know my hand  jerked, not away but jerked, and so did she.  

The laughter died slowly and we each sat back, deep in  our own thoughts. The coffee gave us time and we began  to talk. It was as if we'd known each other for years.  I spilled out how my husband had found a younger, more  attractive wife. How hurt and angry I'd been when he  refused to even talk about working on our ailing  marriage. The pain of leaving, being alone for the  first time in twenty years.  

She listened and never judged, offering the kind of  shoulder I'd ached for, for much too long. When I'd  talked myself out, she sat forward and began her own  tale. The cheating husband, the uncertainty of her  bisexuality and about the woman she'd thought was  perfect. It had only lasted a few short months when  her husband had found them. The aftermath was  gruesome, her lover had swiftly abandoned her and he'd  walked out. A few weeks later a lawyer got in touch  with her, the divorce had been swift and shattering.

We sat silently for a few more minutes, drinking the  last of our brew. I felt closer to her than I did to  people I'd known for years. I guess it was because I  hadn't felt the need to hold back. I'd just talked and  she'd listened as I'd done with her.  

"Come over for dinner tonight, Sue." I plunged in.  "I've got steaks and this huge salad in a bag. If  you've got a couple of potatoes that haven't grown  eyes bring them and we'll feast." I held my breath,  waiting for her to refuse.  

"Sounds lovely Pat, I'll bring wine if that's okay,  I've got a bottle of dry white. Not the right color  for steak, but who cares?" She smiled, making her  whole face light up again.

"Oh yes, I haven't had wine with dinner for so long,"  I replied. My heart drummed against my ribs so hard I  was sure she'd hear it. Looking at my watch, I did a  double take; I'd been there for almost two hours. "Oh  lord, if we're going to eat before bed time, I'd  better get home. Come over when you're ready, just tap  on the back door if I'm not outside, okay?" I rose and  bent to retrieve the half empty thermos just as she  leaned forward. Our hair touched and I turned my face  towards her. Inhaling, the smell of sweat, as well as  soft musk, I filled my lungs with the scent of woman  flesh.  

She turned her head and we were close enough that I  could see her nostrils flare. I almost leaned forward  to kiss her. Almost. She didn't pull away, but I had  to or I'd have never been able to leave her.  With the thermos clutched tightly against my belly and  the mugs in my other hand, I turned towards home. My  face was flushed and my hands shook, but I walked  away.  

"I'm going to grab a quick shower and I'll be right  over Pat." Her voice was slightly unsteady.  

Turning my head, I called back in a voice no steadier,  "Sure, see you in a few." My knees felt weak, but  somehow I made it home without stumbling or  embarrassing myself.  

A half an hour later, I was freshly showered and had  the barbecue on, getting ready for the small steaks.  The salad greens were washed and I was slicing a  tomato when there was a gentle tap on the back door.  Moments later her face peaked around the corner,  smiling.

"Where do you want me to put the wine?" She held a  bottle of Chablis towards me. "I brought a loaf of  French bread instead of potatoes, afraid mine are  ugly, will that be alright for you?"

"Wine in the fridge, after you pour us a glass, and French bread is perfect." I smiled at her as she made  herself at home in my small kitchen. I'd put glasses  out and she quickly poured us each a glass then slid  the bottle into the fridge. Finished with the salad, I  took the glass from her and we toasted, "To our new  friendship and Valentines Day," I murmured and was  surprised when she blushed.  

"Yes, our new friendship."  

"What?" I asked as I sipped.  

"I feel like I've known you for years, not just a  couple of hours."

"Yeah, me too. Maybe in some other life we were  married or something." I grinned as I said that, both  of us being so disappointed with marriage. "Or maybe  we were at least lovers."

"I like that better."

"I've got a blanket spread on the lawn out of the  wind, it's still sunny out there. Letís grab some  salad and go outside." I suggested, stepping very  close to get into the fridge for some dressing. Her  hip brushed mine and I knew I felt her press back,  trying to keep that contact with me. "Thousand Island  or Italian?"

"Italian, I guess," she replied and I handed her the  dressing.  

"Okay, I'll grab the salad and the bowls, can you  bring the napkins too?"

"Course, lead on I'll be right behind you."  

I'd spread out a huge old blanket in the corner of my back yard where it was private. I lay on my stomach  facing the house; she stretched out beside me, our  bodies almost touching.   

I speared a piece of tomato, and with my heart  threatening to burst, looked at her and raised it to  her lips. Delicately, she took it off the fork and  chewed, all the time looking at me. Dropping her fork,  she found a wedge of tomato and fed me with her  fingers. Our meal became foreplay, feeding each other  and licking the sticky dressing from trembling  fingers. The wetness of her mouth wrapped around my  finger had me shivering with anticipation. Her tongue  swirled around then sucked it in. Drawing it out, I  ran it around her luscious lips then leaning forward I  stole a first kiss.  

Meal forgotten, sensation and wanting took its place.  Our breath became ragged as we gazed into each other  eyes, tongues explored mouths. Pressing forward, I was  soon atop her, where I'd wanted to be since I first  saw her. Breasts flattened against soft breasts.  Nipples like small pebbles dragged back and forth over  sensitive breast flesh each time we moved. The cool  dampness of the shower was replaced by a light sheen  of sweat.  

Gasping, I pulled away and smiled down at her  whispering, "We better go inside or we'll be caught  out here necking." Lust glazed eyes stared back at me,  then focused.  

"Yeah, once was enough for me," Then mischievously  added, "Time to show me your etchings." She pushed me  off and together we clambered to our feet. The bowls  and dressing left on the table as we passed by, the  barbecue turned off, freeing us to enjoy each other.  

I took her hand and led her down the hall to my bed.  

"Etchings, well I don't have any of those but I do have a tub I'm sure you'll love." I opened the door  wide and she stood gaping. My bedroom had been the  only room I splurged on money wise. My refuge. Not  huge but well designed. Along with a queen-sized bed,  I'd had a sunken tub installed. One entire wall was  mirrored and at the end of the bed, just beyond the  tub, were the sliding glass doors. A small, private  patio lay just outside where I often sunbathed nude.  

"It's wonderful, it's heaven. What an incredible  room." I let go of her hand as she wandered into the  room. Touching this and that, I followed her letting  her take it all in. Stepping past her, I closed the  sliding glass doors but left the curtains wide letting  the sun light in.  

"Yes, it's heaven all right; just a tiny piece of it,  but it's all mine." I stood behind her once more and  whispered into her ear. She turned towards me. Leaning  forward our lips touched and my hands slid up to her  shoulders, pulling her closer. Caressing her slim  upper arms then across her chest, I was soon cradling  her lovely breasts. Buttons fought my eagerness, but I  wanted her skin against mine desperately. Hers joined  in the struggle and then moved to mine until naked  breasted we embraced. Nipples tight and hard rubbed  against sensitive flesh, dragging sensually back and  forth as our hands slid over each other. Our tongues  tangled and twisted together, exploring mouths too  long denied.  

I didn't want it to stop, but I ached for her naked. I  needed the taste of her flesh; so pulling away I moved  my lips downward. Licking and sucking softly, my  tongue made small wet trails on her chest. A nipple  found and savored, her sighs of pleasure were my  reward. I suckled gently, taking as much of her flesh  in as I could while lightly running my fingernails  under the curve of each breast. She shuddered, pressed  closer and raked my back with her nails.  

Gasping, I rose and arched towards her, feeling my  nipples tighten as gooseflesh crept up my arms.  Together, as if our movement had been orchestrated, we  slipped our blouses off. We'd both been braless so  were standing flushed and half naked.  

"More, please take off the rest," she whispered. Her  voice was husky with passion and I knew mine would be  the same if I spoke. My fingers went to the single  button at her waist as hers found mine. Undone, the  zippers slithered down; we let go and were facing each  other in panties.  

"Leave it, let me," I husked. The last unveiling would  be mine. Trembling fingers trailed down her ribs over  her waist then into the elastic of her panties. I slid  them behind her, cupped her bottom, working that soft  flesh before tugging her panties down. I knelt before  her, kissing her soft inner white thighs as she lifted  one then the other foot, letting me strip her bare.  Her lightly furred mound was inches from my face.  Inhaling, I leaned forward and slid my tongue over  her, tasting her sweetness.  

"Oh God!" her moans of pleasure were quickly followed  by a hand tangled in my hair, pulling me closer. The  soft sprinkling of pubic hair brushed my nose as I  slid my tongue along her slit. Deeper I licked,  tasting the dew as it trickled out of her, slaking a  thirst I'd almost forgotten. I wrapped my arms around  her hips; her soft ass cradled in my hands and pulled  her onto my mouth. So wet and so soft, I wanted her  spread before me but was unwilling to let her go, even  for that. Her wobbling knees however, made it  imperative and I reluctantly pushed her towards the  bed.

I crawled after her, pushing my panties down and off.  Both naked, we clambered onto the bed. We wound up  head to tail, her face inches from my damp  clean-shaven mound. Her lashes veiled the lust in her  eyes as she leaned in and licked me. I nearly cried  out with pleasure. Raising my knee, I opened myself  for her easy exploration and was soon being devoured.  

Not one to hold back, I pushed her legs wide and moved  in. Her pussy flowered open, the pearl waiting to be  discovered and swiftly was. Found and plucked by my  eager lips. My tongue twirled around it, flicking back  and forth. Her hips thrust urgently forward just as  her mouth encircled my sex and she sucked at me. I  mirrored her movements and revelled in her muskiness.  Passions flared quickly, my hands spreading and  exploring her ass as hers did mine. Struggling to  touch and taste all of her became a torment. We rolled  back and forth, each fighting to take the other  higher, closer to the brink and over the edge. We  soared together, bodies slick with sweat as mouths and  fingers worked their magic.  

Side by side it happened, her body tensed as mine did,  pleasure gripping, tearing the world from us as we  exploded. Flashes of light surrounded us; nerve  endings jangled in the glow of it. Her inner muscles  clamped on my fingers and tongue echoing mine  deliciously. We'd forgotten to breath, too enraptured  with each other's euphoria until oxygen starved lungs  screamed.

Each of us dragged in a huge breath but refused to  release the other until the spasms had slowed. Our  faces were shiny and wet, slicked with the juices of  newly discovered passion. Soft kisses and sucking  noises continued as each of us explored. Not willing  to let it end, the joy at finding each other held onto  for as long as we both could.  

"I'll fill the tub, yes?" I asked her finally. My arms  were still wrapped around her slender waist, my  breasts plastered against her body. I kissed her  again, sucking at the flesh I was adamantly trying to  memorize.  

Resting her cheek on my thigh she answered, "Yes, I  want to bathe you and we have a lot to talk about,  don't we?"

The end